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How to Keep Your Neopets From Being Unfashionable

by pinkersa


Ever since the conversion the question is no longer what color is your Neopet, but what is your Neopet wearing? Fashion has become a big part of Neopets! As expected, Neopians everywhere are enduring a constant battle to keep their Neopets in the newest trends. Fear not, users, as I bring you this guide so that all your Neopets can be fashionable.

This guide will consist of my top 5 tips to ensure that your lovely Neopets have the style everyone is talking about.

5. The Neopian Times

Just like where you found this entry in ' The Articles' are other great guides for customizing Neopets. Keep your eyes peeled for articles explaining what outfits will look great for the current season, what clothes best suit a Mynci, the top 10 hats for a smart occasion etc. This section will contain both information about neocash items and neopoint items, giving you an insight into the two buying approaches available. It allows us to understand other Neopians' tastes and normally contains great ideas if you are new to customizing. The Neopian Times comes out weekly so all the articles found here are very recent and up to date with the latest trends. My suggestion is to take a look through some of the last couple of editorials as all of them will contain great ideas.

4. The Customisation Spotlight

The customisation spotlight is a great competition where you get to rate other Neopets outfits. You can look at past winners or the recent entries to get great ideas about how to customize your own Neopet (mind you, some entries are not as good as others). Also, it can be a great form of feedback when you have finished your pet's customisation. If you win, then you know you are doing something right. You have the opportunity to vote for 100 other Neopets outfits, so whilst looking through them you can get a great feel of what is working and what is not. This makes the spotlight a brilliant place to get better at customizing and learn more. I suggest looking at the color schemes, amount of items used and what works on what species.

3. The NC Mall

The NC Mall is a great place to visit to get stylish outfits for your pets, here you can buy all sorts to make your Neopet stand out from the rest. You can even buy superpacks that will save you from having to match items (watch out for sales as the carnival superpack is super cheap at the moment). The trinkets and foregrounds can add an extra dimension to your Neopets outfit and give them the perfect finishing touches. One of the best qualities of the NC Mall is that you can try any of the items on before you purchase them, making it a great place to put an outfit together. Keep an eye out for items that have a star next to their title as these will only be in the NC Mall for a limited amount of time (so get your hands on them now!) These items will also be more valuable if you plan to trade them on the neoboards. This brings me nicely to my next tip.

2. The Neoboards

The 'customization' chat board is a great place to go and get ratings on your pets outfits. Here you can find out what is working and in some cases what is not. Sometimes all you need is an outside perspective to create the final touches to a customisation. The Neopians here are all very friendly so don't be afraid to ask for help or any tips as I am sure many would love to help you out. This topic may not be the busiest so getting a reply can sometimes be a bit tricky, but if you venture to other topics I am sure you will find someone willing to give an opinion. Normally on the PC ('Neopian Pound') chat board you can find boards that are rating customisation, so it is always a plus to check there.

The most important chat board is the 'NC Mall' board as here you can trade your NC items. This is the only way to get items that have been and gone through the NC Mall (unless you have very kind Neofriends). So if you are looking for that perfect set of wings here you can exchange your unwanted NC items for them. If you are new to the trading, you can find a lot of friendly users on the boards who will be willing to help you get started and find out the worth of your NC items. Just ask and someone can link you to a page filled with the 'worth' of NC items so that you can see how to get the item you want and so that you don't get ripped off when trading your own items.

1. New Features

The New Features page is updated every several days, it contains information about the recent items that have been added to the shops. Usually on pet days (such as Gelert day) whole new outfits will be added to the clothing store. By checking on the New Features page you can be up to date with NEW clothing, backgrounds, foregrounds and so on that have been put up for sale. There will be information about neocash items that have been added to the NC Mall and neopoint items that have been added to the other stores around Neopia. Be warned that you may have to take a look at some restocking guides to get your hands on the less common and more expensive items. By looking at the New Features you can be the first to catch Neopians attention with your new Neopet outfits. Staying ahead of fashion and being the first to have the items. Cool, huh!

These are my tips and by following them I am sure that your Neopets will be dressed to impress. There has been a lot of controversy about the conversion but without it we would have lost out on what makes up such a huge part of Neopets now, FASHION. Who could live without it?

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