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On December 11th you released a treasure chest Petpet and now the image is gone and it appears to be inactive. :( Please bring it back! D: I want one. ~slorsky
We looked into it and... mystery solved! The Petpet you seek is the Cofferling. We changed the URL of the image to reflect the name of the Petpet, that's why the image you saw on the news was broken. We still need to make it an active item, though.

Personally, we slightly fear the day this critter appears in Neopia...

You can have 10 items per trade and 10 trades on the Trading Post. Additionally, you can auction 8 items. That's a total of 108 items that are, technically, not in your inventory. Practically, though, they count for your inventory items. So, if I put up 5 trades with 10 items each, then I can't buy more items anywhere. That's rather... inconvenient. Could you maybe look into that and find a better solution, like not counting TP and auction items? Thanks! ~kakenuri
It'd be really odd if someone had 108 unbuyable items up for sale all at once x_X. Even 50 is a bit much. We think the way things are now is just fine. :)

Dear TNT, just about every land in Neopia has their own theme, as well as their own weaponry, clothing, and furniture. Do you ever think there will be pirate furniture for our Neohomes? That would shiver me timbers, or I'll be sailing in irons! ~fel_torres
There are several pirate-themed furniture items, though they are sold in the Neopian Furniture shop. Making an exclusive Krawk Island furniture shop IS very tempting, though... we shall have our people meet with... um, our people and see if it's a go!

Hi, my daughter is nine years old and I honestly can't see her being able to get through the code part of the current quest (it's making me tear my hair out). Obviously I can't help her, but would it be possible to have a "junior" set of plot prizes where younger Neopians can complete codes with only two variables or something similar? She's driving me to distraction! ~youvebeenkateid
Haha, sorry, we know plots can be difficult for players of all ages, but we don't have any intention of making "junior" prizes. We're sure that, with enough guidance and patience, a nine year old could do it. You're welcome to aid her, just not do it for her. :) For our even younger players, if they cannot do the plots, they may have to wait until they are older to participate in them. We want to make sure that plots are challenging, and if we geared them so that even incredibly young children could do it, we think that would take a lot of fun out of it for everyone else. The site is meant for all ages, but not every age group can be catered to with every single activity.

Hi, I was looking through my SDB today and I came across a plushie that was given out during the Advent Calendar in Y8. It's called a Christmas Ogrin plushie. Anyway, to my question-- under the name it has “artifact” written in red lettering and a number. What does that mean? I have been on Neopets for a very long time and I have never seen that before. Please explain. Thanks muchly. ~panic57
Woops! Looks like we made a bit of a numerical typo when we switched the rarity from 101 (special) to 180 (retired). It's been fixed. "Artifact" means that the item is of really high rarity. This is mostly seen on items from the Hidden Tower that are typically rarity 200.

Aww, man! I was enjoying being the highest rarity item ever!

I once had about 10 of my Neofriends on at one time but the Neofriends sidebar thingy only displayed 5 of them. Is there a max limit that it can display? ~beachscene
Yep! At this time the max display is five, arranged in alphabetical order.

Does the time of day, or the species/gender of your Neopet have any effect on what the Lab Ray does to it? ~dark_orc53
Nope! We know it's human nature to want to make order out of something that is random, but it seems computers don't share our feelings.

At the bank they ask you what your job is. Can you make this information up, or is it really supposed to be a job you have in Neopia? I'm a newbie. Help! ~smileygirl146
Welcome to Neopets! No, the jobs listed there are just for fun. If you really do want a job, though, your Neopet can stop by the Faerieland Employment Agency.

Every time I go to the Symol Hole and tell my Petpet to go down, it just comes right back up. I tried using both of my Petpets, but it still didn't work. Is there some trick to it, or do you need a certain Petpet, or what? Help please! ~eyown
No, any Petpet will do and there's no trick to it. Petpets only rarely find something of interest in the Symol Hole.

I have a Wocky on my side account. I looked at her Petpage,and it wasn't a Wocky Petpage! Why is this? Can you fix it? ~_ggirl1_
Looks like your Wocky wasn't always a Wocky. The Petpage issue is easy to fix, though! Just go to My Account, then Edit Pet Page. Click on the edit button under your Wocky, then scroll down to the bottom and click the Reset Page to Default button. Voila! All fixed.

Why can you not use punctuation such as periods, commas, or apostrophes while posting on guild boards? I am a very grammatical person when I type, so this is very annoying when I am told I said something bad and it shows ". as a bad word. Could you please explain or fix this? You can use punctuation on the Neoboards perfectly fine, so why not guild boards? -genestarwind203
Whoops! That wasn't exactly intentional. We've fixed the error so y'all can go back to postin' with apostrophes. PS: *highfive* for being an Outlaw Star fan!

*Gives you a rock rose* What is the story of the green Zafara on the Valentine's Day sidebar? She's so sad! ~cattypoppy1995100
She's not sad, those are tears of joy. ^_^ The image is from the Letters of Devotion (TCG) that contains the text, "He'd written so many words, but all he really needed were three." Awww.

Does anyone have a tissue?

ARGGG!!! TNT, I am very mad right now because I spent 75k on a red Yullie (the only one at the Trading Post) for my strawberry Kiko, but when I gave her the Petpet she said, "AAAAARRRGHHH! Get that red Yullie away from me!!!" Why won't she take it?!? This really stinks!!! ~littleredchicken
Sounds like your Neopet is a bit timid about your Petpet selection. Why don't you sell the red Yullie to get your Neopoints back and buy your Kiko a regular Yullie? Then, once she gets used to it, you can be sneaky and paint it red.

Is it true that, after you buy a Neocash item, it goes away in 180 days, or do you get to keep the items forever? ~pokeflower
When the NC Mall first opened our intent was to have items expire due to legal concerns. We've worked with our lawyers more and have decided to almost completely drop the expiration date from items. It's not guaranteed that all forthcoming items will lack expiration dates, but for now, no item has one. Before purchasing an item from the NC Mall please review the item's tool tip so you are certain you understand exactly what you're purchasing.

So, back on Zafara Day, several new clothes were released. I think they're great, but I can't find the shirt that goes with the hat and camera. I looked in the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, and Auction House for it, but nobody else seems to know where it is, either. Has it been released or is the item named something that I just can't find? ~spongekid89
Looks like there was a bit of a technical problem with the release of the Zafara tourist shirt. It's been fixed now, though, and should be restocking as an r90 item.

Can you participate in the plot on your side account? Thanks. :D ~broadwaypie
Nope! Plots are for your main account only.

Once you have KeyQuest up, will you be removing the NeoQuest games? I don't play them myself, but I know that there are people who cannot use flash and would be disappointed. ~seahorsepond
No, KeyQuest and the NeoQuest games are totally unrelated to each other and one will not overwrite the other.

Greetings! I grow weary of rumors, so the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth if you please, TNT... what happen to Black Pawkeet Slots and Brucey B Slots? Cheaters, hackers, or are you just revamping? Many thanks. ~gaeaf_the_gray
Cheaters. We had an issue with players using programs to abuse the slot machines. We have taken them down temporarily to fix the issue. We hope to have them back up soon. :) If you personally know anyone who bots the slot machines, feel free to give them a swift kick in the shin for us! ^_^

**Notice** Neopets does not condone violence and denies all knowledge of the previous statement.

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