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The Paint Color Dictionaries: S

by dunefurandlilypelt


As the proud owner of five Neopets painted in a color starting with “S” (a little eccentric, but we all have our habits on Neopets), I have collected my thoughts about the paint colors starting with the letter S. The most colors start with S, fifteen, and some of the most affordable, too, with six buyable from the Shop Wizard.

I’ll list all the paint colors alphabetically, along with the average cost, a summery of the color, three or four or five of my favorite pets in that color, sometimes an honorable mention, and a rating. Let’s begin!


Cost: Expensive, about 1,000,000 NP

I like the Shadow paint color, but it’s definitely not for everyone. For one, it’s very expensive, at least by my standards, and would take a very long time to save up for. Also, with some species it’s hard to see some of a Shadow painted Neopet’s features. But I like most of the designs, especially the ones that include purple with the black. I also like the use of shadowing in some of the designs (puns!) and how gray is used, too. There’s also a “Shadow Usul.” I don’t know about you, but it’d be cool to be painted and then named after one of Neopia’s most mysterious residents! If you have plenty of Neopoints to spare and own a wannabe-Stealthy pet, this is the color for you!

Fave Pets: I really like the Shadow Xweetok because it isn’t too dark and is just really pretty. The blue eyes look really nice with the overall color of the Xweetok. I also like the Shadow Ogrin, which also isn’t too dark. The stripes of purple and the gray paws and face really balance out the black. The Shadow Scorchio is also pretty, and not too dark. I like how the belly is a gray-ish and also the purple stripes on the wings, similar in color scheme to the Ogrin. My favorite Shadow pet would probably be the Gnorbu, which looks absolutely adorable. The mane looks really cute and it’s just a nice design.

Rating: 3/5


Cost: Moderately expensive, about 180,000 NP

The Silver color is not my favorite, as I think it can be a bit plain. But the color looks really pretty on some species, and it’s just cool to think that a living, breathing Neopet can be made from silver. I wonder if Silver pets ever volunteer to stand as a statue at the Art Centre! Now that I think about it, there should totally be a system which allows Silver and Gold Neopets to work as statues for Neopoints. That’d be an interesting job. Back to the point, Silver makes for an interesting while subtle look that allows for nice customizations. I think it’s a good match, especially for people who want pretty customizations.

Fave Pets: Some Silver Neopets are a little too shiny for me, but I do like the Silver Kacheek, which looks really cute and has multiple shades of silver. Most Kacheek designs are cute and lifelike, and this design is no exception. I also like the Silver Kougra, which to me looks like a happy Gray pet- really pretty! It still looks silver, but with a darker shade and a greater liveliness than most other pets. The Draik also looks rather nice in Silver, sporting a darker coat than most. I think Draiks have a really regal and adventurous pose, and that pose is complimented well by the silver. The Acara would probably be my favorite Silver pet, because I think it is very adorable. It’s pale and elegant, and looks very pretty in customizations.

Rating: 4/5


Cost: Cheap, about 70,000 NP

For fans of the White Paint Brush on a budget, this color is a must. Some designs are a little pale, but there are a few that look really intricate. It’s an interesting color because how in the world is a Neopet made out of pencil sketches? And how can these sketches eat and wear clothes? The world may never know... Either way, like the Silver color, Sketch leaves a blank canvas (art joke, get it?) for customizations. If you’re customizing one, I suggest to buy a lot of bright, colorful clothing, to go with the artsy theme and to contrast the white of the Sketch color. It’s definitely not a color for all, like most colors, but I like it!

Fave Pets: As I said earlier, I like the Sketch Neopets that look really intricate and lifelike. The four I think live up to this expectation a lot are very close. One of them is the Grundo, which has really nicely drawn eyes. There aren’t very many details, but it is a nice look for a Grundo. The Sketch Grarrl looks very intricately drawn. I like how the sketch makes lines around its body for a more interesting design than most. I think the Tonu has a lot of detail, too. It looks very lifelike and I like it a lot. My favorite, though, would be the Sketch Elephante, which I think is beautiful. It looks incredibly well-drawn, so kudos to TNT for making some really awesome designs for some not-so-popular pets!

Rating: 4/5


Cost: Expensive, about 620,000 NP

I am a fan of this color and its real life inspiration. It makes some pets look very cute and stylish. The paint brush, while a similar color, isn’t as expensive as the Shadow Paint Brush, and I think most of the designs look better, too. I would like to know one thing, though- do Skunk pets have the power to attack with an odor? That would be a nice Battledome weapon. Also, I wonder if Neopets ever wonder why it’s called a Skunk Paint Brush, because they can’t know what skunks are. That would make a funny comic, probably. Anyway, the mix of black and white in this color looks good with most customizations, especially ones themed around a certain color, like blue.

Fave Pets: I like the Skunk Zafara, which looks cute and playful. It also has a more different design than most Skunk pets, with spots of white and gray streaks, rather than just a large stripe. The Ixi looks really fluffy and I like it a lot. It would definitely stand out in a crowd, with the large, jagged stripe on its forehead. The Scorchio looks very cool in Skunk and is a pet that I would love to own one day. Am I the only person who hopes to achieve all their color dreams by winning paint brushes from the Storytelling Competition? I hope not. The best Skunk design, I think, goes to the Aisha. The stripe reminds me of a real skunk’s and the sleek tail just goes wonderfully with it.

Rating: 4/5


Cost: Expensive, price of the Secret Laboratory Map or a FFQ (Faerie Fountain Quest)

Oh, where do I begin? It’s a Neopet made entirely of snot! Needless to say, gross. I would like to know how a Snot pet stays together, though. And is everything in them snot? Alas, it is one of the many mysteries of Neopets. Besides the overall grossness of the color, it’s one of two no-paint brush colors on this list, along with Sponge. This color can only be achieved through the Secret Laboratory Ray or a Fountain Faerie Quest. But why, I ask myself, would you use a FFQ to earn a Snot pet?

Fave Pets: Let me tell you, some species have been laying out in the sun for too long. Some Snot Neopets are so gooey! I, however, prefer the ones who have been chilling out in the fridge. (I regret nothing!!! MWAHAHA) The Snot Cybunny looks like it’s just a lime-colored Cybunny, which is really pretty, and the Jetsam looks very solid. These designs aren’t that gross, but I would still not want to have them. Another Snot pet I like (or, don’t dislike) is the Snot Shoyru, because, while gross, the lime color is very nice. Just not when it’s gooey.

Honorable Mention: The grossest Snot pet would probably have to be the Ixi, which is disgustingly gooey. The Snot drips off from the Ixi in clumps, and... I can’t!

Rating: 1/5


Cost: Very cheap, about 28,000 NP

I’m looking forward to this review! As the proud owner of an adorable (but don’t tell him that I said that) Snow Shoyru, I can tell you that this is a great color. Unlike urban legend says, Snow pets do not melt. The snow is very strong, and while still snow, does a great job at protecting your Neopet. With the right sunscreen, your Snow pet can be the king or queen of the beach, too. And the price! The Snow Paint Brush is the cheapest Neopet paint brush there is at about 28,000 NP. It’s a great deal. One thing I don’t like, though, is that some pets have coal eyes. Creepy...

Fave Pets: One of the most stylish Snow pets is the Usul, which has a lovely blue bow and headband. It is very cute, and the blue goes well with the white snow. Speaking of accessories, the Snow Aisha and Cybunny both have cute scarves, and both are rather lifelike. I think a Snow pet needs a little burst of color to contrast the white of snow, and these pets have that burst. But, of course, my favorite Snow pet is the one I own, the Shoyru. I just love how the Shoyru’s wing tips are replaced so perfectly with carrots, and the lifelike eyes.

Rating: 4/5


Cost: Cheap, about 49,000 NP

Again, I have the pleasure of owning a Neopet painted this very color, a Speckled Xweetok. This color is probably my favorite of the ones on this list. I think it’s really pretty, as a refreshing spring color. A funny thing, I think, is that many designs would be more appropriate as Spotted, since only some pets really have “speckles”. Also, for fans of infamous villains, the famous Xweetok Xandra was painted Speckled. (Note: I did not have Xandra in mind when I painted my Xweetok Speckled. He is a he and has no intentions of taking over Neopia. That I know of...)

Fave Pets: For some reason, the Speckled Bori reminds me of mint chocolate ice cream, which I love, so I think it’s really adorable. It’s a bright and energetic color for a species from Terror Mountain. The Speckled Cybunny also look really nice; it’s mostly solid green with some white spots, unlike most Speckled designs. I think the simplicity of it and the inverted colors of the fur ruff make it a great design. The Aisha is also very nice in Speckled, looking cute and playful. But again I’d have to say that my own Speckled pet is the best-looking one. The Xweetok, with its randomly placed tiny specks, really captures the word “Speckled.”

Rating: 5/5


Cost: Cheap, about 74,000 NP

Before you ask, no, I do not own a Split colored pet. Well, not anymore. My sweet Eyrie, my youngest pet, has gone through a ton of colors: First, he was green, then I used a Faerie Eyrie Morphing Potion on him, then he was actually painted Split, then I used a Pirate Eyrie Morphing Potion on him for Halloween, and now he is Spotted. That was a lot! I like the color Split. It’s not my favorite, but for owners on a budget with die-hard Hasee Bounce fans for pets, it’s perfect! Jimmi and Woogy are awesome, by the way. The orange and purple colors make for an interesting and bright combination, and the paint brush is pretty cheap. If you want a pet who always stands out in the crowd, then this is the color for you.

Fave Pets: Of course, I really like the Split Eyrie, because I owned one and it looks pretty cool. I think that the purple-in-front-of-orange look that most Split pets don’t have really works for the Eyrie. The Split Chomby is also very nice looking, as the pose and the green spikes go really well with the bright color scheme. I like how the Split Ixi’s eyes are opposite colors of the side they’re both on, but the design is missing the classic Ixi collar. My favorite would probably be the Scorchio, because I think that both colors are equally represented and shown off with the pose.

Rating- 4/5


Cost: Expensive, price of the Secret Laboratory Map

This is a very interesting color, for a couple of reasons. First, it is only available from the Lab Ray. Yep, not even available from a Faerie Fountain Quest! That makes it very rare, but I don’t think it’s a very popular color, though. Second, only fourteen species of pet can be “labbed” Sponge. Talk about a color that only Chia flavors are rarer and more exclusive than! Seriously, even if you can get the Lab Ray, you only have a very, very small chance of actually getting one, because you need the right species and the right color. Besides that, I wonder, where did the inspiration to make a Neopet entirely out of sponge come from? It must be hard for them to swim...

Fave Pets: One unique thing about Sponge pets is that they are all different colors, even if some are just varied by shade. I think the deep, almost-turquoise blue of the Sponge Hissi really sets it apart from the rest in a good way. As I’m sure I’m not the first to notice, both the Sponge Moehog and Kiko look like they are made of cheese, which is awesome and a great little detail. But my favorite Sponge Neopet is the Peophin, which has a beautiful and calm pale blue color. I think it looks very regal and serene; just like a Peophin should.

Rating- 3/5


Cost: Expensive, about 900,000 NP

This is probably my second favorite color on this list, as I own a pet that was morphed it and it’s just really stylish. Griffin Flight looks really good in it, and he still has his Pirate clothes from Halloween, so everyone’s happy! I think the black spots on mustard yellow has a surprisingly simple while bright look. It’s also great that there are seven species that have looks completely different from the regular template. However, it is a very expensive paint brush, so I prefer Speckled to it. There are 10 Spotted morphing potions that can be bought for or under 99,999 NP, including the Eyrie one, so look out for good deals! Overall, it is a very warm and nice color, and if you can afford it or a morphing potion, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I do!

Fave Pets: A little surprisingly, I really love the Spotted Grarrl. I think it’s really handsome and it’d be awesome to have one day. The Spotted Peophin is really beautiful and has an incredible color combination. And, naturally, I love the Spotted Eyrie!!! They’re very cute and balance the mellow cream/yellow of the wings and fur ruff with the bright yellow and spots of the rest of the body. I think the best Spotted pet, by far, is the Uni. Its color scheme is just perfect and I think it’s so pretty.

Honorable Mention: I find I have to give a little shout-out to all of the unique Spotted pets. They are the Gelert, Hissi, Kau, Koi, Lupe, Tuskaninny, and the Uni, mentioned above. Also, even though they still have the same colors, the Kougra and Ogrin are also different and are reminiscent of two real-world animals, the Cheetah and the Giraffe, respectively. The Gelert also looks like a Dalmatian, the Hissi like a rattlesnake, and the Kau like a regular cow. I like all of this variation in the color, and the similarities to real animals.

Rating- 4/5


Cost: Cheap, about 85,000 NP

I like this color a good bit, not to mention I have a (totally, not vain, mind you) Starry Uni. It’s not the best color, but has some really good designs. The Paint Brush is a cheap and reasonable price, which is always an advantage. Starry is also a very bright color, so you’ll never lose your Neopet in a crowd if they’re painted it! I should know, Cinder always sticks out (in a good way, and not as much as my other girl). She’s very recognizable. Also, if you have a Neopet interested in astronomy, this color is for them, quite obviously! They’ll be the talk of the town with their new themed coat.

Fave Pets: I really like the Starry Hissi and Tuskaninny, which somehow look more HD than the other designs, which smaller, sharper stars in a more gold color and a close to turquoise base color. The Cybunny also looks surprisingly subtle, in a good way, for a Starry pet. It is very cute, too, and I like the use of smaller stars than usual and the difference between the body and the fur ruff. My Starry Uni is naturally my favorite, and I also think it’s one of the best Uni combinations. The bright orange mane and hooves compliment the body, which again uses small stars. It’s a very nice, sophisticated design and fits my Uni well.

Rating- 4/5


Cost: Very, very expensive, about 4,500,000 NP

These are the pets that should really lead the Thieves Guild. You walk down the alleys of Neopia, listening for footsteps. You don’t hear or see anything, until you go around a corner, and... see two very unsubtle glowing blue eyes. Okay, so maybe Stealthy Neopets aren’t the stealthiest, but they all come with really neat wearables. The price, though, is absolutely insane- more than four million Neopoints! I would like to note some things: First, Stealthy pets have no pupils (creepy!) and second, the Stealthy Gelert looks suspiciously like an actual Thieves Guild leader...

Fave Pets: The main thing about Stealthy pets is that they look very cool. The Blumaroo definitely lives up to this expectation, with a dark cowl that hides his or her eyes and a few strands of some part of the outfit blowing in the wind. I really like how Stealthy Neopets’ wearables tie in with their designs. Take the Cybunny, for example. To me they look like really cute ninjas, which is an absolutely awesome look. My favorite Stealthy pet would probably be the Ixi, though. I just love the purple and black clothing, which really fits an Ixi nicely.

Rating- 3/5


Cost: Moderately expensive, about 150,000 NP

This color is somewhat of a milestone for me. Before I had painted any of my pets, the AC X prize shop released the Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush. (As a side note, this caused a major deflate in price, at least for a little while.) I had earned enough points to buy it, so I did, and then painted my Aisha Strawberry. Backstory aside, I think this is a really nice and bright color. It’s also the only edible color on this list! My Aisha has a really sweet strawberry scent and feels as cool as the fruit she’s made of, but she also always carries her dagger in her bag in case someone tries to eat her. Also, she will not eat strawberries, understandably, but has a great affinity for stramberries.

Fave Pets: I like most Strawberry pets, except for ones with strange, pale lime eyes. (As you may have noticed, I find a good amount of Neopet eyes to be lacking in humanity with a surplus of creepiness.) But I especially like the pets with really nice green and red combinations, and that don’t look too much like strawberries. One example of this would be the Gnorbu, which looks bright and adorable, like most Gnorbus. I also adore the Strawberry Buzz’s leaf-like wings (in that design, the eyes work) and the Strawberry Kougra’s subtle green stripes. In both designs, the green is the lesser color, but still influences the overall design. The Cybunny (three in a row!) also looks really nice in Strawberry. As I’m sure you expected, my favorite is the Strawberry Aisha. Shout-out to Ash!!! I like how the extra set of ears are leaf-like, and how the paws look like shoes.

Rating- 4/5


Cost: Moderately expensive, about 290,000 NP

If you live in Faerieland, this is a great color for one of your pets. It’s cute, girly, and has pink. (Not meant to offend Faeries, but that pretty much sums up Faerieland!) That normal scheme, though, is broken a few times, namely by the Meerca and the Ruki. I like Striped pets and the color in general. Striped is like the opposite of both Spotted and Speckled, and all three are great colors. This one is a bit too cute for me, though. I give points for reminding me of cotton candy! But yeah, if you have a female Neopet who loves palle colors and some Neopoints to spare, I suggest you buy this Paint Brush!

Fave Pets: I really like the Striped Ruki. It’s very different from the rest, like I said above, and is refreshing. A Ruki painted Striped could actually use their coat like camouflage, which is cool. Another Striped pet I like is the Scorchio, which balances the colors in a way that isn’t too girly. It also reminds me of an inverted Faerie Scorchio with smaller wings, which is a nice touch. The Xweetok looks great in Striped, too, totally pulling off the cotton candy look and the more “tribal” stripes. I think my favorite Striped pet is the Zafara, which isn’t overwhelmed with pink or underwhelmed with it, either.

Rating- 4/5

And now (whew!) it is time for our final color...

Swamp Gas

Cost: Cheap, about 99,000 NP

Everyone, plug your nose and drive to your local bog, because we’re talking about Swamp Gas pets! I think they get a bad reputation because of their smell, but I think that they look really cool. First of all, just take a better look at one. Don’t they look like a green ghost surrounded by flames? If that look could be described in one word, it would be cool. Second of all, it also one of a select number of paint brushes that you can actually buy from the Shop Wizard. I can’t say I’ll ever own a Swamp Gas pet myself, but I can say that I will definitely show appreciation for these pets.

Fave Pets: The best Swamp Gas pets are the more epic-looking ones with many “flames.” I also find that some of the pets are not very clear, so I chose Swamp Gas Neopets that had a nice amount of flames and were clear and not murky. The Techo definitely looks really cool and ethereal, the flames leaping up as he or she walks around. The Swamp Gas Pteri also has a ton of covering flames, making it a real eye-catcher. My favorite is the Ruki, because I think its tall form is complimented nicely by the wisps of swampgas.

Rating- 3/5

We’re done! I hope you liked my guide to S paint colors and that you consider getting a S painted Neopet. I also hope that it made you laugh, cringe at my bad jokes, and inform you about the S colors. Thank you for reading!!! -curtseys-

I’d like to give a special thanks to all of my wonderful pets, the Neopian Times, and Jellyneo. I used their Rainbow Pool and Item Database for research on this article! And of course, thanks to all the readers who hopefully read this when they picked up the Times!

The End. (even though this is not a story, I felt like it)

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