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Guess the Character 4

Do you think you know everything about Neopia? Time to find out!

by dtrg
Darkest Corner

Furry Troubles

by dark_elfa
The Adventures of Minion #229: Food For Thought

Another day as a minion...

by gerixd
Dozens: Appearances Matter

Appearances matter!

by mandy_wong
Uhhg uggh

I'm finally going to get the avatar...

Also by afoxy

by buzzmoe

Dice-a-WHO? #1


Also by forever_be_us

by rayoceanweaver

It's November

After Halloween comes...

by lepetitpoulet
Chef's Salad

May I take your order?

Also by Patjade

by izzywizard

Petpet love

Didn't see that one coming...

by anhong_12
101 Uses for The Neopian Times

Well yeah that's one way...

by naama_mikeas
Neopian Nutshell: Park Ranger

Esurynti might want to think about a new job...

by a_cockatiel_a
The Art of Distraction

Fancy a spin?

by paperjeans
Neopets Is Another Year Older!

From the beginning to now, here's to another year with Neopets!

by rafizi
Happy 18th Birthday, Neopets!

Dedicated to all the other adults still playing Neopets!

by voiceprint
The Birth of the First Chia

Once upon a time a Chia was born...

by seluker406
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"Albert the Kacheek's Birthday" by butterflybandage
"Where is that darned shopkeeper at?" The young Kacheek grumbled to himself, holding a lantern high above his head, cradling a (very expensive) Gorerito with his left hand. The night sky was speckled with bright silver stars and the sound of feral Petpets’ growls, hoots, and yips filled the chilly air. As spooky as the scene was, the Kacheek was accustomed to the ambience and was more concerned with finding that darned Bruce. This was a typical night for Albert. Having been kidnapped by the Esophagor years earlier, the Kacheek spent his days (and evenings) fetching spooky foods for the strange creature. Often on this trips alone, he would imagine what his life would’ve been like if he never wandered into the Haunted Woods that fateful day. What his garden would look like; how many new species of flora were discovered; if the Buzzes that lived in his garden were doing well … he dreamt of a day where he could accomplish the Esophagor’s quest in time, where he could leave the Mutant Graveyard, where he could have his precious flowers. But that day was not today, especially if he couldn’t find that darned Bruce. Albert had already finished his daily quota of quests (which is ten), but when he was carving funny depictions of the Esophagor on a gravestone, he heard his name being called. He huffed and made his way towards his master, and gawked when the giant blob had the gall to ask for an eleventh quest. When Albert tried to refuse, the Esophagor threatened him mercilessly. When that didn’t work, the Esophagor began throwing rocks.

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Turning A Page Yourself
Sometimes a boring job can have the greatest joys, no matter how small.

by 500knives


Fall From Grace
Her arms were full of books, as usual. "I’ve come to return these and check out more."

by cosmicfire918


Rare Stamps and Where They Came From
Whatever type of stamp collector you are, I am sure you know that there are some stamps that are incredibly, ridiculously rare. Many stamps are worth well over 1 million neopoints a piece, but some of the rarest stamps are so hard to find you might be at the owner’s mercy!

by dottie27a


Preparing For The Holiday Season
It all kicked off a couple weeks back with Halloween, and now the holiday season is tumbling in like a snowball rolling down Terror Mountain.

Also by beanlein

by imcatcrazy11


Ballindalloch: Part Four
Albert, my good friend, tell me; could I ask you a question?

by dewdropzz


Skipping School:Part Five
It was then that many things happened in very quick succession.

by invalid

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