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Short Stories

A Bori in the Desert

The Lost Desert isn't a place most people would expect to find a Bori.

by shoyru_lover713
The Problems of Being An Avatar Pet

"All right! An orange Grundo! I can get the avvie!" I didn't reply – for I had heard similar words many a time before.

by bilked
Beating the Snowager

The Snowager snuffled slightly, flicking his tail edgily. Draykwurm continued tiptoeing towards him, his eyes on the prize.

by kateee366
A Pirate's Nightmare

Jacques awoke with a startle, bolting upright in his hammock on the Black Pawkeet.

by rachelray179
A Sister's Care

When I woke up, I thought it was still dark out, because everything was out of focus...

by blackghoulmon
Illusen and Jhudora's Night Out

This is the real situation. The two of them only kept up their "grudge" for the publicity.

by saabcd__aa
A Hero's Journey: Another Dream, Another Decision

The Blumaroo folded up the letter and stashed it into the envelope once again. To be a knight...

by precious_katuch14
The New House

As much as they all wanted to scream 'No! Take us back to Shenkuu where we belong!', none of them were heartless enough to crush the smile gracing Cat's face.

by cat0_88

"Don't you see them?"

Kyle looked around the empty field.

by pretsel_is_back

The Best Colour Ever

"I wish I was painted," Rose, a plain red Xweetok, complained for the millionth time on her way to school.

by falonony

"Breez, honey, could you go out and see how expensive her cure is? Mushroom Ointment?" Mother asks.

by spirit_wolf589
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Guide to the Habitarium

First, know what your P3s will and won't do. The species has no effect on the work that a P3 can do, but each P3 has a type. There are soldiers, workers, and nesters. Nesters lay eggs if you put them in a nest, and can also gather resources. Soldiers can raid other Habitariums and defend yours from raids and pests, and they can also build and repair buildings. Workers can gather resources and build and repair buildings, and can fight invading pests. For most purposes, we suggest having mostly workers...

Other Stories


Getting a Head Start On Your Holiday Shopping
Last year, I admit, I left the holiday shopping for the last minute, and it was just too stressful. This year, I have a new plan of attack.

by bittersweet52


10 Reasons to Accept Xandra As Our Overlord
So, Xandra finally succeeded. She turned the faeries and heroes into stone and watched as Faerieland crashed into an uncharted area of the Haunted Woods.

by xeriuno


Ties That Bind: Part Eight
"Stop." The defender halted, grabbing Layla's wrist. "This place..."

by merlynia


Occupational Hazard: Part Four
Elaine was stalking between the tables of an empty mess hall when the alarm sounded. She dropped into a crouch, tightening her grip on her blaster...

by antiaircraft


The Comic comic
Who needs three characters anyway?

by caterait


Saving Faerieland Out of the Goodness of Our Heart
Just Because We disagree with Xandra and Don't Think the Faeries are Winged Tyrants in Any Way

by bedbugz

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