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Short Stories

How Long Horizon

He accomplished his dream of going beyond the clouds, but he left something behind...

by pyrosquirrelx
Sloth and Jelly

He had done it all. He had changed Random Theme Wednesday to Random Acts of Evil Wednesday, he had created his own Neovision show, he had turned Terror Mountain into a giant slushie…

by mookie99
Tormund and Roberta #1, Jerdana's Orb

The bottom crumbled away and the whole thing came toppling down on Roberta...

by hali12114721767
The Meepit Show Reloaded

Good afternoon, and welcome to the Meepit Show, the show that takes fragile dreams and rearranges them with a sledgehammer...

by spoonguardonline
Falling Leaves

"Now, who will volunteer to go first? I want everyone to throw out some ideas..."

by reggieman721

Purple Grundos were created so he could have someone to tease. Gruselda hated Dr. Sloth. She absolutely hated him...

by ahseenam
Just One Wish

'GET YOUR BAKERY ITEMS HERE!' bellowed a red Elephante...

Also by devil_in_a_red_dress

by dark_slammer

Our Shopping Trip at the NC Mall

"Shopping?" Coldfire inquired, an eyebrow raised. "When did you start liking shopping?"

by vanessa1357924680
The Wocky and the Moehog

"Good! I was only joking anyway! I'm glad!" Renliah shouted after them. She waited until they were out of sight...

by lovebug__
A Short Conversation

I often found myself walking alongside her through the pound, as she tried her best...

by lee_angel23
Onions In the Sink

"Wow," she said finally. "We've been working so long, it almost seems wrong to suddenly have everything we've been dreaming of..."

by serissa98
Understanding the Understudy

They think I could never be as good as Fio. But you know what scares me the most?

by jubjub_man77
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"Gruselda" by ahseenam
Gruselda hated Dr. Sloth. She absolutely hated him, and the plans he made to destroy Neopia. None of them ever worked, but she hated them all the same. She hated how he hid his spaceship from even the most avid tourists so there was no chance of any of them seeing Gruselda and taking her back to their wonderful neohomes on Neopia. She hated all of Dr. Sloth's...

Other Stories


Neoboards: Friend or Foe
Just a warning to all out there, the bullied and the bullies!

by _9_faithauthor_9_


The Competition That Is For You!
You will never again question your ability to enter competitions!

by gottalovexweetok


Fyora and Jhudora: Secrets Within the Clouds - Part Two
Aurora, struggling to speak, said, "I have urgent news for the Faerie Queen; please, take me to her..."

by bluecloud300


The Statue Collector: Part Three
The Snowager was awake and glared at me viciously, daring me to try to steal his treasures...

by brokensilent


Little Stone Pond
Sheng's Birthday Gift (Part Two)

by stonepond


NeoChaos! - MRDSPM
*twitch* Must... keep... DECODING!

by crk524

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