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Tooth Faerie Surprise Visit

by roxanna203

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How to be a Better Skeith, for Skeiths
Every Skeith is born with an inner feeling of Skeith-yness, and you have to let it glow and hope other Neopets like you for it. My Skeith, Filthy, and I have compiled a list of nine ways that you can really channel your inner disgustingness whilst softening the Skeith image

by codswobble


Neopia's Secret Villains: Part One
Neopia is filled with hundreds of characters. These characters range from brave heroes to dastardly villains, and everything in between. There’s one problem though – not all villains are recognised as the true villains that they are.

by asparagation


Splat-A-Sloth Insanity
I'm going to play barf boat now...

by pie_man_aa


Caring for Kadoaties
Despite the piercing cries of the Kads, this was a dream job for one little Krawk named Kenadee. She had always wanted to work with Kadoaties as they were her favorite petpets in all of Neopia. And after all, they did need someone to tend to them while their owners were on vacation.

by atreyu_rules87

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