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Escaping From Dr. Sloth: a Toy Box Escape Guide!

by saudadesdagripe


Also by guik44

So, did you come here looking for help to complete the Toy Box Escape game? If so, you're in the right place! And if you weren't looking for help keep reading, I'm sure you will love that game! Your goal in this game is to save the Robotic Neopets by helping them get out of the toy box they're trapped in. They aren't common Neopets, every kind of robot has a special function. Keep reading and you will learn more about their functions!

- Instructions -

There are 20 levels in total, but before I start talking about them, let's talk about what the robots do. Pay attention, you will need to memorize all of them before playing:

Important note: We're assuming all the Neopets here are male because referring to them as "it" and "its" was confusing us a lot, and we don't want you to get confused too. Hope you don't mind. ;)

Mynci: When you click on him, he will climb the first wall he touches. If you click on him while he is climbing, he will fall down. When he finishes climbing the wall (the height doesn't matter), his function will be deactivated and he will stop climbing.

Scorchio: When you click him, the Scorchio will burn the first block he touches, destroying it. After burning the block, his function will be deactivated automatically.

Kacheek: The Kacheek's function is pushing. He will push the first block he touches, and will keep pushing it until the block touches another block, falls down or if you click on him again.

Kougra: When you click on him, he will dig the block that's exactly below him at the time of clicking, so try to not miss. There are some blocks the Kougra can't dig, but we'll talk about that later.

Shoyru: He jumps. Simple, isn't it? And he works exactly like the Kougra - he will jump right when you click on him, so pay attention!

Uni: The Uni morphs himself into a ramp. It's an important function since you will be able to get coins with it. To turn the ramp into a Uni again, just click on him.

Now that you know what each Neopet does, here are some things to keep on mind:

How many points you get after completing the level depends on: whether you collected the coin or not and how fast you were completing the level.

The coins are worth 20 points, try to collect all of them!

Caution with your lives, they are important. Mainly if you are going for the trophy! Don't hit the spikes, don't touch the lava and don't let a dropping block hit a Neopet!

- The levels -

First Level: This is the easiest one, in my opinion. All you have to do is use one Mynci to get the coin, and make both of them climb the "ladder" and enter in the box, nothing else.

Second Level: Again, all you have to do is get the coin and enter in the box. Those first levels aren't complicated; if you're having problems with them don't expect the game to get easier from now.

Third Level: Wait for the right time to click on the Kougras, especially the yellow one, since he is supposed to get the coin.

Fourth Level: This level is easy too. You just need to make one the Shoyrus (It doesn't matter which one) jump over the "cliff" and get the coin and enter in the box. You can let the other one fall, he will be okay.

Fifth Level: This one is a bit hard if you have no experience. You need to make the path to enter in the box clean, so don't be afraid of using the Kacheek! After that, get the coin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On the 5th, 10th and 15th levels you will receive a code. Only use them if you are practicing the levels. If you are going for the trophy, do NOT use any of them; if you use any code your score will start from zero and you won't get enough points to get a score high enough to qualify for the trophies.

Sixth Level: The secret here is to click fast in the start of the level. After getting the coin, let the Myncies enter in the box.

Seventh Level: This level is easy too. Hurray! You just need to click on the Kacheeks once, but on the right time! Remember that if a block hit a Neopet, you'll lose a life.

Eighth Level: Look, a button! My tip here is to use the Shoyru to press the button and get the coin, there's no need to use the Uni. After pressing the button, you'll easily notice the best box to enter in.

Ninth Level: The levels are getting harder, don't you think? Use the Kougra to get the coin and the Scorchio to make the path clean. Remember, you can always click on the Uni to deactivate his function, it'll be useful this level.

Tenth Level: This is a very easy level. Obviously, you need to get the coin before letting both Kougras to enter in the box, just pick one and use him to get the coin; the another can enter in the box without worries. Finish this level and you're halfway to the trophy!

Eleventh Level: I wish I could explain this level better, but I can't. The Shoyru press the red button and get the coin, the Kougra should press the green button and the Scorchio you'll use to clean the path.

Twelfth Level: This level is kind easy. Just be very careful with dropping blocks, again.

Thirteenth Level: The Scorchio should get the coin and clean the path. The Kacheek will be necessary to help the Scorchio to reach the coin, nothing else.

Fourteenth Level: I like to think of the 14th level as a "break level", since it's an easy level compared to the previous ones, especially if you don't practice this game enough. The Kacheek need to push the block until it makes a wall so one of the Mincies can get the coin. After getting the coin, enter in the box!

Fifteenth Level: There's no need to rush on this level, it's very simple and it's easy as pie. The only thing I'll need to tell you to do is to use the Kougra to press the button, after that, you can easily manage to enter in the box with all the Neopets.

Sixteenth Level: DON'T CRY! I know this level is the hardest one, but you can do it! You need to control each Kougra at time, so you don't get confuse and make a huge mistake. Remember that the Kougra can't dig the green block, okay? After you practice enough for this level, you'll be doing all the "parts" at the same time, completing the level with a high time bonus.

Seventeenth Level: Another easy level, but there are two ways of completing it, depending on your luck. Release the Kougra and the Kacheeks at once, and after they enter in the box, control the Shoyru until he enters too. Jump the spikes if necessary and always press the buttons.

Eighteenth Level: This level is easy too; just keep in mind that the Mincies are supposed to press the buttons. Get the coin, as always, and enter in the box.

Nineteenth Level: This level is simple. Use one of the Shoyrus to get the coin (jumping is necessary) and let both of them enter in the box.

Twentieth Level: Clean the path so the Mynci can get the coin. Spend all your lives doing this and, on the last one, complete the level.

- So... What now? -

Congratulations, you've finished the game!

If you did everything correctly, you should have enough points to get the trophy. But, of course, you won't get the trophy on your first try; as I said, the faster you complete the level, the more points you can get. So, just keep practicing until you complete the level on the fastest way, getting you more points! You can do it!

Good luck!

Author's note: I would like to thank everyone who helped me to write this guide. Without them, this wouldn't be possible. Thanks a lot!

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