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Morphing Potions Top 10 - Part 2

by _white_spirit_


Also by iluvmeezerkatz

You see them at the Trading Posts, the Auctions and, if you're lucky, in the hands of Kauvara herself. You see them sparkle, their contents swirling with their promised colors. You nearly drool, longing to get your hands on the valuable bottles so much. What are they? Morphing Potions, of course – those amazing items that can totally revamp both your pets and your account!

Styles change, Kauvara creates new masterpieces constantly, and so here we are again, with Top Ten Morphing Potions - Part II. Do try not to drool.

Darigan Ixi Morphing Potion

Curled black horns, a long, purple coat and ruby red eyes glaring sinisterly: they make up the Darigan Ixi, a gorgeous pet that can be yours by using a Darigan Ixi Morphing Potion. Being almost the same price as a Darigan Paint Brush it's quite a good deal, but as they are r99 they can be fairly difficult to find. You may spot it at the trading post, the auctions, some galleries and very rarely at Kauvara's.

Halloween Hissi Morphing Potion

With its black and red body, bony casings, long fangs and unnerving green eyes, the Halloween Hissi is one of the most terrifying pets ever to appear in Neopia. It was first seen crawling and flying around the Haunted Wood, and it didn't take Kauvara very long to create a morphing potion to make your pet into the same creature. Priced at roughly 4 million neopoints, it is not the best option for attaining a Halloween Hissi, but it is one of the fastest, as Hissis are only released once a year on Hissi Day (May 4th). It is also an interesting item that can be collected and put in a Halloween-themed gallery.

Camouflage Krawk Morphing Potion

What is that? A tree? A clump of leaves? Bottled mud? No! It is a Camouflage Krawk Morphing Potion, one of the newest Krawk potions to be created! One sip of this muddy-looking concoction will turn your pet into a master of Kacheek Seek! Krawks were, for a long time, the most expensive and desired species along with Draik. Although they're not as pricey as they used to be, they are still very desired and special creatures! At 1.3 million neopoints, it will take some effort for most Neopians to save for it, but it is well worth it to have such an amazing pet!

Wraith Korbat Morphing Potion

Many questions still remain about this spectral color, but Kauvara didn't waste her time and quickly found the secret formula to this morphing potion! The Wraith Korbat has a mysterious glow around its body that gives it a scary appearance during the night and that feature is also included in this magic item, making it even more amazing! This r99 potion was released not too long after the original paint brush, and it can be found for sale at the trading post for 5 million neopoints. Keep it away from the younger pets, and please note that you might be in for some trouble while visiting Faerieland if any of your pets is painted this color...

Halloween Grundo Morphing Potion

Those evil red eyes, that razor-sharp scythe in its hand, that disturbing dark smoke around its body... – thinking about it scares me, and writing it gives me the chills! Many species have a morphing potion with this color, but Grundos must be the ones with the creepiest bottle design! This pet is undoubtedly Halloween-themed, and so is this r98 morphing potion, whose price rounds 2 million neopoints at the trading post/auctions.

Faerie Lutari Morphing Potion

Making this potion was probably one of the longest and hardest challenges Kauvara has ever accepted. This morphing potion was released on the 21st of January Y13 and Lutaris have become much more popular among Neopians since then! They are usually released once every two years on Lutari day (April 19th) and don't have any kind of magical plushies, eggs or petpets that will grow into one, so the Potion gave many people hope to own this delightful species one day, even if they would need to pay almost 5 million neopoints for it. It can be found at the trading post and at the auctions!

Royal Boy & Royal Girl Kyrii Morphing Potions

Long, luscious hair, haughty looks and rich clothing; it must be Royal Boy and Girl Kyrii! With their gorgeous, elegant looks, one might expect to pay many millions of Neopoints. Still more than a Royal Paint Brush (1,750,000 NP), but well worth it if you are a collector, having such a beautiful morphing potion in your gallery, or such a pet on your lookup will make you the envy of Neopia! Both potions are r99 – very hard to restock and find items, that will completely beautify your account.

Water Kyrii Morphing Potion

This exquisite color is adored by many pet owners and it is also one of the most beautiful ones that are available at the rainbow pool! It is relatively new, so there aren't many released morphing potions that are of this color, yet. It will make your pet more hydrodynamic and give it amazing swimming skills (how does a water pet swim, though, that is another question) and will also morph your pet into a Kyrii, which was the first species seen painted water, if he isn't one already. The potion's price rounds 2.2 million neopoints, and it can be easily found at the trading post or auctions. One thing is for sure: it is an unique items which grants an amazing new pet!

Eventide Draik Morphing Potion

Any Draik morphing potion is a masterpiece, but an Eventide Draik morphing potion is much more than that! This is an exuberant morphing potion that has the ability to change your pet into a gorgeous species with a stunning color! I have decided to give this potion the gold trophy for its elegance, perfection and great design! Its rarity is r98 and it's one of the most expensive morphing potions available right now – 14.5 million neopoints (yet, cheaper than the paint brush itself).

And that's the end of the second part of the Top 10 of Morphing Potions! We hope you enjoyed reading and we wish you the best of luck at restocking, collecting or buying these fantastic items!

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