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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

I was skimming over my notes for the second time of the night when I was called down to the holding chamber. When my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting of the stone room, I could see why the Meerca took so many months for us to capture. His body didn’t even fill half of his seat—yet a favorable physique for a thief—and he was a veteran at his craft. On top of that, he boasted an elite record, having been an accomplice in the theft of King Coltzan’s crown. Meerouladen was looking down at his desk as I paced the room, circling over and over again as I carefully structured my thoughts. The Meerca ignored my presence, uninterested as ever and completely not intimidated. Well, that was going to change. “Meerouladen—” “Are you sure I’m the one you want?” he asked in a high-pitched voice, half-grinning.

The Pie Awards: Your Guide to the Best Pies

There is something special about a pie, from the first bite of flaky crust to the delicious warmth of the filling inside. Pies are simply the best and, as a pie aficionado, I decided it was time that someone compiled a list of the greatest pies to be found in all the lands. Now, as someone who enjoys a tasty pie, who better than me?

Your Friend: The Low Paying Flash Game

But what if that’s not fast enough for you? A lot of people will tell you to take up fighting in the battledome or trying to win contests. Those aren’t for everyone. Training takes forever and making content for contests is really hard! Believe me, I’ve tried. Restocking and auction sniping are anxiety riddled nightmares that feel like rocket science for plenty of people, so that’s out. What else is there?

The Paint Color Dictionaries: S

As the proud owner of five Neopets painted in a color starting with “S” (a little eccentric, but we all have our habits on Neopets), I have collected my thoughts about the paint colors starting with the letter S. The most colors start with S, fifteen, and some of the most affordable, too, with six buyable from the Shop Wizard.

Other Stories
"The Bennett Files: The Case of the Dinner Party" by amarettoball
Strai was absolutely ecstatic when Bennett received an emergency neomail requesting his services down at the Kelp restaurant in Maraqua. It was the land of his paint job, and going there felt much like sinking into a freshly-made bubble bath and never wanting to come out. However, even that feeling didn't prepare him for the scene that lay before him: a group of diners sprawled on the floor, clutching their stomachs in pain. Several paramedics and the Chia police were already present, milling about the victims in a flurry of questions and terrifying syringes. Strai saw various half-eaten dishes and drinks strewn across the dinner table, and seated in the plush chairs were the two guests that were still conscious. Bennett was already there, questioning them. Strai carefully stepped over some of the fallen pets and joined him. "I can't remember the last time I had food poisoning," a pink Poogle moaned. "But I do recall not being too keen on getting it again." She was doubled over, one arm resting on the table, and another clutching her stomach. Seated next to her was a blue Poogle who looked quite fine, as if he were either immune to poison or had a dash of it in his tea every morning. "I suppose you'll want to hear what happened," the blue Poogle, whose name was Maxwell, drawled when Strai and Bennett approached him.

"The Wrong Side of the Law" by light_faerie382
The future is a scary place. At least this was the conclusion Siren had come to. The Desert Hissi had been dreading this moment for a long time, and now it had come he was still dreading it. Siren was well aware of the heavy expectations placed on him. He was from a wealthy family in Neopia, a fact his owner constantly reminded him of. He and his siblings had received the best education and training Neopoints could buy. His older siblings had all gone off into Neopia and made their own way to success. Now, it was time for Siren to do the same. “Can’t I just stay with you all my life?” Siren complained. His owner, Christine, laughed. “You could, but that wouldn’t be a very exciting life, would it?” “But I really don’t know where to go.” “Well, why don’t you start with your siblings? Maybe paying them a visit would give you an idea.” “Maybe you’re right.” Siren pretended to agree. In reality, he hated the idea. His siblings all held incredibly stressful jobs, none of which sounded particularly appealing to Siren. Nevertheless, Siren found himself in the Lost Desert a few days later. He was on his way (or rather, he had been coerced to make his way) to the Royal Palace of Sakhmet, where his brother Warrior worked as a General in the Sakhmet Army. He had landed the job after a long and successful Battledome career, where General Dacon had taken a personal interest in him

"Just a Rumor" by velvetcrowe
They'd all heard the rumors. She had heard them, too. Rumors that seemed to surround one of the many, many occupants who had taken up residence in the Haunted Woods. Granted, the stories were not as wide spread as ones centered around beings like The Brain Tree, The Esophagor and even Eliv Thade. But they still existed. Hushed whispers of an Aisha girl that lived alone- right on the outskirts of the land but not even within the limits of Neovia. A strange neopian at best. Not many had ever seen her outside of the run down, rickety structure that she called a home. In fact- no neopian in their right mind had ever so much as taken a step near the house. Perhaps out of fear, or perhaps common sense screamed the loudest, or perhaps the stories were but a myth. Alicia wasn't entirely sure. Her young mind wanted to believe. The spooky stories were an all time favorite with her group and this latest story definitely fit in with the craze. Ricky, a young male Kyrii, curled his lips back into a wry smirk. “How about we make this interesting?” he pitched. Gaining the attention of his companions: Alicia, an Usul, Mitchell, a bruce and Lisa, a Kacheek. All eyes were on him as he tugged a lone piece of paper from his backpack. Hastily written directions and poorly drawn illustrations littered the paper's surface. “What is that?” Lisa inquired.

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