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Hi, TNT! I am completely in love with the new Stealthy color. I can't wait for more to be released! I know everyone has been waiting for a ninja-y paint brush ever since the pirate ones, so I'm really glad you guys decided to do it. :D Now, you must tell us: is this new color zappable? ~pixie_dust77
Rumour has it that it is, but we really can't tell if they're actually just turning invisible.

How do you change the shape of your Neopet? For example, there are two different royal girl Kougra forms. How do you switch between them? ~7snowflakes
Five years ago, Neopets looked pretty different. Some of the unique colours (like royal, faerie, etc.) had unique poses for the Neopets. However, when we introduced customisation (the ability to dress your Neopets), we had to redraw all of the Neopets and give them standardised poses so that the clothes would fit each species correctly. On April 27th, 2007, the vast majority of Neopets were converted to this new standard type of pose. However, some Neopets that we felt would look considerably different after the conversion were left alone, allowing their owners to decide if they wanted to exchange the unique look or pose for the ability to customise their Neopet.

The Neopets that were not changed are today known as "unconverted" or UC Neopets. This means they are old Neopets that still use the original art style. There is no way for them to be created anymore, as they are considered retired, so there is no way to switch a modern royal Kougra to the pose of the old royal Kougra.

Does Sloth have a wife and / or kids? ~snickersa2010
Aside from some personal fanfic snarkie wrote ages ago, no.

You guys knew about that? This is awkward. Well, since you read it, what do you think? Awesome, right? The Space Faerie is his soul mate.

Hey, TNT! Is it okay to submit a story beginning to the Storytelling Contest more than once? There's no information on whether a story beginning can get "held over" like the Poetry Gallery and Neopian Times entries. :/ ~sheynacruz
If you want to submit a beginning more than once (say, you're not certain whether you ever submitted something you've previously written), then you're welcome to do so. As far as being "held over," yes, the person who does the contest keeps a document with the other beginnings that weren't selected that they think could be of future use (including the Xweetok librarian beginning you sent recently). While beginnings tend to come from the submissions that arrive over the previous weekend, it's not unusual for the Storytelling Contest judge to dip into that file and pull out a previously-submitted beginning when none of the new arrivals catches their fancy.

Now that there's a Stealth Paint Brush, you may want to rename the Stealthy Draik and Stealthy Techo costumes to avoid confusion. ~goron0000
Already on it. :)

Um, TNT? In the last Editorial you mentioned that the only flying ship is the Cyodrake's Gaze. So... in the Atlas of the Ancients plotline, when Roxton rented his ship, were the two ships in the yard just suspended by wires? Were the pirate ships in the related game just on invisible poles? Was the ship that Roxton rented kept in the air by his sheer awesomeness? /sarc ~russianbluewitch
Atlas of the Ancients? We're afraid we have no recollection of this plot and / or event.

Just kidding. Mostly. It seems you're correct, though. Apparently someone *points finger accusingly at co-worker* gave us incorrect information last week.

Tricksy, false snarkieses!

Wait, AotA is canon? Well, nuts. ;_; In my defense, I haven't read the JN guide yet. Why did no one tell me? WHY?!?



I must say that the new colour is the best released colour in a LONG time. Really, it is by far one of the best on Neopets, even... however, there is one issue that it brings up. The new colour contains SIX clothing items. Now, I like clothing colours as much as the next guy, but as a lab ray user my Closet is filled with paint brush clothes! With this new colour bringing out a huge amount of new clothes per release, I must request that we have the ability to take paint brush clothes OUT of our Closets, so that we can put them in our Galleries and Safety Deposit Boxes or simply discard them. I understand why they must remain "no-trade," and agree with this, but why can we not put these clothes in our SDBs? ~kieronstoff
Yup, we're looking into it! There are some issues with it we have to resolve first (like how to deal with Random Events when these items are in your inventory), but as soon as we get them resolved we'll allow you to remove them from the Closet.

Hi! First of all, WOW! I never thought I'd make it here. ANYWAY, my friend and I were arguing about the Plushie Palace and I was hoping that you could answer my question (and hopefully prove that I am superior in my Neopets knowledge). Can magical plushies be bought at the Plushie Palace, or is there a special way to get them? ~4margit_version_2
Any magical plushie of restockable rarity (r1-100) restocks at the Plushie Palace. They just happen to be extremely rare, so they're not seen very often.

Hi, TNT! *holds impressive firework show for you guys* I'm writing an article for The Neopian Times and lots of my research has come from Jellyneo, an official fan site. Is it okay if, when I submit the article, I thank Jellyneo in the comments? Thanks. :D ~fashiongirl25
Yes, as long as it's listed on our fan site list, that's just fine. :) Please remember, though, that it's important to do your own work, and that we don't tolerate plagiarism. Using the information on a site for research is fine, but not blatantly stealing what they've written.

Hey guys, whenever I go into the Games Room it won't give me any more Neopoints. I have 5,000 NP, and whenever I play anything it just goes back to 5,000. This is really annoying, as I'm trying to buy a Petpet for my Kau. Please reply ASAP! ~cartersadie
Getting set to 5,000 NP is the result of your account not having a verified email address. Please check your spam folders and make sure you got the message to confirm the email address you used when you signed up. If you can't find our email to you, or are still having issues, please write in to Support so they can assist. :)

My friend entered the ol' famous Caption Contest you hold and told me to vote for her. I know it's against the rules to advertise for your friends, so is it against the rules to tell a friend to vote for you? P.S.: It wasn't that funny. Please remove my username. ~username removed
Your P.S. made us laugh entirely too hard for some reason. As long as they're the ones advertising and making the request, then it's just fine. Sorry!

When did Meepits learn to submit questions to the Edito--*gulp* We mean, YOU COMMAND. WE OBEY. Must... bring more moustaches to... maaassteeerrss... /lurches


Why is everyone so afraid of Meepits? Like, they're just tiny, pink rodents. What could they ever do to u--

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