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1. Okay folks, first and foremost, sorry for my poor wording last week! I did NOT mean we are getting rid of userlookups I only meant we are getting rid of those annoying captcha's. As you may have already seen, this is kinda our test run so let us know if you have any problems by sending in a ticket! If all goes well, we will apply these changes to the petpages and other places, as well!!

2. CAPTION CONTEST TIMING UPDATE: So, I've talked to a lot of people about timing and the CC Charter Board has come up with a great solution I think everyone can agree on! So, we are going to still post each Caption on the first of the month, you will have a week to send in submissions, then we will take about a week to go through them and get them out, then you will have one week to vote. At the end of that week, winners will be posted. That means there will be anywhere from a week to a couple days of downtime, and then on the first- the new one will be posted! This new flow will start in December!

3. I don't know if you guys have heard butttttt Fyora has gathered her troops, set up headquarters and is ready for your help! Head on over to see what you can do to help! P.S. Sorry for the delay on this! We wanted to make sure it was completely ready for you guys and I know you've all waited a long time which you are all awesome for doing by the way! Now head over and get going!!!

4. Make sure to get all your Wood and Silver prizes from Patapult now! The new ones are coming soon and once they're released, the current prizes will be retired so you don't want to miss out! We will be updating Bronze and Gold in the near future!!

Lastly, make sure to go check out the Coming Soon page to see what is coming up for Neopets! It will be updated every Monday!! Okay that's it from me! Now onto questions!!

Hiya, Scrappy! I really appreciate all of the care you put into answering the big questions people ask her at The Neopian Times. Most of the questions recently have been about site content. So, here's a curveball: will TNT ever bring back real life merchandise? I'd love to start collecting plushies/figures/cards again!
Nice, I love original questions like this!! Great question and I hope so!!! I am a HUGE fan of swag and would love to be decked out in Neopets stuff! There aren't massive plans for it right now but hopefully in the future we can!!

Hey Scrappy! So, I was published in the Halloween edition, but as far as I know, nobody got a prize for being published in the special edition. :( Was this just a mistake, or are there no longer prizes for holiday editions? Thank you! ~suixx
Hm, that was definitely just an oversight! Really sorry to everyone that submitted that has gotten their Halloween prizes yet but we will grant those today! And yes, all holiday editions still get special prizes of course!!!

Regarding the editorial about programming for mobile devices, please keep in mind that some Neopets players, like myself, will still be playing only on their computer. Frankly, I can't imagine being happy playing on a small phone screen.
Of course! We totally understand that, we are thinking of both the online user and mobile user! We just want to make it a little easier to navigate when on mobile but the site will still be completely functional and similar to what it is now (maybe a little updating) but no need to worry!!

If a story has been published in the Neopian Times of another language many years ago, can i submit the same story but in the english version? I really like this story and i'd love to reach english users. Thanks! ~jacquelineramrez
Hm, that is a hard one but I think I would say yes. Since, many of the users only speak English (including myself) who I know would love to read your story, you may submit it again in English :)

Let's cut to the chase Scrappy..... What's up with the neocams and how can we get those started back up to see the daily lives of our beloved TNT? ~dethklok_skwisgaar
Honestly, I'm all about it! I don't really know how it would work but I'm about that whole neocam situation! Maybe in the new year we can get it going again??


Hi Scrappy! I just want to say I came back from a long hiatus this year and surprised to see things are getting better on the site! Finally! I though it only had a few more years of living but seeing all you are doing and the plans you have I think Neopets has a bright future! That's why I startd buying NC (and for the super pretty items of course), you deserve all the support you can get from the fans! For the first time in YEARS I'm happy with what TNT is doing and I'm seeing improvemments! Thank you so much! This game means a lot to me. Hope you all have a wonderful day! Keep doing what you do, you are great! I LOVED the last editorial btw, so many questions I had were answered, one of the best editorials I've ever seen. ~elficstaru

TNT, the design for the stealthy Vandagyre is amazing! Thank you! You guys are so awesome for all the tremendous work you've been putting into the site! Loving it all. I wanted to let you know your hard work is appreciated and noticed. ~fireangel640292

Here's some smilie-related positivity for you: Neopets' smilies are, without a doubt, my favorite smilies of all time! I always find myself trying to use them in other conversations with my friends and I'm always disappointed when I can't use the Neopets smilies elsewhere. They're just so expressive! My favorites are :D, *clap*, *lol*, and 0:-) ~ohsounicornly

Hey Scrappy, I just wanted to give you a quick thank you for all the support you give to the Neopets community. It's much appreciated, usually by the ones who are quietest. But we still are thankful for all we have in Neopia. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, to you, and all the Neostaff. ~june_scarlet

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