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Just wondering, how long do I have to complete the Altador Quest before it closes? I'm also wondering if it WILL close, because I think it's kinda annoying to go to Altador on my side accounts and have an unfinished quest. Don't close it on my part!! If you have no intention of doing so that's fine. ~pirate_cove
The Altador Plot is open indefinitely, which means that, for now, we don't have any intention of closing it (but that may change in the future). Rest assured that, if we were to close it, we would announce it in New Features first to give anyone in the middle of the plot some time to complete it. Also, don't forget that you may not do the plot on side accounts, even if you don't finish. ;)

A trophy for everyone!

I have an important question concerning the mortality of Neopets. In the past, you have clearly stated that they do not die. A sample Brain Tree quest: "Charles Lupe died a long time ago, and I need to know where, and when, for my records. You must go and find this information out." Et cetera. Under the assumption that Charles Lupe is a Neopet, how did he die? Am I sensing a contradiction here? ~ maplepelt
We've stated that your Neopets cannot die, which is true. Any Neopet you own cannot die. However, the same rules do not apply to characters we, as TNT, make up for our stories and site flavour. There is quite a big difference between the imaginary world of Neopia and Neopia as a website you interact with via your computer... most notably being that site characters in plots and such don't have owners, whereas your Neopets obviously do.

When you make it into the Times, do you get a Neomail about it? ~ ve_21_girl
If your article, story, or comic makes it in, you will be notified. However, as you are most likely aware by now, you do not receive notification if your question is selected for the Editorial.

Please lovely and wise editor, tell me, is it against the rules to Neomail your answers/guesses for the mystery picture to other people? Some people claim to do it as confirmation on the boards but I think it's a way they can pass around answers. Is confirming it cheating? Please, can the all-powerful TNT put a stop to this? It ruins it for the honest MP hunters. :( *hopes not to asplode till you answer* ~ paula197
Erm, when we say not to share the answers, we mean everywhere. This includes Neomail. ;) It's a different story if you and a friend work together, for example, splitting the task of checking several different images that you think might be correct and one of you figures it out and shares it. You both put effort into solving it and worked together, but just handing out the answers so that someone who hasn't tried to figure it out gets credit is not allowed.

I've been on Neopets for about a million years, and saw a lot of Neopets appear on the surface of Neopia. But today I was thinking... what if two Neopet breeds were mixed together? Like a Gelert/Lupe, or a Kougra/Acara? Like some kind of potion that would be able to do this? It's a weird idea, but I want to see what you think. ~ kakay99
Wow, that is a very long time to be playing! But sorry, we don't support the idea of hybrid Neopets for a variety of reasons. While, of course, you're free to do whatever personal fan art you like, please note that they won't be accepted into creative competitions such as such as the Neopian Times, Storytelling, Art Gallery, etc.

Only at cold to lukewarm temperatures, to avoid lawsuits. We also yell, "TEA INCOMING" prior to all throwings, as a result of that incident in Y6. *moment of silence*

Lawyerbot says:
Don't throw tea at people.

Hey TNT, great work on the website. Could you make it so that, at the Trading Post, you can look for items that are a certain price?? ~ danirox394
Thank you! Sorry, though... there really isn't any way for us to organise trades in that fashion, since people place text on their wishlist. We wish there was a super-cool program that could read the text, understand it, judge the approximate worth of it all and move it into price categories, but sheesh, technology is so limited these days. :(

I was wondering: if I go back and complete the plots that I missed out on from a little while back, is it still possible to get at least one of the Avatars and/or trophies offered from it? Thanks! ~ sapphirered4446
The Altador Plot is our only "open" plot and you can still complete it and earn a trophy. This is a very special case, though, since the rest of the plots are closed and you can no longer complete them. They are world events, and just like regular world history, you can't go back in time to relive these events. :)

Hiya TNT =) I was just wondering, if you're labbing a Neopet and you equipped them with Battledome Equipment JUST FOR THEIR SPECIES, what would happen if the lab turned her/him into another species? Would the Battledome item return to your inventory? ~ sportyglam13
Nope. You can equip a species-specific weapon to any Neopet really, regardless of species. It just won't work if they try to use it. ;)

URGENT, SERIOUS QUESTION! If you don't answer this question, I shall have to send a troupe of Meepits to attack the Neopets headquarters! Okay, I'm gonna get to the point now... I don't find it fair that, if a guild's private, you can't even look at it! Me and my Neofriends feel really bad about not being able to look at these guilds... let alone join them. Is there any way you could possibly change this? PS: Oh, and could you change the word Meepits to the colour pink? Heh-heh!) ~ nillacafe
Not the Meepits! Noooooo, etc., etc.

It is the guild's choice whether to be private or not, despite your feelings. If you find a private guild that you have interest in, try Neomailing one of the members. Some guilds have certain qualifications they'd like you to meet, while others will happily send an invite to anyone. Just show some interest and hopefully someone will allow you to join and take a look around. If you find it's not to your liking, it'd be nice to thank them for the opportunity, but explain it's just not the right guild for you before moving on. :) There'd be no point to private guilds if anyone could just sneak on in and take a look around.

They're watching you.

I used to have this Nikki diva stars doll in my gallery, but I didn't come on for a while and now it is a pink Cybunny skater. Was this supposed to happen or did I get this as a random event offline? ~ girly345321
This was on purpose; we just updated some old sponsor stuff to more Neopian-ish items. :)

Wow, so I was looking through the old editorials, when I saw something that really freaked me out. It said that there was a Random Event that changed your Neopet blue, and if your Neopet was unhappy for a while it would be turned red. PLEASE TELL ME THIS ISN'T TRUE! (at least not anymore!) ;-; ~ _loopy_4_life_
Actually, that Random Event is still around! It only affects Neopets that are unhappy though, so always be sure to keep your Neopets well fed and happy. ^_^ (It doesn't automatically happen when your Neopet is unhappy! You have to first get the Random Event, which is quite rare.)

Is it bad to submit more than one caption to the Caption Competition? ~ lil_baby_gelatin_pfc
You may submit more than one, but please do not spam a single one by entering it multiple times in a row. If you think yours is just the funniest thing ever and planets will collide if it doesn't get chosen, you may send the same one every 12 hours or so.

I was wondering if it is against the rules to be in one account on FireFox and your other on Internet Explorer, and in case you didn't know yes you can do that. ;) I've done it a few times, but now I'm worried since I don't want to get frozen. Are you allowed to do that? ~ choco_strawberries94
We are well aware that you can play Neopets with multiple browsers at the same time. As long as you are not breaking any site rules or attempting to use it as an advantage over other players or to try and trick them, it's just fine.

On October 12th, approximately around 6PM NST, a rumor was spreading around on the avatar boards. People were saying Adam's current Neopoints was somewhere around 8,000, and that they got the avatar and it changed back to 11 million quickly. I wasn't here to see it myself. Others were saying these people were just making it up, and they already had Adam. Can you verify whether this is true or not? ~ scooby_drew74
We're afraid they were just messing with everyone. The last time Adam's Neopoints were changed was on September 25th.


I received a NM from another user who threatened to report my lookup tomorrow if I didn't change my shield because my shield is covered with a custom shield. You have stated here, in the NT, that this was allowed and I would have told her that, except she has her NM set so that only NFs can contact her. I don't want to be reported for something that is not against the rules but I don't know what to do. Should I report her for harassment because she threatened me? I don't know what else to do. :( ~schoolgirl31782
First off, you're absolutely right! Covering your shield is perfectly fine. So no worries about her reporting you, eh? Just because you've been reported doesn't mean anything will happen to your account. ;) A monitor will look at the report, see that you are perfectly within the rules, and no action will be taken. There's nothing to worry about there.

As far as reporting her goes, while she was extremely rude to you for no apparent reason (especially considering she was quite wrong in the first place) and could probably use a kick in the tuchus, she is not technically harassing you. If she continues to pester you about it and you can't ask her to stop because her Neomail is blocked, that would be the point at which we'd suggest reporting.

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