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Hello, TNT! I want to know if I can sell the colored worms found in Moltara City and the caves in my shop? ~dolphtig789
Nope. Like a few other standard items in Neopia, they are labeled "no trade," which means they cannot be sold or given out of your account.

Hiya, TNT! *throws cookies at Editor* Something really confuzzles me: are we allowed to create guild accounts? :S You know, an account with which all co-owners can enter? Please remove my username if this gets in. ^^ ~username removed
While making side accounts just for guild business (as long as you stay within your five account limit) is fine, shared accounts like the type you are talking about are not allowed. If you want your most trusted guildmates to be able to interact with and help lead the guild, then you can set the proper permissions for each person.

I was checking my Safety Deposit Box the other day and noticed something weird. Shouldn't the "Chocolate Lupe Treat" be in the shape of a Lupe? xD ~barbara929
Nope! Lupes would much rather eat a chocolate treat resembling a Chia than that of their own species.

Hi, TNT. I was wondering if we are allowed to use the Magma Pool on side accounts. It seems okay since the pool doesn't give out any items or Neopoints, but I thought I'd better check with you guys to be sure. :) ~gingerfist
Yes, you are more than welcome to visit the Magma Pool on your side accounts. :)

Hello! Thanks for the new magma Neopets, TNT! I think the new pool is a great idea! Anyway, I can't seem to find the URL of magma accessories from the "deluxe paint brush set" (like the bowties from the Bruces and the collars from the Aishas). I asked someone who had a Bruce and she said she couldn't remove the bowtie of her magma Bruce. Is this a bug, or was it done on purpose so that we can't get extra customisation items from the magma Neopets? ~petitehirondelline
We doubt that this was intentional. D: We'll see if we can get an artist to fix it up after the holidays.

Update: The Elephant headpiece and Ixi collar should now function properly. We shall continue to work on the other pieces. :)

You no take collar!

Greetings, TNT! *hands out candy canes* I love the new magma Neopets! Why did some people not have to wait for the guard to fall asleep to get access to the Magma Pool? ~ventrilaquism
We guess the guard was impressed by them!

Hello and Merry Christmas, TNT. *hands over pixel gifts* I have recently obtained a magma Grundo and noticed that the flamed outline of my Grundo seems to layer over top of the clothing. Was this because of the layering in the graphics? ~dashlene_grace2009
Yes, the fire that comes off the magma Neopets is on a different graphical layer.

Hello, TNT! I absolutely love the little worms that we can collect in Moltara now and I wanted to ask if we can collect them on side accounts? I asked on the boards and was given conflicting answers: some people said it would be allowed since the worms are "no-trade" items, while others replied that it would not be allowed since they can be used to get a tradeable item. I'm not interested in turning them in for the wearable lantern... I just want to put them in my side account's Gallery! Could you please clear this up for everyone (and please remove my username)? Thanks! ~username removed
Sorry, but we have to ask you to please not collect the worms on your side accounts, as you can receive something that is tradeable from the quest.

Hey, TNT! *gives cookies* Just a quick question that's been bugging me for months. If I accidentally misprice, let's say, a Draik potion in an auction listing (resulting in a loss of 8 million Neopoints), would Neomailing the winner and asking for the item back in return for the Neopoints they bid be against the rules? ~star_days
Politely contacting the person, alerting them of your mistake, and asking them if they'd be willing to undo the transaction is fine. However repeatedly Neomailing them, harassing them if they decline, or encouraging others to "spam" them is not allowed. Please remember that an auction or shop misprice like that is your own fault, and while it would be very kind of the person to assist you, they are within their right to keep the item. Please do note that they don't have the right to harass you, though. If you politely contact them and they harass you (with personal attacks, for example, not simple rudeness), then they've crossed the line into reportable territory themselves.

Lessons you don't forget are often expensive ones. :(

So, TNT... on Tuesday I got frozen for "protection" on my main. Will I be able to get my account back? Please let this question make it in! You are my only hope! ~cheetah_spots123
When an account is frozen with the reason "possibly scammed," it means the account has come into suspicion of being accessed by someone other than the proper owner. We know that having your account frozen can be a scary thing, but it is honestly the best way we can protect the account, its contents, and Neopets until the true owner writes in to support to claim it. You can write to us here to request that your account be unfrozen and returned to you, or if you think your account has been compromised but hasn't been protectively frozen yet, please use this form. The more details about your account you can supply us with, the quicker we can identify you as the true owner and happily get it back to you. :)

Hey, TNT! *throws cookies* I recently came back after a two-year hiatus. I had forgotten the "word" on my one side account and it had not been signed onto in a "long long time." I didn't have that email anymore so I created a new side, bringing me up to the five allowed accounts. Today I checked in on my old side account and tried once last hope to get into it... and actually got in! As a result, that now brings me to six active accounts. Should I self-freeze my new side and keep my old one, or should I not even bother with that? I'm really worried; I don't want to get frozen after just coming back. So, what should I do almighty TNT? ~disgracefulll
If you've found yourself with six accounts, please choose whichever account you have the least interest in keeping and disable it by following the appropriate link under "Contact Us" at the bottom of any page.

Hi, TNT! Recently I was joking on the boards about my real age, pretending I was eight. I believe a staff member saw this and decided to downgrade my age. Seeing as I'm 16, it would be weird to ask my parents to sign a parental consent form. What could be done about this? ~username removed
Sorry, but we have to go by what you posted. Please explain to your parents you were pretending to be an eight year old boy online and ask them to sign the consent form.

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