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Tea Time: Carrot Goodness

by actinia

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Tapping into the Super Job Market
You’ve seen them, those jobs advertising payments of 30,000 Neopoints a piece or higher. Sounds tempting, right? The most they’re posting for Basic Jobs is 10,000 NP, and you have to hope the items are cheap on the Shop Wizard, and if they are, you have to apply against hundreds of other applicants vying for the same job. So Super Jobs sound like a steal! All you need is to find the right coloured job coupon, and massive profits are yours!

by e102__gamma


The Adventures of Trina: The Glass Key: Part One
I was skimming over my notes for the second time of the night when I was called down to the holding chamber. When my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting of the stone room, I could see why the Meerca took so many months for us to capture. His body didn’t even fill half of his seat—yet a favorable physique for a thief—and he was a veteran at his craft. On top of that, he boasted an elite record, having been an accomplice in the theft of King Coltzan’s crown.

by ummagine3284


How To Earn Neopoints Like A Pro
We’ve all been there – playing games, selling items, trying to earn money to save up for that elusive Royal Paint Brush or Meowclops that’s been just out of grasp for weeks, months … years, even. It seems like no matter how hard you try, how much you do, you never have enough Neopoints to buy what you want.

by rushypoo


Janet and Jane: The Case of the Framed Detectives: Part Seven
Alright, so going where all of this began in the middle of the night with practically my least favorite Neopet while I was still framed for something I didn't do wasn't the best idea. We didn't even tell the others that we were going out. We maybe should have done that.

by chasing_stars44

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