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Continued Series

Another Hero's Journey: Dreams - Part Eight

"Do you pledge to protect Meridell from the forces that may threaten it to the best of your ability and fight for justice and freedom?"

by precious_katuch14
Lucky Me: Part Seven

"Why would Anthony be spending so much time with Sam and not us? It's obvious that Sam knows something that he doesn't want us to find out..."

by soccer266redy
Three Wishes: Part Eight

Ellie was tossed unceremoniously out of bed at first light. She blinked hurriedly and opened her eyes to see the tiny ghost Eyrie that owned the neolodge looming over her...

by rachelindea
Tales of Cadmium, Athena, and Saffron: The Fight - Part Six

The Yellow Xweetok was about to close her eyes and catch a few more minutes' worth of sleep before the bell rang when...

by rainpaint
The Darkest Faerie Returns: Part Six

There seemed to be endless corridors and an infinite number of rooms. Siyana growled lightly in frustration. "How are we going to find her chamber in this whole mess?"

by ewagon
My Year in Shenkuu: Part Six

"Fly faster!" yelled the Acara desperately, subconsciously pulling out Tanny's feathers...

Also by heeken

by j_c1993

Fyora and Jhudora: Secrets Within the Clouds - Part Two

Aurora, struggling to speak, said, "I have urgent news for the Faerie Queen; please, take me to her..."

by bluecloud300
Shay Peters and the Frivolous Fashionista: Part Two

I decided to wear something more fashionable today, something that Julia could obsess over for hours...

Also by chocolateisamust

by sirussblack

Confessions of an Heiress: Part Five

"News travels fast and, as expected, the Top Five found out soon enough. Kir made one last, desperate attempt to help you..."

by goldenpaw
The Magical Coconut Mission: Part Four

Phobic gasped in horror as the small satchel containing the magical coconut was snatched from him. He reached to grab it back, only to be met with the threatening edge of a jewelled blade...

Also by chivo

by anjie

Karina, the Math Wiz: Part Four

Karina forced a smile. She snatched a quiz and put her name at the top...

by sweetie_me274
This Glass Container: Part Two

She had to admit, being called egotistical was a plus. Just one of the many unpleasant qualities she needed to master as a Dark Faerie...

by seegensays
The Statue Collector: Part Three

The Snowager was awake and glared at me viciously, daring me to try to steal his treasures...

by brokensilent
Ghostfighters: Part Three

Leaping over stones and other obstructions in a more graceful and fluid manner than Kiyoshi would have ever thought possible -- he had become the river...

by tamia_silverwing
Masquerades: Part Five

"What's the point of having a party without coffee? It's like having a sandwich without bread..."

by punctuation_ninja
Misjudged: Part Two

Jhudora stared in awe at the snowglobe, and then took a wary glance at the price tag. "50,000 neopoints?" she asked aloud...

Also by psychopsam

by puffpastry654

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The Wishing Well

The Neopoints made a satisfying plunk as they hit the water's surface, surely a promising omen. Like most of the people who used the Wishing Well that day, my wish was never granted, so I shrugged and went on to earn my own money and buy the items I wanted that way. Still, I have always wondered what exactly the Well does. Does it grant any wish in Neopia? Does the amount of money you drop in matter?

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