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Short Stories

An Alien's Tale

The story of Galace, an alien from a far away planet, and how he came to find himself on Neopia.

by waternymph12
Regret Part II

This story is a follow up to the story Regret which is a story about the relationship between King Hagan and King Skarl. Our story follows our two main characters after a few decades have passed and they've been brought together by the fate of a current war.

by alienspacefairy
A Journey To Faerieland

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there lived a blue kacheek...

by emberfusion
Ylana Skyfire: Protector of Spring

Neopia, for all Ylana Skyfire disliked it, was a great place to go when one didn’t want to be found.

by cosmicfire918
Why Jhudora and Illusen Hate Each Other

It was a particularly hot and sunny day on Mystery Island to start the year's Gadgadsbogen festival. The heat was so unbearable, even Taelia the Snow Faerie had removed her winter jacket.

Also by pinglett

by diskiss

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"A Journey To Faerieland" by emberfusion
Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there lived a blue Kacheek. Now, this Kacheek, she had a dream. It was her dream to work hard enough to one day be able to have the Neopoints needed to journey to the Hidden Tower and buy herself a Royal Paint Brush. She knew she would never be royalty, but she loved nothing more than the thought of looking like royalty. She was a little afraid, of course, of leaving her home to journey to a place she had never been, but the time to go was fast approaching. The time soon came when she had finally earned enough Neopoints to not only buy a royal paint brush, but to journey across the lands to the Hidden Tower. So, she packed up her things, said her goodbyes, and started on a journey she would never forget. Two days into her journey she came upon a strange little town settled around a pond with water so clear you could see all the way to the bottom. She was tired and, to be honest, not used to camping outside on the cold hard ground, so she decided to spend a little time here to see if this town had an inn she could stay in for the night. "Glass bottom tours," she muttered to herself, "I wonder what…" "Hello there Miss! Welcome to Kiko Lake!"

Other Stories


So You Just Returned From a [X-Amount] Year Hiatus
I recently returned to Neopets from an almost 6 year long hiatus.

by lauren92_k


10 Best ways to gamble your Neopoints in Neopia
10th place: Neopian Lottery. Cost: 2000 NP. You go there every day, buy your twenty tickets and what do you have to show for it?

by maryannyks


TWELVE Tips to Help You Succeed in Life:Part Three

by downrightdude


Reunions and Petpets: Another Pirate Adventure:Part Two
Lady Oakridge withdrew her torn claw from the lock and huffed a sigh. The mechanism had defeated the Royal Bori’s picking attempts.

by newenglandquizzer


Remiss Dreaming
There's a fine line between being generous and getting around to spring cleaning...

by silentnight188


Baby vs Battledome
Don't judge a pet by its color.

by star_tennis_player

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