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Super Attack Pea Perspective

It's different for everyone.

Also by tedypicker

by sophieauditore

Baelia's Burdens #1

Why is the Grey Faerie so sad? Stay tuned to find out!

Also by alexipharmic

by certifiabletrash

I Want To Be A Mutant!

Um, not quite...

by laia_sam
Shopping For Clothes

You gotta look pretty, right?!

Also by erianoillim

by saudadesdagripe

Orvinn the First Rate

Poor choices mate.

Also by murillion.

by shadowlugia_92

The Abominable Snowstorm

Hey! What happened here?!

by flustre
Blast from the Past

We go way back, okay?

by ssjelitegirl
Step 2: Blockade the Trade Routes

Distracted by the cuteness.

Also by 0123kl

by bittersweet52

The Riddle of The Sphinx

Two travelers must answer...

by placebo_533
Random Oddness

That's quite a mutation there.

by mistyqee
Grave Danger Treasures

Hey there buddy. What have you got?

by ketchup547

When an apple is misleading about its roots.

by simbologies
Happy Spring!

Also by 987654321_hj

by piinkskullz

Kiko Not-So-Pop

Looks like Mr. Elvin learned a few tricks from the Deserted Fairground folks.

Also by chiefgrumpy

by joslucca3000

Nancy Casts Stupor

Insane mode is really hard

by qgqg
A Thief's Life - Sidekicks

Some just aren't cut out for the job.

by yoshisislandbandit
Beauty Contest Blues

"Um... I think the Beauty Contest avatar was released."

Also by parody_ham

by waterbird333

Tea Time: Carrot Goodness

Are you sure you want to eat those?

by actinia
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"Just a Rumor" by velvetcrowe
They'd all heard the rumors. She had heard them, too. Rumors that seemed to surround one of the many, many occupants who had taken up residence in the Haunted Woods. Granted, the stories were not as wide spread as ones centered around beings like The Brain Tree, The Esophagor and even Eliv Thade. But they still existed. Hushed whispers of an Aisha girl that lived alone- right on the outskirts of the land but not even within the limits of Neovia. A strange neopian at best. Not many had ever seen her outside of the run down, rickety structure that she called a home. In fact- no neopian in their right mind had ever so much as taken a step near the house. Perhaps out of fear, or perhaps common sense screamed the loudest, or perhaps the stories were but a myth. Alicia wasn't entirely sure. Her young mind wanted to believe. The spooky stories were an all time favorite with her group and this latest story definitely fit in with the craze. Ricky, a young male Kyrii, curled his lips back into a wry smirk. “How about we make this interesting?” he pitched. Gaining the attention of his companions: Alicia, an Usul, Mitchell, a bruce and Lisa, a Kacheek. All eyes were on him as he tugged a lone piece of paper from his backpack. Hastily written directions and poorly drawn illustrations littered the paper's surface. “What is that?” Lisa inquired.

Other Stories


On the Other Side of the Wall
I met Sibbie on the other side of the wall, at the spot where the sun shines down and warms the old, red bricks. “What’s your name?” she asks, ears perked up and eyes bright with interest. She looks like the kind of ‘pet that I would purposefully avoid- overly-optimistic and always ‘looking on the bright side.’

by meadows_lark


The Wrong Side of the Law
The future is a scary place. At least this was the conclusion Siren had come to. The Desert Hissi had been dreading this moment for a long time, and now it had come he was still dreading it.

by light_faerie382


Bon Voyage: A Valid Proposal to Boost Neo-Tourism
The Neolodge proudly advertises itself as “Neopia’s No. 1 Holiday Accommodation”, and that may undoubtedly be the case…if you happen to be in Neopia Central. With 18 other lands around Neopia (and 17 of them being fully active), it would only make sense to have some – if not all – of the other lands provide visitors and tourists with shelter, a temporary “home away from home”.

by peacelovebliss


Only On Neopets! - Part 2
Neopets is truly the only game site where people sometimes loathe the games, but play them anyway! Sometimes, they're after trophies. Sometimes, they're after avatars. I think it's amusing that the avatar and trophy collectors spend upwards of 100 hours trying to master an exasperating game in order to reach a score that will end up on that game's high score list. Only a Neopian would spend 100 hours on a game that he or she hates!

by indulgences


Janet and Jane: The Case of the Framed Detectives: Part Seven
Alright, so going where all of this began in the middle of the night with practically my least favorite Neopet while I was still framed for something I didn't do wasn't the best idea. We didn't even tell the others that we were going out. We maybe should have done that.

by chasing_stars44


Sir Tormund Ellis: A Documentary: Part Five
ll of us had been captured — every last one! Those Ixis went mad from those clouds, I tell you. Absolutely mad. They stormed the town, and they kidnapped us all, and they held us all prisoner in the volcanic region beneath the cliffs. We were doomed! What? Well... well, yes, the heroes did save us... But it took forever!

by theschizophrenicpunk

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