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I've seen a lot of comics lately that look hand-drawn. If there's one thing I can't do, it's draw on the computer, but I want to send in a comic. Can I use a printer to scan a comic that I drew on paper and send it in? Thanks! *gives you some chocolate* ~gir_lover56
Yep! By all means. We look forward to seeing your submission. :)

I was wondering about the recent trend of having no trade items that, when a specific Neocash item is used, turn into NC items (like the Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest, mini plastic Neggs, and now Holiday Snowballs). I have seen some unfortunate cases where these items are stolen by Random Events, making it impossible for that user to receive all the items from the event without trading. So, I must ask: why don't you make these items no trade NC items instead? It wouldn't really change anything, except the inability for Random Events and the like to take these items. I know the items from the Elite Boutique already have this feature, so why not implement it in these sorts of events? Please remove my username, thank you. ~username removed
We have already adjusted the coding so that Holiday Snowballs cannot be stolen by Random Events. Hooray!

Hi, TNT. c: I loved going through the Advent Calendar archives this year! (Ah, nostalgia...) Anyway, I was going through the animations for Y2, giggling at the old artwork for certain species, when I came across one species / animation I don't remember seeing before. This species was shown on Day 10 and Day 21. What in the world is that little 'pet?? ~james15912
Haha, that's the Fuzio. :) It eventually became the Kyrii.

Hi, TNT! Just curious, and have been wondering this for some time, but your Advent Calendar animations are awesome. I was wondering how long it takes to design / complete each animation; is TNT actually working on these animations all year 'round? ;) I'm only asking because the graphics are amazing, and it does look like a lot of effort is put into each day's cartoon. :) Good job; have some gingerbread cookies! ~heathorn
Each animation takes about two weeks, starting from the concept stage (although we start planning Advent in the summer). So, it's sort of like this: Concept -> Concept Approvals -> Animation Storyboard -> Animation Sketch -> Animation Final -> Sound Part 1-3 -> Programmer. Phew!

The ten items you get from melting the snowballs: will they repeat, or do you just get items once? ~nocturnite
If you melt 10 snowballs, you will get all 10 different items, so no worries about duplicates!

Hi, my question is: can zapped Petpets still win the PPL? If, for example, the Turmac is selected as the winner, would both zapped and not zapped Turmacs win? Thanks! :) ~_brainchild_
No, the PPL does not condone the use of the Petpet Lab Ray, and any Petpets zapped with it are ineligible to win the PPL.

Hi TNT, thanks for being so awesome! Could you please make an item that says "Your Inbox Is Full!"? Maybe a card or book or trading card or somethin'? It would sure be a lot more direct than hoping the other user knows the meaning behind a random Headless Von Roo Plushie gift. =D ~delrayhorse
Perhaps sending them a Foal in Box would do the trick? ;)

MUCH cuter than Soggy Cardboard
Boxes and headless plushies!

Dear TNT,
*opens up Neopian Times Issue 14* NT Inception! Anyway, I was wondering why the New Features news always comes out a day early. ~i_heart_xweetoks

It's so players all over the world can get their Neopian news in a timely matter. If we didn't, then by the time we released the news that day, it would already be a day late on the other side of the world. Therefore, we'd rather be early. :)

Hai! *throws cheese wedges and Meepits* So, TNT... I was wondering if we can do the Advent Calendar on our sides. Thanks! *vanishes into a puff of smoke and confetti* ~coolpeepsnevrlos777
Nooooope. Big no-no. It gives away items and all that jazz. Please save your holiday countdown for your main account.

You have recently added "kik" to your Neomail filters, but it is also contained within the name of a Neopet species, the Kiko. Not being able to say Kiko over Neomail is BEYOND annoying. Please fix that? ~sunkissedangel
Sorry about that! We've adjusted the filters and you should now be able to discuss your beloved Kikos with impunity.

If I were to draw an old, obscure, but official character (Like Mulvinn the Wocky), would it still potentially be capable of making it into the Art Gallery, even though many users (or even staff) wouldn't recognize it? ~inrainbows
As long as it's a Neopet and a recognisable colour, it's more than welcome. :)

I remember that, last year, there was an event to get your dream Neopet and the random winners were announced on Christmas. Is this happening again this year? ~ivoryrosefrost
Yep! Look forward to this in the upcoming weeks!

TNT, this is my 11th year on Neopets. I am getting married in the spring and I hope that someday my kids will have their own Neopets. :) ~mneptune
We hope so, too! It's been fun watching you guys grow up. :) *family hugs*

Is this question more likely to be answered than my other, argumentative ones? ~asparagation
We were going to say yes just to torment you, but one of your questions was actually pretty good!

Hi, TNT. *throws asparagus* There's been a lot of debate on the boards about the bonus prizes from the Advent Calendar. Due to the late release of the hint about the snowflakes, many users missed out on collecting the prize on day one. The only concern is that there may be a larger reward at the end for collecting all of the bonus prizes. Are you able to confirm that users won't miss out on a prize, or that you'll possibly be discounting the first day if a prize is given out? Thanks. ~asparagation
No need to worry; the bonus prizes are simply an extra perk and there is no prize for collecting them all.

Why is the holiday season more active on Neopets than any other season? Please answer in a haiku! ~oakyia
Holiday spirit!
Haha, who are we kidding?
Advent Calendar.

Hi, TNT! *throws colorful knitted hat at you* I noticed that there is a particular engineer outfit in existence for Grundos... therefore, I was wondering if perhaps I could request a long, brown trench coat-like wearable for my shiny new 'pet, Malcolm? The closest thing I was able to find was the Brown Suit Coat, but I find it a bit too fancy for his line of work as a space cowboy. Please, oh please, make Malcolm a cunning brown coat so he can aim to misbehave. :D You guys are the best! ~_kenshiro_
We'll add it to our list of wishlisted item ideas!

See you space cowboy.
Oops, wrong space cowboy!


Hey TNT, I know it's only been five days since the Advent Calendar started, but I just wanted to say that I think you've outdone yourselves so far this year! The animations are some of my favorites you've ever done, and I've enjoyed watching them this year a whole lot, regardless of the prizes and hidden snowflake (though those are nice, too). I can't wait to find out what else you've got in store for us! ~dan4884

Dear Neopets employees,
Thank you for the time and hard work you put into this website every day. I fell in love with this site back in 2005. Now, I'm a much older me and I still love this website. It's a great way to relax and just get away from stress. I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful childhood memories and the love you guys put into this site. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. ~rainbowneko

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