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Continued Series

The Sorcery Society: Part Twelve

Jhidaya's evil cackling filled the room as Ru and I just stood there...

by iris220_ll
Scarlet Shadow - A Thief's Uprising: Part Six

"Darkhand! Darkhand! Darkhand!" the thieves shouted. A few days back, Lord Riqon had disappeared. The only trace of him left was a letter that proclaimed Galem as Guild Master.

by kathleen_kate
Illusions of Grandeur: Part Seven

I couldn't help but worry as the carriage rolled onward, pulled by two of the strongest Whinny we kept.

by kittengriffin
Ties That Bind: Part Eight

"Stop." The defender halted, grabbing Layla's wrist. "This place..."

by merlynia
Empire: Part Four

"The guards to these cells have been personally vetted by me. You won't be able to sneak your employees into their ranks. You will be rotting here for an eternity, Qin. Your quest for revenge is over."

by herdygerdy
Hot Herb Tea and a Happy Ending: Part Seven

Rubia. I had to know if she'd take me in again or not. Tor told me she would, but he didn't know how cold she'd acted to me.

by ellbot1998
The Cursed Mirror: Part Three

Over the next few hours, Fyora ran Tessa through the plan. Tessa would act as a decoy outside the city walls.

by standingdown
Trading Up: Part Three

"Aren't you excited, Jayax? You're about to meet your owner!"

by yourstar_142
Occupational Hazard: Part Four

Elaine was stalking between the tables of an empty mess hall when the alarm sounded. She dropped into a crouch, tightening her grip on her blaster...

by antiaircraft
Flowlight: Sun - Echoes of Pride: Part Five

The sharp shadows that were cast by that fearsome light were absolute; their inky blackness allowed nothing into them, and they were as sharp as if they were real.

by antiaircraft_3
The Case of the Missing Eye: Part Two

I began my investigation of the Countess Lynerda's gallery, examining it carefully with my magnifying lens.

by patt788
The Witching Hour: Part Two

"Please just stay for a moment to find out who you really are, for I know you are not a monster."

by icy_catalyst
The Usuki Singing Stars #2: A Surprise for Lola - Part Three

Why was Lola, the sweetest Cybunny in Neopia, being pounded? And to add to that, why was she being pounded on Christmas Eve?

by downrightdude
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Xandra As Our Overlord

So, Xandra finally succeeded. She turned the faeries and heroes into stone and watched as Faerieland crashed into an uncharted area of the Haunted Woods. She even succeeded in creating a monologue that caused several users, such as myself, to declare themselves her loyal and undying minions. However, there are still a few, ahem, doubters who do not find her motives as appealing as the rest of us. To convert those doubters to Xandra's side, I reviewed Xandra's monologue and asked Xandra herself...

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