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Regret Part II

by alienspacefairy


     This story is a follow up to the story Regret which is a story about the relationship between King Hagan and King Skarl. Our story follows our two main characters after a few decades have passed and they've been brought together by the fate of a current war.


      King Hagan clinged his spoon against his tea cup at the table. The knights and nobles lifted their heads startled. No one had expected an abrupt noise at the rise of dawn. Everyone turned their half opened eyes to the head of the table where the king sat.

      "Good morning gentlemen " He greeted them but wasted no time to add

      "I'm sure you're wondering why I called this meal so early in the morning" he paused then cleared his throat

      "Have any of you been keeping up with the times" He asked raising his eyebrows in judgment of the ones who obviously hadn't.

      If there was one thing Hagan had embedded into his staff it was that -- knowledge is power, you need to read in order to become wiser and study history because if you don't it's sure to repeat itself. His eyes flickered in a semi rage that no one had been listening to the words of wisdom he was so generous to bestill them with. Do I talk like my brother just to hear myself speak Hagan ?rhetorically wondered. He quickly shook that notion and clanged the spoon against the tea cup again not because anyone's attention dared to divert but to show how annoyed and appalled he was.

      "For those of you that have been reading, the war has spread with the Wraiths and I fear for our land and those who have been neglecting their literary duties now you know" He announced his words pierced the air like nails on a chalkboard.

      The news was gloomy but not as bad as what was to come. As much as Hagan couldn't stand being in the same room with him, he knew in a time like this he needed him. He'd be a fool to not acknowledge theirs more power in numbers.

      "With that being said I have arranged to visit Merridell today, and I have written a proposal, prepare yourselves gentlemen we must do whatever it takes to stop these Wraiths" He informed them.


      By the time Hagan got to Merridell it was noon. He stopped his chariot in the palaces dirt patch. Then he hopped off his chariot brushing any dirt he had gotten on his coat and pants off. He steadied himself before he decided to make his presence known. He knocked three times on the wooden door a knight was guarding.

      "Whom is it" the knight spoke in an elder Merridellian accent.

      "Hagan" He told him

      "King Hagan" He interjected

      "I see is King Skarl expecting you" the knight asked hesitantly lifting the latch to open the door

      "No" King Hagan said walking past the knight in a hurry.

      Hagan couldn't stop when he knew the days or time for that matter was inching closer. With Fyora in the Infirmary there was no accurate measure on the strength of those Wraiths. All Hagan knew was they were extremely powerful to injure a Faerie Queen. Running past the noblemen Hagan reached a room where King Skarl was feasting on a fruit platter from his velvet cushioned throne. One of the servants was fanning him while another handed him strawberries.

      "Who dares to interrupt my Saturday" King Skarl asked looking at his brother in bewilderment.

      Skarls jaw dropped he hadn't seen his brother in ages. Occasionally they'd send holiday and birthday cards by the mail but there wasn't any physical contact. That is of course until now.

      "What do you want?" King Skarl cut to the chase.

      In Skarls mind his brother had forgot long about him. Years had passed since Hagan had set foot in Merridell. Skarl knew he had to have wanted something because according to Hagan's parting words at his father's funeral there was nothing here for him now. Truthfully King Skarl believed him with every card the personal writing got shorter and he knew his brother could just put on a facade and didn't want to draw attention to their feud by being impolite.

      "I need to speak to you in private if that's okay"

     Hagan mustered.

      Skarl nodded ushering the servants away. The room fell so silent you could hear a Neopoint hit and bounce off the floor. Skarl looked at Hagan for a split second then sighed. In Skarls mind regardless of the stance of their relationship he still had fond memories of playing hide and seek with his older brother. He felt a tear well up in his eye but he held it back. Skarl had gotten accustomed to loneliness now so why did his big brother have to waltz right in ? He thought to himself.

      "What did you want to talk about" Skarl asked eyeing him suspiciously.

      "The war" his brother replied.

      Skarl held his hand up to stop him before he continued. Skarl believed he shouldn't meddle in other lands personal affairs, no one helped Merridell when Darigan was harming it. He showed no mercy or pity. The faeries have it all under control he shrugged it off even if they didn't he still saw no reason to get involved.

      "Merridell doesn't interfere with other lands problems" Skarl bursts his brothers bubble.

      "But you must've heard what happened to Fyora" Hagan asked pleadingly.

      "Yes and she's doing alright, look I just don't care, and there's a lot of things you don't care about, and I let them be" Skarl dismissed his brother icily.

      Hagan folded his arms. Skarl was acting like a child. How could he not care that Wraiths were practically conquering Neopia. Skarl's not my problem attitude needed to be torn apart. Skarl was no longer a young lad so there was no excuse to be a pompous greedy inconsiderate Neopet.

      "So this is where we stand I ask for help and you shut me down before you even hear me out. The years might've changed but you never have" Hagan insulted him feeling rage boil below his collar.

      "Just leave then and send me another stupid card" Skarl rolled his eyes and spoke ruthlessly.

      "I won't even send a single card" Hagan told him.

      "You are greedy, inconsiderate, lazy and all in all content with it you don't care about what happens to Neopia or our people shame on you" Hagan remarked before taking off down the castle hallway.

      Skarl didn't send anyone after him or bother stopping his brother. Instead he snapped his fingers for his servants to continue what they had been doing beforehand.


      On the way back to Brightvale Hagan reflected. Had he spent his whole life worrying about the wrong thing? In doing the right thing was he doing the wrong thing? All he knew was his relationship with Skarl was shattered. He expected a cold shoulder, but never imagined his brother to be that distant from him like a stranger. However, like the war with the Wraiths the world was full of regret. There was always something that could've been done different or better. Hagan knew you couldn't live in regret though and even without help he must push forward to help in anyway he could.

      The End.

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