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The Reasons Why Neopets is Addicting

by n4lgavin


Neopets, why is this site so addicting? Well, let's state the facts here, everyone. We all play it, love it, maybe even adore it, and admit it, we might as well all be addicted to it. I'm here to evaluate the reasons for this, and what is it that attracts us to being on this site? Below are my reasons why I think Neopets is as addicting as it is.

1) The cuddly and colorful pets we get to choose to own: Although these pets are not exactly cuddly in realistic terms, nor can be used as a pet before we fall asleep at night, they give us comfort and an option to have a pet even when we can't have one in our real life. This is crucial for all of us, and why not have it be enjoyable to be able to take care of your very own pet? Of course you love it; don't deny it. The options of pets to choose from is also another reason to love, and with the endless color name choices, there is no way that anyone could be bored with that. If you do get bored, you choose another pet and take care of that from now on, but don't put your pet in the pound - it wouldn't be too happy.

2) Games galore: The games are the funnest part, and games have always been fun since someone invented the word 'game'; high five to that person. Would you be on here without Meerca Chase to gain points off of? No, I don't think so, unless you disliked that game, but because you would not want some random match-making game that does not relate to your pets in anyway. The fact that the games could have more story to something or tell us more about our pet, is an awesome feature all in all. The games all have the different characters that symbolizes this fantasy world, and that is what brings us in to play them; they are truly fun for everyone. With every type of game, whether it is puzzle or action, there is a game for everyone to enjoy. Personally I love to sit back and play pyramids for hours; I am always game for that kind of challenge.

3) Customization options: Okay, regardless of being a female or a male, we all love to customize and be artsy to our own hearts' desire. The customizing options such as clothes for our pets, homes, pet pages, etc. are all very enjoyable in their own roles. I for one love to customize my pet in every way possible according to the month or season, or maybe just out of random. That is what makes it fun for me, because it's the freedom that I get to customize my pet the way I want him/her to be. It does this best, and with all the options we have around to choose from, it never gets old to find that new style or item we are looking for that fits what we want.

4) Freedom: This game gives you freedom to do whatever you like whenever you feel like it. Do you want to explore around today? Go ahead and do it. Do you want to play games and score tons of points today? Go ahead and do that too, and be a millionaire, because you can be. You could do anything that is worthwhile for you to do on here, without any strict rules, except for respecting everyone in the site and yourself, of course. Games games games are good for your heart; the more you play them, the more you will turn into a shark. This doesn't make sense, I know, but that is what I mean by freedom. Freedom is to do whatever you like, according to you and your own choices. I chose for that not to make sense, do you understand? Great job, keep reading.

5) Shopping and items: The items are endless, time consuming, and have so much variety but enough that we can handle. Collecting can be your hobby, or being a shopkeeper for other members, or maybe even having more toys than you can handle. Well, whether it's buying items for our pets or to solve puzzles or just to collect for our own enjoyment, they are all worthwhile and enjoyable to use and spend time on using throughout the game. Collecting cards is an example, and finding the cards with more rarity than others is a hassle but yet it can be an amazing experience and in the end you have pride and a sense of accomplishment from what you did. This helps you to become a responsible, hardworking person. Who knew that being on a game site could make you a better person? It does if you really think about it, which is super.

6) Community: Lastly, the community is simply fantastic. It is for all ages, and everyone here is friendly to others, and everyone has the greatest imaginations that come out on this site. Fans unite on here, and it is unbelievable with the type of community that has held onto this site throughout its long years, and more to come. It has been a while since this site first was released, and I remember being young and finding out about this. I came on here with no expectations, and I was blown away with all the things I could do. Within an hour I had my very own pet, my own bank, my own money that I could spend freely. Being a kid this was great for me; it's like your own freedom world for yourself and your chance to be free. What else could you want? It was a way to escape, have fun, spend time wisely, and also to learn. It is an experience, and a great one.

Overall these are my reasons why Neopets has been so addicting for me in these past years, and I am still truly enjoying it with the different updates on games, items, and meeting new people whenever I can. I hope you to have your own reasons to why you love the game, because that is what it is all about in the end anyway.

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