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Neopets, at a Glance

Life was quite simple in the beginning ages of Neopets.

by darkwave99
How to Feed Those Pesky Meepits!

Okay, we have to make this quick. The meepits know our location...

Also by depraving

by kimmyfied

Neopetcare between 25 and 1000 Neopoints

"Is it enough to adopt a new pet? It needs food, toys..."

by kissy_08
Fun Games To Play When You're Bored

Are you stuck inside on a rainy day and just looking for some calming games to play?

by harunu
Holiday Decorating!

With just two weeks until Christmas, it's time to start decorating your Neohome for the holidays!

by xoxkar
What NeoQuest II Character Would You Be?

With the help of this quiz you will surely know your place in the mysterious land of NeoQuest II!

by phalzer
The Reasons Why Neopets is Addicting

What is it that attracts us to being on this site?

by n4lgavin
Getting a Head Start On Your Holiday Shopping

Last year, I admit, I left the holiday shopping for the last minute, and it was just too stressful. This year, I have a new plan of attack.

by bittersweet52
Disaster in Faerieland

Reporting live from the remains of the Faerie City.

by black_skull725
Neopia's most Famous (and Infamous!) Bruces

Bruces, those cuddly penguin-like pets, are currently the 13th most popular Neopets species. What's more: the 5th day of Celebrating is devoted entirely to them!

by froopse
The Habitarium

Today I decided to take a look at Professor Milton Clodbottle's wonderful new Habitarium.

by nirette
A Cynic's Ten Cents

Oh Skarl, you've outdone yourself this time.

by umbreon133
Flaws in the Logic of Xandra

Someone had to point it out.

by pragmatic1
A Champion's Guide to the Habitarium

Follow this simple guide, and your Habitarium will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Also by blue_eyed_tiger_j

by element02

10 Reasons to Accept Xandra As Our Overlord

So, Xandra finally succeeded. She turned the faeries and heroes into stone and watched as Faerieland crashed into an uncharted area of the Haunted Woods.

by xeriuno
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Guide to the Habitarium

First, know what your P3s will and won't do. The species has no effect on the work that a P3 can do, but each P3 has a type. There are soldiers, workers, and nesters. Nesters lay eggs if you put them in a nest, and can also gather resources. Soldiers can raid other Habitariums and defend yours from raids and pests, and they can also build and repair buildings. Workers can gather resources and build and repair buildings, and can fight invading pests. For most purposes, we suggest having mostly workers...

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Also by artoflosing27

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