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*Throws cookies* Help! I have a question: how many times can we play Qasalan Expellibox per day? The game says once; people on the Neoboards say twice, though! Is this a glitch? Can we play more than once? I LOVE Expellibox -- please let us know! Thanks for a great game! ~ elvin_duelist
We realise Qasalan Expellibox is a favourite game, but you are only allowed to play once per day. If we allowed it to be played more than once a day it would get clogged with scarabs and break down. Who would want that?

Hey, TNT. I was on Neopets when something totally random came to mind: how do YOU pronounce AAA? Is it A A A or "triple A"... I mean, what is it? You guys created him, so obviously you know better than anyone else. :P Thanks! ~ thundermuffin9398
Around here he is referred to as AAA or "ah." Although, for some of our less-skilled office gamers, he's more commonly called "Nooooooo!!!" whenever their game is ended a couple of points shy of his score. :)

Hey TNT, what be up with you? Well, I know you get loads of people asking if they can report something, but here goes: someone had rare items in their auctions listed as Neofriend only, but they said people could only Neofriend them if they bought 3 items from their shop, and all the items had a price of 15,000 NP. Is this reportable? Thanks in advance. ~ matthewoww
Requiring someone to purchase items, send items, or provide any service before accepting them as Neofriends is strictly against our Terms of Service and not very Neofriendly, either. If you find someone doing this, please report them and we will have our monitors investigate the situation.

Hey, TNT! I was just browsing through New Features and I noticed that the Silver Tonu was missing the little tuft of hair on top of its head. Was this a mistake, or is there a new middle-aged paint brush? ;) ~ moppertom5
Oh dear! They are missing their hair. We've sent this on to our artists. Silver Tonu should have their front hair tufts soon.

Ack! I don't want to be bald!

OMG, IT'S TNT!!! CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?!? *clears throat* Ahem. Well anyway, I was wondering: how does that daily haiku Kougra think of ALL those haikus?!? Did she, like, memorize the dictionary or something? Will her haikus ever seem normal, and not kooky? ~ ma_trojas
*Signs autograph* The wisdom of Rorru is a mystery to us.

Is it against the rules to do a custom in exchange for another Neopet? Everyone seems to be confused about this. Also, it is against the rules to put a Neopet custom up for adoption, isn't it? Please clear this up! Thank you. :D ~ alexachomburi
A custom Neopet trade – where you paint or morph your Neopet into a particular colour or species that another person wants – is not against the rules as long as neither of you considers the Neopoints spent on the customisation as a part of the trade agreement. Neopet trades cannot include any agreements outside of one Neopet for one Neopet.

For example, if you want someone's Royal Mynci, and they will only trade it for another Royal Neopet, it's perfectly okay for you to go out and buy a Royal Paint Brush and paint your Neopet royal in order to meet their request. However, it's always within their right to back out of the trade up until the point where a Neopet has been transferred. They are not obligated to give you their Neopet just because you spent Neopoints on painting or morphing your Neopet into something they wanted, even if they had agreed to trade with you if you did so. In this situation, you are not painting your Neopet as part of the agreement – you are painting your Neopet of your own free will.

You should only ever paint or morph your Neopet into something that you would want to keep if the other party backed out of the trade. Good advice is to never "downgrade" your Neopet from a rare colour or species to a more common one - if someone wants an Electric Blue JubJub and all you have is a Maraquan Draik, it may not be the best idea to morph your Neopet.

Hey TNT, just wondering... is Lawyerbot popular around the office? I feel like he is one of those guys that comes over while you are all around the water cooler and you are all thinking, "Don't see us... don't see us... don't see... heyyyyy, youuuuuuu...." ~ blondini
Unfortunately, there is a permanent injunction against TNT that prohibits us from responding to any questions regarding Lawyerbot and its perceived popularity or lack thereof. Please see the "Order of Permanent Injunction" dated as of the 4th day of Running, Y7 in the case, Lawyerbot v. The Neopets Team, Virtupets Space Station Municipal Court, Case No. 1MA7441.

Hey guys! What's happenin'?

Hi, TNT! *throws jelly* If you're not allowed to earn Neopoints on your side account, then how are you supposed to feed your Neopets???? ~ hoda_rockz
There are several options for feeding your Neopets on side accounts. You can send food items over from your main account, feed them at the Soup Faerie, or even check them in at the Neolodge, where they will be kept fed and happy for the number of days you choose.

Why is it that, when you get a slice from the Giant Omelette, it says "You manage to take a slice"? Why "manage"? Is getting a slice hard? Is there some guard making it hard to get to the omelette? Please leave my username out. ~ username removed
With so many Neopians flocking to the Giant Omelette everyday, it can be quite hard to get a slice before it's all gone. While Sabre-X won't keep you from getting your one piece of omelette each day, you will have to elbow your way past many hungry Tyrannians if you want to enjoy a slice.

Hi, TNT! Could you possibly add a Gallery link to the shop navigation? I always have to go through my Inventory, shop, or User Lookup to get there. Thank you! =D ~ sammy42004
We've received a lot of requests from Gallery owners asking for this. We'll ask our programmers if it is possible to have this added. Thanks for the suggestion!

How on earth do you people come up with the ideas for these gross foods? I mean, they are reaally... something. ~ st4bbedrozes
Gross foods are actually quite fun to come up with. We like to think of the oddest ingredients and then pair them up with more normal items to make some weird combos. Luckily, we don't have to really eat them. When we're really stumped, we just head over to the office refrigerator. Who knows what kind of creepy, inspiring things we'll find forgotten and rotting back in the corner? Ewww....

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