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New Series

Defenders of Neopia – Where They’ve Been

A lonely chia was falling through the clouds. He glanced around at all the mountains rushing up to greet him. He had been falling for as long as he could remember, but he noticed he was finally getting closer to the ground.

by grimmbones7
A Hero's Journey

Big, small, famous or not, we love heroes!

by jetaketa
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"Turning A Page Yourself " by 500knives
The din of the city was almost too much to bear at times, with bikes the obvious outlier to find some silence. Arpagius often questioned moving to a suburban town in Neopia, where he could avoid the crowds, the hustle and bustle of work in a library only young Neopets seemed to visit on the weekend with their parents. He envied the quiet life he saw in the shows and the paper, photos of families and lawns to preen, Petpets to spoil and take for walks. Sometimes he missed the sound of only a few cars passing by, but now their screeching tires and blaring horns amid the rush of city air was what through him out of loop. On the way home from his shift at the library, he used to make a point to take a scenic detour, every single time, finding each and every puddle after the rain and each misplaced trashcan on the curb. There had been something mundane about this pattern, but it was one that kept him happy. There was no room in the city, but there used to be. Then his routes became overrun by trash and pedestrians, often driving him off the sidewalk and into a puddle he'd otherwise enjoy. The skies were often dark, another feature of the city he used to enjoy, but now it only weighed him down, brought forth a sadness he couldn't comprehend. Everyone hear was a drab, dreary color, fur stained by the rain... "What's got you down?" an eldery Eyrie whispered, placing her spotted paws on the checkout counter. Arpagius blinked, looking up from the books he was mindlessly stamping so they could be put back on their shelves. Apparently, he had been stamping the same page a few hundred times.

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Relaxed Restocking: Keep Calm & Earn NP!
Restocking is a fabulous way to make neopoints, but it often gets a bad rap for being confusing, difficult, competitive, and risky.

by 2wonderstruck


Feeding Florg
The point of Feed Florg is to, erm, feed Florg. This mutant Chia is hungry for Petpets, and it is our job to provide him with food.

Also by dissiechrissie

by applebella


Darkest Corner
Furry Troubles

by dark_elfa


The Adventures of Minion #229: Food For Thought
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