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Jhudora's Quest Fashion

It's truly classic

Also by seluker406

by rowdy420

The Plushie

Plushies are always needed!

by trishabeakens
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Part 3 (Finale!)

First rule, only bet what you're willing to lose!

by paperjeans
Your Friendly Guide to Random Avatars: Part 1

The regular neopian gets a guide that defies his comprehension skills without being ambiguous at all.

Also by hatsuomi

by drabkin

Dice-a-WHO? #6


Also by forever_be_us

by rayoceanweaver

Foal in Box

When TNT goes on vacation...

Also by jen_121686

by glitterrpop

Eat Your Greens to Grow Big and Strong

Maybe there's something to it...

by snoopydog152
Exclusive Outfit

Let's just see...

Also by sthephanie

by neschulz

Just mutant things

What a better pet to scare opponents away than a mutant, eh?

by jacquelineramrez
Baby vs Battledome

Don't judge a pet by its color.

by star_tennis_player
You're a Winner!

What a great... prize?

by bobtehcat1
One day Dr. Sloth found a Neocola Token...

A fake Neocola Token is good for something...

by callmeindestruction
The first day of spring

Two Pteris realising it's already spring!

by frangypanny
Remiss Dreaming

There's a fine line between being generous and getting around to spring cleaning...

by silentnight188
Contrast: Manual Labor

Haha! Get it? Because they're DUDES!

by jojomoonless
The Floating Islanders: Darkest Return

Maybe if we just let her do it this time, she'll run out of projectiles.

by yankeesrule244444456
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A Renewed Call to Arms in the Wraith War

My Fellow Neopians, It would appear that we have stemmed the tide against our Wraith foes. At first, they had confounded us by breaching the Faeries’ magical barrier. As time went on, our work in fighting the Wraiths one by one, in conjunction with Faerie ingenuity, led to development of a cure for the possessed Neopians. Even Malum, one of the Wraiths’ leaders, was defeated and apprehended — we may yet learn what he knows. It would seem that the only thing left to do is to allow the Faeries, under the superb leadership of General Aethia, to maneuver their forces and deal the final blow to our foe.

Other Stories


A Journey To Faerieland
Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there lived a blue kacheek...

by emberfusion


Why Jhudora and Illusen Hate Each Other
It was a particularly hot and sunny day on Mystery Island to start the year's Gadgadsbogen festival. The heat was so unbearable, even Taelia the Snow Faerie had removed her winter jacket.

Also by pinglett

by diskiss


Who needs the Soup Faerie? A wealthy Neopian’s guide
A fun guide about Neopian soups.

by blueskies020


A Renewed Call to Arms in the Wraith War
Morale is low in the war against the Wraiths. Let this be a reminder of what's at stake.

by vkkhamul


The Whispering Wail Sword:Part Seven
Sir Weston opened his eyes. His muscles felt weak and the breath was gone from his chest. There was nothing to be seen anywhere, the darkness was overwhelming.

by purplehopper


Rehabilitation:Part Two
“Xandra!” Fyora looked over her doubtfully. “You do not look well.”

by erroro

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