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Underwater Neopia

by k3l26


     Although Neopia is known for its many distinct lands (including even two in outer space), the world of Neopia is actually covered by mostly water! Although there is little direct access to the underwater world, there are many things going on down there. For example, in the land of Maraqua, there is a whole high-end restaurant that operates underwater! Just because it is harder to breathe underwater does not mean life stops there. Maraqua is the most publicized section of the ocean, but what else is in the Neopian waters? Let’s take a dive down into the depths and see what we can find.


     When people think about underwater Neopia, Maraqua is the first thing that comes to mind. This completely sunken city was our initial look into the undersea Neopian life. Maraqua was first introduced in year 2 and later revamped in year 7, after winning the struggle with a group of pirates led by Captain Scarblade. Along with the victory came the return of a strong economic system and the rebuilding of the main city. Maraqua’s strong economy comes from exporting maractite, which is a metal that can easily pass through water and cut through other metals. Weapons made from maractite are extraordinarily strong and sell high. Additionally, after the war, Maraqua’s long-term ruler King Kelpbeard redesigned the city, surrounding it in bright coral and seaweed and reinforcing it with natural shell formations. It is now able to defend itself if any other attacks come its way. Maraqua is currently a thriving city, packed with stores (including the ever-crowded Collectable Sea Shell store), games, and the aforementioned expensive restaurant named Kelp.

      The Ruins of Maraqua

     The ruins in the deeper part of Maraqua are the result of an evil pirate curse during the war. During this time, a whirlpool blocked anyone from visiting this area, which caused the infrastructure to fall into rubble. However, it is now a paradise for adventurers. The most popular attraction here is the Ye Olde Fishing Vortex, where Neopets can hone their fishing skills and reel up a large variety of fish (among other things) in the water. Fish every day and you might one day reel up a Titanic Giant Squid! And legends say there is an enormous sea slug hidden somewhere, although he isn’t too friendly…

      Aquatic Neopets

     Some Neopets are directly from the ocean! These are: Flotsam, Jetsam, Kiko, Koi, and Peophin. Although they have also adapted to land life, they all originate from the sea. Flotsams are natural born swimmers and enjoy gliding through the water. Jetsams are more geared towards fighting, but they are also fiercely loyal. Kikos are amphibious Neopets that can live both in the water and on land and, to meet in the middle, they love to float! Originally from Maraqua, Kois are friendly, smart, and outgoing. And lastly, Peophins are a rare species that are rumored to bring good luck if you see one jumping out of the water! But being able to transverse to the water is not just limited to those aquatic Neopets – all Neopets can be a part of the undersea life with custom paint brushes like the Maraquan Paint Brush, Maractite Paint Brush, or Water Paint Brush.

      Aquatic Petpets

     Like the aquatic Neopets, there are also Petpets that originally come from the Neopia’s ocean. The Petpets sold at the Maraquan Petpets store and at Mystery Island’s Rock Pool are all from the sea. The ones at Maraquan Petpets are more from the deep-sea while the Rock Pool Petpets are more from the surface level. For example, the Maraquan Petpets Splime, Kora, Yoakie, Urgoni are all from the bottom of the ocean. They can be found on the ocean floor, living between coral colonies and underwater volcanoes. Rock Pool Petpets are not suited to living in subocean conditions. Petpets like Goldy, Crabula and Pfish prefer to stay near the surface of the water because they have not adapted to the high pressure of the bottom of the ocean. And other Petpets like the Lutra, Catamara, and Meturf are air breathers, so even though they live in the water, they must come to the surface to breathe.

      Kiko Lake

     Although the center of underwater life is Maraqua, Kiko Lake is another land where inhabitants dwell in the sea. The accessible areas of Kiko Lake like Kiko Lake Treats and Carpentry are above water, but the actual residential area is underwater! If you can’t reach the bottom yourself, you should consider going on a glass bottom boat tour, where landlocked Neopets can view the bottom of the lake from the comfort of dryness. If you can swim and stay underwater, there is a whole other part of Kiko Lake reserved for its aquatic residents and tourists! You can explore firsthand the coral reefs, underwater buildings, and popular shopping spots of the locals, which are all happy-go-lucky Kikos.

      Utility Fish

     Although these overly purposeful items have since been retired, their origins are from the bottom of the sea! Utility fish, which were actually created by Koi and sold in the original Maraqua, are a subset of items that are simultaneously fish and everyday objects. Some combinations are useful, and the other ones are just excessive. For example, the Toolboxfish is a fish that opens up on the side to reveal a toolbox with lots of compartments. That can be very useful, especially if your tools get heavy. Just call over your fish and he’ll bring over your tools! On the other hand, there is Pizzacutterfish that is a fish that doubles as a pizza cutter, but it doesn’t seem too efficient. If you’d like to get your hands on one, the cheapest and most accessible is the Long Lost Kazoofish, which is available in user run shops. It is a slivery golden fish that doubles as a musical instrument!

      Not all Neopets have the ability to explore the oceans of Neopia, so hopefully this article helped enlighten them about what is going on down there, and maybe one day more underwater sections will be open to everyone!

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