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Continued Series

We Ought Never To Have Done It:Part Eight

Three weeks passed, and the drilling progressed exactly as Hamm O’Grady had scheduled it.

Also by icanhaskaila

by emblo93

The Magical Transporter:Part Four

Katniss couldn’t get herself to calm down. It had been a while ago when Calleigh and Amy had disappeared.

by hallie035
My Childhood Neohome: Part Five

Hunting for Treasure...

by jillcrash
Skipping School:Part Five

It was then that many things happened in very quick succession.

by invalid
Clara Chatham Shenkuu Plot: Part Three

Clara Chatham visits the Royal Palace

by restisunwritten
AAA and Abigails Astounding Race:Part Three

The queen laughed. “Oh! No need to worry, little one. You would be surprised at how often that happens!

by ilhs11
Ballindalloch: Part Four

Albert, my good friend, tell me; could I ask you a question?

by dewdropzz
Hitomi the Witch: Part Three


by downrightdude
A Sister's Business:Part Two

And with those words, Casey saw her brother visibly deflate. His ears fell back and he floated a little lower to the ground.

by nikibogwater
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"Fall From Grace" by cosmicfire918
"Good morning, Xandra," said the Library Faerie to the speckled Xweetok who’d just walked through the doors of the royal libraries of Faerieland. The brown-haired, bespectacled Faerie placed one last book on the volumes she was sorting and then smiled over at the young witch. "Good morning, Sybella," Xandra said, returning her smile as the Xweetok adjusted her own spectacles. Her arms were full of books, as usual. "I’ve come to return these and check out more." Sybella’s eyes widened. "More? But you just checked those out last week!" "I read too quickly," Xandra said with a joking sigh as she placed the books on the front desk. The faerie laughed. Turning to Xandra, she placed a hand on the stack of returned books and stared at it for a moment. "Why do you perform that spell every time?" Xandra asked her. "You know I always bring the books back in the same condition they were checked out." "I know, dear," Sybella said, "but it is library policy." Xandra frowned. "Don’t you trust me?" "Of course I trust you, Xandra," Sybella said. "But it’s the rules. Please don’t take it the wrong way." She removed her hand from the books and placed them on an enchanted flying cart to await re-shelving. There were spells that could automatically shelve books, but Sybella said once that she derived greater enjoyment from doing it herself. Xandra couldn’t quite get herself to smile again as she watched. Faeries had so many rules—rules about what you could and couldn’t do with magic, rules about how Magic Academy assignments were to be carried out, rules that restricted certain areas of Faerieland to those with the proper clearance…

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To Adopt A Mutant
Even mutants need love...

by newenglandquizzer


Albert the Kacheek's Birthday
Sometimes you’re dealt a bad hand, but that doesn’t mean you give up. You find the positive.

by butterflybandage


Rare Stamps and Where They Came From
Whatever type of stamp collector you are, I am sure you know that there are some stamps that are incredibly, ridiculously rare. Many stamps are worth well over 1 million neopoints a piece, but some of the rarest stamps are so hard to find you might be at the owner’s mercy!

by dottie27a


Feeding Florg
The point of Feed Florg is to, erm, feed Florg. This mutant Chia is hungry for Petpets, and it is our job to provide him with food.

Also by dissiechrissie

by applebella


101 Uses for The Neopian Times
Well yeah that's one way...

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Guess the Character 4
Do you think you know everything about Neopia? Time to find out!

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