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I've been scouring past Editorials, but can't find the answer to this question. Am I allowed to mention that my pet has 2 Beauty Contest trophies when I'm trying to trade her away to another player, or is this against the rules? Would it be suspicious if I trade my Orange Koi (with gold and silver trophies) to someone else for, say, a Royalboy Cybunny? There are a couple of artists who want my Koi, because they want to continue earning her trophies. The Help Neoboard, Art Neoboard, and Pound Neoboard all have no idea. Thanks for publishing my question! ~ indulgences
Hi there! Everyone has different things they look for or ways to value pets, whether it be colour, stats, name, or trophies won. If someone values one over the other and agrees to a trade, who are we to say no?

Hi tnt! There was a debate in a neoboards topic I was on on what is considered copying for the art contest. Someone drew a few pictures that were clearly hand drawn, but were also nearly direct copies of existing unique site artwork (as practice) such as shopkeepers. One person claimed that as long as the person drew it, even if it looked almost identical to an existing picture that it was OK and they should submit the pictures. My understanding was this is considered "eyeballing" and unless the picture had something unique about it (such as a different pose, background, style, etc) that it is a form of copying and would be hard to tell if it wasn't just traced. Where are the limits on eyeballing pre existing neopets images for the art contest? Can someone just re-draw an existing picture, put a misty background behind it, change which direction the eyes face and call it good? Please remove my username. ~ username removed
Hi! So the general idea is right, that if you drew it yourself and there is a unique factor to it, you're good. The rule of thumb is if it is mostly done yourself, you'll be okay (so a background is good, a different eye direction is not), but our illustrious art judge has the final say, as a lot of this is up to her interpretation.

Hi! So, um, is it possible to ask you to redraw a wearble item? Sort of like ALL the eyeshadows for the Buzz species? None of them fit on a females eyelids, they only cover the top half of the eyelid in an awkward fashion. Now, imagine a Buzz giving you puppy eyes to try to convince you to do the redraw. *-* ~ biipa
Hi! So while I understand your pain, there is no way to make wearables different for male or female pets, without having completely separate items. Sorry Buzz, get those puppy eyes off of me, there's nothing I can do!

Hi TNT! *pours cups of borovan* So, as we all know, there are items that are untradable and unsellable. But I'm curious as to why that is, especially for items that people get in the beginning of the game. It seems like it'd be a good way for beginners to make neopoints early. ~ jesswoj
For the items you receive when creating an account, they are meant to help new players get started caring for their pets and using the various types of items, not to be sold (plus, if everyone was selling them, they wouldn't get worth very much anyway, would they?).

So in the hub the say jellyneo is a fan site, but I was wondering if you trust it for the players to sign up? I don't know much about the site and was wondering if it was safe to sign up for. Please remove my username. Thanks ~ username removed
Yes, we do! We wouldn't support a site we didn't trust our users with, and Jellyneo is a great place to get information or help on all things Neopets! One bit of advice we always recommend is to never use your same username and password on any other site, just as a safety measure.

*Happy Thoughts*

maraquan chia is perfect and great and i love it! ~ cornypop

The new Lennies look totally awesome! You guys/girls are doing a wonderful job. ~ shivering_mouse

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