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Hello! *waves* I remember that I used to play a game, which I think was called Poogle Solitaire, every day. When I returned to Neopets about two years ago, I couldn't find it anymore, and I don't think it's on the site at all. How come you got rid of it? I know that there were plenty of guides online for it since the puzzle never changed, and therefore the solution was always the same. But I don't think that is a reason to take the game down, since people give out answers for the Daily Puzzle, Faerie Crossword, and many other games. So... why'd it go *poof*? ~saiyanprincess89
Hmm... we think this was answered about a bajillion Editorials ago. We vaguely remember that it was an old game with outdated art, and since the solution never changed it was like a chore players did rather than a game to earn NP. As a result, for reasons like that, it was consequently removed from the site.

I've been having problems with pop-up ads and ads that cover different things (links, etc.) on the site. I've heard you can report these ads, but I can't find a page where you report them. Is it possible to report them and, if so, where is the page to do this? ~maddy123096
Ack, we don't want those types of ads on our site any more than you do. Please report inappropriate or pop up ads here. To find this page in the future, go to the bottom of the page and click on Help, then Neopets FAQ. The Banner Ads section is marked with a pirate flag. Remember, please, please, please provide us with enough information to track down the ad, including the page source so we know the URL and banner codes and a screenshot. Page sources can generally be acquired by going to the View menu of your browser, and selecting "Source" or "Page Source."

Hi! I know Dragona eats socks, but what kind of socks? I like dragons and I like socks, but I am curious as to what kinds of socks are tastier to dragons. ~dragon10044
It seems the smellier the better. Dragona says she prefers gym socks that have been left in lockers over summer vacation.

Excuse us, we think we're going to be sick.

Hello TNT! Today I got bored and decided to do my best to get rid of some of the junk Neopia accumulates. It all came to me while standing next to the Money Tree, watching everyone go through all of that garbage to get something decent. My question is, if I spend all day collecting tons of garbage and discarding it, will it make much of a difference? Or is the junk creation rate much larger than the stuff I throw away? ~amaya_and_morgane
While we applaud your efforts at making Neopia a cleaner place, we're afraid junk creation is like an unending landslide of old shoes and palm fans. Much like the real world, though, don't let it stop you. Every little bit counts, so if you feel good by helping rid Neopia of unwanted items, we salute you!

Hey TNT, let's say I had a royal Zafara that I zapped at the Lab Ray and it turned into a green Uni. Then I zapped it again and it turned into a robot Zafara. Would I have the royal clothes in my closet from the Zafara being royal to apply to the robot Zafara? Or do we only keep the clothes when we paint our Neopets? P.S. I would like to know this before I get a Lab Map, so it would be nice if this was answered!! ;) ~xx_twinkerbell_xx
Yes, you would indeed still have the royal Zafara clothes. Any clothes you acquire for your Neopet through paint brushes, the Lab Ray, etc. will remain in your closet, ready to be worn should you ever again own the appropriate species of Neopet. Also, these clothes can be worn by ANY of your Neopets as long as they are of a species that can wear the item. Your new Uni might not be eligible for Royal Zafara clothes, but if you had another Zafara, they would be.

If you submit a video to Neovision and then decide that you don't want it on Neovision anymore, can you do anything to take it off? Please respond! Thanks. :) ~eafisruler
Lawyerbot spent days carefully crafting the Video Submission Services Agreement that explains what we can do with your submitted video. (He reminds us all the time how hard it was and how he should really be paid more. Pfft.) Be sure you're comfortable with that agreement before you submit anything to the Neovision contest!

Hi TNT! You are awesome! There, no rocks. Anyway, I have been wondering, where do you get those cuts from stories that you put on the New Features page? Are they from the Neopian Times? Are they from the Neopedia? Please answer. ~thunderclan_tomcat
Depends! Generally, the italicised text you see is either a teaser for the Storytelling Contest or Neoadventure competition. The news should tell you and link to the entry, so be sure to read the news thoroughly. ;)

We really just love any excuse to use italics.

If you get restocking bans over and over, does that get you in trouble like getting a warning might? I thought that, if you were banned, all it meant was you were trying to give other people a fair chance. Therefore, does it go on your Permanent Neopian Record of who has been naughty and who has been nice? ~blue_water_dragon10
No, restock bans are not a punishment or a warning of any type. It's more of a limit, like we have on Flash games to help bring balance to the game of restocking and also inhibit cheaters to an extent as well. Your "permanent record" is not affected.

The computer people on Faerie Cloud Racers cheat. I was just flying in a straight line, minding my own business, when the computer person changed directions and hit ME, yet I'm the one who got blamed for it! I'm not psychic; I can't figure out when the computer player is going to turn randomly and in which direction it'll go. ~xxxkodakmomentxxx
Hehe! Sorry, that's part of the game. A very good tactic is doing something similar, but just making sure that they hit your contrail instead of you hitting theirs. If you need more inspiration we suggest renting the movie Tron.

I've always wondered exactly how our SDBs are ordered. There doesn't seem to be any coherent order as to how our items are placed. Any clearing up on this one or are they just randomly placed? ~sirussblack
The items in you SDB are ordered by their ID number in our database. That means they are ordered by when they were created. Therefore, the items on page one of your SDB are most likely very old, while the ones on the last page were more recently created.

This does not necessarily mean they are in the order they were released, however. ;)

I was chatting with someone on the Neoboards, and we came up with this AWESOME idea -- a random Neoboard! Everyone goes off-topic anyway, so why not? It could go from fonts, to avatars, to paint brushes, like THAT! I realize that you have a loooooooong to do list, but hey, it's something to think about. ~tortuga_1
We used to have that, actually. It was called "General Chat." It was a horrible disaster of a board that was turned to sludge by Dr. Sloth many years ago. If you want an idea of what it once looked like, check out the Newbie Chat board. *shudders*

Dr. Sloth: "Just tell me when you need my services again. MUAHAHAHA."

You recently said that bulk stocking was illegal. Therefore, I hope you answer this, because I don't want to get in trouble. If someone is buying, let's say, piles of dung for 10 NPs each from other players, would that be illegal? Mind you, the buyer is just collecting the dung in his/her Safety Deposit Box and not reselling it. ~wiccan_wolf
Fancy seeing you here again. *waves* The bulk restocking we were talking about last week is basically hiring someone to buy items for you, not buying large amounts of items. Making a board saying, "Buying dung for 10 NP!" then waiting for people to post that they have such items in their shop is fine. Or simply buying dung from shops in bulk is just dandy, too. The fine line is crossed when you contact a player and basically contract them into buying the items for the reward of a certain price.

Since you won't earn any items/NP when winning the Customization Contest, can you enter Neopets from side accounts? ~crowprincess
Yup! Since there is no monetary gain (including items), there's no reason you can't show your side-account Neopets off to Neopia.

TNT, you were hit by a rock! (loool had to change that one.) Well it's just that me and half the BDers of Neopia are wondering, what does Golden Sun Chalice do? When used in the Battledome it seems to do nothing at all... are we missing something? Did you forget to activate the item? ~aca_ixidor
According to our Battledome queen it's supposed to have a chance to heal your Neopet to max hit points if your Neopet is not at max health. We tested it out and found it wasn't working as we intended. Oops! The code has been fixed now. Let the inflation begin. :P

200 NP now. Let's see what I'll be tomorrow!

Dear TNT, I was wondering if wearable backgrounds will ever be given out as prizes for completing small quests such as Snow Faerie quests, Esophagor quests, etc. or for completing a treasure map? I think that would be a cool idea since backgrounds are an item and they are popular amongst my fellow Neopians. ~kateebabie618
We... have something in mind, yes. :) Don't worry.


And now, a public service announcement.

We often see quotes like these on the boards: "Be lucky you only got warned! I was suspended for a similar reason. It's not fair."

So, we'd like to clarify. Issuing a suspension is step two in a three step process. Step one is to issue warnings. If you have never been warned before (and the infraction is not serious enough to warrant a freezing straight away), you will likely just get a warning. If you continue to break the rules even though you've been previously warned, we move on to step two and you are suspended, again even if it's a very minor infraction. (Your history has shown that warnings don't work and you need a more serious punishment.) Eventually, should you continually break the rules after being given several chances through warnings and suspensions, you'll be frozen. There's a lot more to this system, of course, but we don't want to give all our secrets away. ;) We just wanted to help clarify why the same infraction serves as a warning to some, a suspension to others, or even a freezing at times. The monitors are not being harsh or unfair, nor do they have a grudge against you personally. They are just going by your past history and warnings you have already received.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered, click here and you can use our submission form. The most common/bizarre questions will appear here next week.

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