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Alright friends, back at it again with a an update for ya.

You might have noticed, but all our little friends are invisible in some places. Its very unfortunate to not be able to seem them right now but don't fear they aren't lost forever! We need to clear a few things up and they will be back and better than ever!

Do you have any idea if there are new mutant wearables on the way? My Grundo is jealous that my other pets have more outfits than he does and he won't stop complaining that there isn't anything that specifically fits mutant Grundos. Is it possible that possible that we could see some new specialty mutant wearables in the future?
Hm well tell that little guy to stop complaining and be grateful for what he's got! But if that doesn't work, then you can tell him I think he will be seeing some new stuff in a bit!

*waves* Hey TNT. I heard some rumours on the neoboards that HTML5 might affect UCs from being able to be customized. Please tell me this isn't true! ~sagehera
Hm, well we haven't addressed that so I'm not sure where that thought began! We are still investigating the customization so nothing is known for sure! As soon as we have a definite answer for the UCs I will update you guys!

Hey there Scrappy! I have a question about the new merchandise (the keychains and pins!) The News said to keep an eye out for updates on the prize codes that will come with the merch. Should I hold off on buying a keychain until the codes are announced to be up-and-running, or will you guys be able to easily give a code to people that buy the merch before the codes are ready? Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to having a kougra keychain :) ~slugert143
So we are hoping to be able to give a code for all the ones that have previously bought the keychains as well but we're still working it out! That should be done within the next week but whenever I have an answer to your question I'll let you know (so maybe hold off for a day or two until we know)! Thanks for your patience, I know I LOVE my Kougra Keychain too!!!

Hello Scrappy! Can you please clarify.. a lot of users are receiving last years 'Winter Charity Corner' avatar THIS year when donating. Are you re-releasing the 2017 avatar, or is this a glitch? If it's not a glitch, do the users who rightfully got the avatar last year get nothing?
It's a glitch. We have fixed it and users should no longer be receiving that avatar, also for those who have received it, we will be removing those from your inventory. Butttttt there is a nice, shiny new one coming your way from this year so don't worry!

Hello Scrappy! Why don't we ever hear about the other members of TNT? Because I think we're all under the impression that it's all a one-and-a-half woman show around here. ~likelife96
Well it is MOST DEFINITELY not even close to a one and a hald woman show! This is a full fledged team effort, I am just the lucky one that gets to chat with all of you! However, don't be fooled we have an amazing, hard working team (maybe a bit shy) but I will do my best to get some of them more involved with you guys!

Hi! When the new random contest opened the news said submissions would be accepted until the 30th, but they're currently closed! I just finished my entry and was about to submit it but it won't let me! ~ill_behave
So I mentioned this on the TNT Boards yesterday but for those who haven't seen it, we have fixed the issue with the Random Contest submissions! So whoever had issues with submitting to this contest should be able to now and submissions are open and will remain open until April 13th to give everyone that had issues a little extra time!

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