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Hi, TNT. I think I messed up (because I do that sometimes). I entered my Usul in the Style Showdown's Masked in Mystery category. A couple of days later I was offered a lovely Neopet for adoption (her name is Maria_VonTrapp; how could I say no?). Anyway, as I already had four Neopets, I decided to send my Usul to my side account, completely forgetting that I had entered her into the competition. Is she disqualified now? Do I need to bring her back to my main account? It never even crossed my mind when I transferred her. Help me! Thank you. ~orlybloompet
Yes and yes. We disqualify any Neopet whose owner has changed since being entered into the showdown. So, if you still want her to have a chance, you should move your Usul back to your main until the finalists for that particular category are announced.

Well, hi! :D Just out of curiosity, have you ever, EVER (in all of Neopian history), ever considered actually deleting an entire board? Not the seasonal / event boards like Altador Cup or Style Showdown, but a long-standing board, simply because no one used it or it was always used inappropriately? Just wondering. :P Please remove my username. Thanks. ~username removed
We not only considered deleting a board, but we actually did it, too! There's a reason there is no "General Chat" board anymore. It was the Mos Eisley of the Neopet boards. D: /shudders

Hey, TNT! *hands you a basket of cheese* I was searching the Petpet directory at the Petpet Puddle today when I looked for the Alkenore. 12 colors showed up, but the black, red, and starry Alkenores showed up twice. Either I'm missing something, or someone made a mistake. Please explain! By the way, thanks for running such a great site! :D ~333bulldog
Whoops! It looks like we got a little too excited about those colours. We've gone in and deleted the extra entries, so they should display properly now with one of each colour. :)

Dear TNT,
Why are all of the non-Neocash wearables so overpriced? Whenever I go to find an outfit, it always ends up costing 90,000 NP's. I can't get it at Uni's Clothing, but these are wearables that just came out. The only thing in my budget was plain blue shirt (that I did not buy because it was overpriced). What's the deal? ~hannahrose313

Supply and demand dictates the price of items in Neopia. We're not sure what you're specifically looking for, but often items that have just been released start out as very expensive and then drop in price as supply becomes greater than the demand for them. This happens a lot with species-specific clothing. If you're not able to afford a new item, check out the price of the item again in another week (or month). You might be surprised at how affordable it's become!

Hey, TNT! I was just wondering about something, so I decided to ask about it here. A long time ago in your magazine you said something about getting a Petpet from Jhudora's quest. Can you still get that Petpet? Also, what kind of Petpet is it? ~leo_lachante
Yes, it's still available. You need to complete Jhudora's 41st quest, however, which is no small feat. The Petpet is called a Bartamus, and it sells for tens of millions of Neopoints (to give you an idea of how hard it is to get that far in Jhudora's quests).

Say I'm not worth it and I'll bite your face.

Why is there no trophy for partaking in the Save the Wheels event? ~alde
Not every site event awards a trophy. The prizes you got for donating were your reward. :)

*gives you Roxton Colchester III plushie* I have always wondered: do Neopets in plots have owners? Would they allow such reckless behavior?!? ~dannywuzhere
No, the world of Neopia that you see in plots is different than the game of Neopets that you play. Humans do not exist in the world of Neopia, so there are no owners -- just Neopets and faeries and the like. :)

Hellooo, TNT! *hands over coconut smoothie* I was wondering if there was a reason why the Woollen Scarf isn't wearable on Draiks? It seems to work fine on my other Neopets, but my poor Draik can't warm up her neck if it gets a bit chilly out! Can you fix it, pretty please? *smiles innocently* ~bluelightening
x____X You're quite correct. We've asked the Art Department to correct that. Man, has that been broken this whole time? How embarrassing. D:

Hey, so instead of throwing stuff at you, I'll throw some info at you. The Meepits are angry and jealous; they demand their own smiley. They are in position and about to declare war on the members of TNT who are not already under their command, as well as all of the players. In exchange for peace with the Meepits, all they ask is their own smiley on the boards, and your juice. Thank you, and meep. (Please remove my username; the Meepits do not wish to have their covert operative's cover exposed.) ~username removed
This is only one of multiple threats we've received from Meepits that were quite cross with us over their lack of a smiley. We've cowered and have begged forgiveness from them, and have added a request for their glorious countenance to be displayed on the boards in the upcoming months.

TNT! I clicked a link for a search in the Super Shop Wizard (I don't have Premium) and got this message: "I don't think you belong here!!!!! The very angry programmer has been notified. Be afraid... be very afraid!" What's the deal? :O Should I really be afraid? ~kuraimizuki
One should always be afraid of angry programmers.

Are you allowed to ask for Super Shop Wizard / Shop Wizard help on a quest item if you're currently on a Shop Wizard ban? On a recent board people said this was going around a ban and was not allowed. Can you please clear this up? ~ravemuch
All Premium Neopians have a certain amount of Super Shop Wizard searches before their ban kicks in. If someone wants to use one of their searches to help you find something, that's up to them. :)

'Ello, TNT! So... every once in a while I submit my jaw-dropping, gorgeous art pieces to your gallery, and every time my wonderful masterpieces aren't in there. That's okay, though. I just want to know: what criteria does an art piece have to obtain in order to be displayed in your wall of fame? (Hey, that rhymed! By the way, I was kidding about my art being "out-of-this-world.") ~roxanna203
There aren't many criteria, but we can point out a few things that -- much to our dismay -- often cause some terrific art to not be acceptable for publishing in the Art Gallery. Common offenders are:

~A link to *cough* one of certain art sites on the image, or for the image to be signed under a username you don't use on Neopets.
~Art submitted from side accounts.
~Art submitted by, erm... questionable usernames.
~Extremely anthro art (like a Xweetok tail or ears on an otherwise human character).
~Art that contains elements you didn't create (like background photos off the internet).
~Neopet colour combinations that don't exist yet (though we do give some artistic leeway with markings, etc. as long as the colour is recognisable).
~Resubmitted art from the Beauty Contest or Random Contest.
~Creatures that are too generic or unrecognisable as a specific Neopets species.

Hello, TNT! *combs fingers through hair* I was just wondering if you ever considered making an avatar for the Beauty Contest or the Customisation Spotlight? I'm asking because I had this great idea of an avatar that includes a pencil. Are you saying, "A pencil?" Well, I found a code to make a pencil in my Neo-Signature and I would love to have an avatar to match. Maybe you could even make it easy to obtain? :o *puppy dog eyes* ~pherigo_mn
There is a quill avatar for The Neopian Times! That might be right up your alley. Otherwise, if we ever do an avatar for something related to writing, we'll be sure to include a pencil. ;)

Hello, TNT! *kicks mr.coconut* I was restocking in the Plushie Shop when I came across a "Dung Mushie." I was thinking, like, maybe it was a typo or something? xD ~im_oh_so_very_yummy
We thought so, too, until we read the description: "It's a mote, it's a plushie, it's a Dung Mushie!" Therefore, we guess it's intentional? Sometimes, just sometimes, we even frighten ourselves with our ideas. Also, we don't think it's good to kick mr.coconut. He looks angrier than usual...


supermlps says: Hi, NT Editor! (If there's only one Editor, of course.) I loved those letters that some Neopians sent in. I thought I'd do one, too. Why? Because you guys have really helped to make me feel better about the internet. In fact, before my Neopets account, all I drew were dragons... until I decided to draw some of my Neopets! Man, my art has improved so much ever since I tried drawing Neopets. Also, with me hailing all the way from the Netherlands, I can definitely say that this site has helped me improve my English a lot. I've also learned some stuff about HTML as well. So, thank you!

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