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New Series

Strange Cases: Behemoth - Part One

The Defenders of Neopia work as hard as they can, but there are things even they can't solve – things they don't even know about...

by tambourine_chimp
How do you solve a problem like Neovia?: Part One

"Agenda?" the Mayor of Neovia asked. "What is this? All I got was a zombie shuffling up to the town hall and demanding I come and meet you all..."

by herdygerdy
The Return of Dr. Sloth: Behind the Scenes - Part One

"Identification, please," she said into the device, still typing away with one hand. Nothing came out of their headsets but static...

by silent_snow
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"Sloth and Jelly" by mookie99
Sloth was bored. Not because there was nothing to do, but because there was too much to do—and he had done it all. He had changed Random Theme Wednesday to Random Acts of Evil Wednesday, he had created his own Neovision show, he had turned Terror Mountain into a giant slushie… he had done everything. And now there was nothing left to do. "Underling!" he shouted...

Other Stories


Purple Grundos were created so he could have someone to tease. Gruselda hated Dr. Sloth. She absolutely hated him...

by ahseenam


A Short Conversation
I often found myself walking alongside her through the pound, as she tried her best...

by lee_angel23


Have You EVER Made King Skarl Laugh?
You know how if you get King Skarl to laugh, you get an item? I reckon that you should get Neopoints.

by india10000


The Restocker's Road Is Paved With Gold
Why buy one expensive item, when you can buy hundreds of cheap items?

by tallydepp


One Fish, Two Fish
No respect.

by fish_puddle


Trouble With Cybunnies
How adorable!

by xcoraline

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