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How to Play the Stock Market

by xxkatiexx_07


If you are like most Neopians, most of your goals require substantial funding to achieve. And if you just don’t have the time to spend playing game after game nor have the skill or patience to restock, then you’re out of luck, right? Wrong! Luckily for you, there is one money-making feature in Neopia where you can make a fortune with minimal effort!

The stock market is a great way for the lazy Neopian to make money. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that it is incredibly confusing and difficult to play. Well, my friend, I am about to tell you just how easy it is.

Step 1: Learning how to read the stocks

At the top of your screen, right under the navigation, you will see a moving ticker of stocks. They will look something like this:

ACFI 12 +2 or MPC 10 -1 or UNIB 19 +0

Green indicates that the stock has a positive change since the Neo-day started. Red means that the stock has gone down. Black means that there is no net change in the stock.

The 12 in ACFI is what price that stock is currently at. Remember, you can’t buy stocks that are under 15 neopoints a share. The +2 following the 12 is the amount of change that has happened since the day began.

By learning how to read the ticker, you can easily and quickly determine which stock to buy for the day.

Step 2 Determining which stock to buy

People always ask me, “Which stock should I buy?” Believe it or not, determining which stock is the best buy isn’t difficult at all. As I’ve said, you can’t buy stocks that are under 15 neopoints a share. So if you want to maximize your profit, all you need to do is buy stocks when they’re at 15.

To take full advantage of the profits, you want to buy stocks daily. You can buy a total of 1000 shares of stock a day, which accumulates to 15,000 neopoints a day. Though that may seem like a lot to spend a day, it really isn’t.

Think about it. The stocks in Neopia don’t go bankrupt. If you were to buy stocks at the lowest buying price, you have no chance of losing your hard-earned neopoints. All you have to do is wait for your stock to hit it big.

Be warned, however. You may have to wait quite some time before your stock gets to a good selling point. This is why I suggest you try your best to make your portfolio as diverse as possible. By doing so, you greatly reduce your chance of having to wait ages before you hit it big.

Step 3 Knowing when to sell

Your selling point is ultimately determined by your patience. Though if you’re still looking for some kind of guideline, keep reading.

If you’re saving for something and time is more important, I suggest selling at 30 neopoints a share. It is somewhat common for a stock to reach 30, so you will easily be able to double your input.

If you have a little more time to spare, you should try to sell somewhere between 45-60 neopoints a share. Stocks do sometimes get that high, though it doesn’t happen all that often. Be prepared to wait months before you sell.

If you aren’t saving for anything in particular and are merely wanting to fatten your wallet, you should consider waiting until your stocks hit 100+ neopoints a share. The chance of your stock getting that high is incredibly rare. You will probably have to wait several months, possibly a year or two. I, myself, have never had a stock get that high. And I have been playing the stock market since I first joined back in 2007. Though the wait is a tad excessive, you can’t complain with the outcome. If you were to buy 1000 shares of a stock at 15 and it hit 100, you would have a profit of 85,000 neopoints. And that is just with 1000 shares. Imagine if you had quite a lot invested.

A few frequently asked questions

Can you really make a lot of neopoints from the stock market?

Of course! I know from personal experience. The most I’ve gotten from the stock market at one time came to nearly 2 million neopoints. On average, I can make several hundred thousand neopoints every time I sell a stock. Though you may have to wait before you can see a nice profit, it is well worth that wait.

Where can I find the stock market?

There are a few different ways to get there.

1. Go to the Neopets homepage and click the Neodaq Index link under the News Flash. That will take you to the stock market.

2. Go to the games room and search “stock market.” It’ll pop right up.

3. Simply go here!

Let’s say I wanted to buy some shares in FISH. Would me buying a lot of fish pops make my stock go up quicker?

Nope, buying a lot of fish pops won’t affect the stock at all. Stocks in Neopia aren’t influenced by Neopians buying certain products from certain companies. They change randomly throughout the day.

When do stocks change?

Stocks change every half hour. Once at 28 minutes past the hour and again at 58 minutes past the hour.

Is that all there is to the stock market? It seems too easy!

Yep! Like I said, there is nothing tricky or difficult about the Neopian stock market. All you have to do is buy at 15 and sell when it gets higher. There are no other variables to consider.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge on how to play the stock market, your financial-dependent goals should be well within reach! No more will you have to play endless games to reach that last hundred thousand, for you have mastered the stock market! May your remaining days be filled with wealth and happiness. Farewell and good luck!

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