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New Series

Strange Cases: Behemoth - Part One

The Defenders of Neopia work as hard as they can, but there are things even they can't solve – things they don't even know about...

by tambourine_chimp
How do you solve a problem like Neovia?: Part One

"Agenda?" the Mayor of Neovia asked. "What is this? All I got was a zombie shuffling up to the town hall and demanding I come and meet you all..."

by herdygerdy
The Return of Dr. Sloth: Behind the Scenes - Part One

"Identification, please," she said into the device, still typing away with one hand. Nothing came out of their headsets but static...

by silent_snow
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The Wishing Well

The Neopoints made a satisfying plunk as they hit the water's surface, surely a promising omen. Like most of the people who used the Wishing Well that day, my wish was never granted, so I shrugged and went on to earn my own money and buy the items I wanted that way. Still, I have always wondered what exactly the Well does. Does it grant any wish in Neopia? Does the amount of money you drop in matter?

Other Stories


Falling Leaves
"Now, who will volunteer to go first? I want everyone to throw out some ideas..."

by reggieman721


Understanding the Understudy
They think I could never be as good as Fio. But you know what scares me the most?

by jubjub_man77


Wonders of the Wishing Well
Does it grant any wish in Neopia? Does the amount of money you drop in matter?

by pikakeet


The Hidden Wonders of Neopia Central
Wondering how to spend yet another day? Here are just a few wonderful and exciting places to visit in Neopia Central.

by alma_jean


Puzzle Head-ache

by marije_89


Faerie Sword: #4
The Faerie Sword: Where is it!?... Lita, is that you!?... You must find Aya...

by morgie04086

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