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Why are Grey Pets so Blue?

by neom_777


Another day of colour celebration is upon us. On the 14th day of the month of Eating, Neopians everywhere celebrate the colour grey. Yet something doesn’t seem quite right. The guests of honour, the ones for whom this day is held, the grey pets, all look so sad. Why is it that they sigh so dejectedly? Why is it that they crouch and huddle so pitifully? Why is it that they sob uncontrollably? In essence, why is it that grey pets are so blue?

Being the budding reporter that I am, I sort to find out the reason behind their sadness. After much searching, questioning, and in a few cases prodding, I have come up with ten possible theories.

1. Grey pets are blue because they are painted grey

Think about it. There are many vibrant colours in Neopia: rainbow, faerie and royal to name but a few. Imagine spending your whole life dreaming about being painted one of these fabulous colours. Then, when your owner has finally saved up enough and takes you for a dip in the Rainbow Pool, you come out not red, not gold, but grey. Dull, boring grey (no offence).

2. Grey pets are blue because of expectations

What would you do if you saw a smiling grey pet? Not a I-hope-no-one-eats-me smile, but a hello-beautiful-world smile. You’d think you’d gone mad, wouldn’t you? So perhaps grey pets just act sad because they believe it’s expected. And in striving to keep to the norm, by pretending to be sad, they actually become sad.

2. Grey pets just look blue

Just as baby pets look cute and adorable, fruits look edible and Darigan pets look like they want to bite your head off, maybe grey pets just look depressed. As they look up at you with big, tear-filled eyes, they may be filled with joy at the new toy they managed to snipe, or even anger at their sibling for breaking said new toy.

4. Grey pets are blue because they are an avatar pet

Now, I probably am going to get a lot of retaliation from avatar collectors for this one. In my defence, I also like collecting avatars and this is simply a theory that only applies to some grey pets. These grey pets are the ones that continuously get transferred from user to user. Sometimes this is due to a chain lend, other times it is simply due to the nature of pet trading. Even for pets who have a loving home waiting for them, it can be daunting to go to a new place every day, each with different pets, lifestyles and rules. For grey pets that are stuck in trading, it can be a life long journey.

5. Grey pets act blue to gain pity

First, I want you to think about baby pets. Those big cute eyes and chubby little faces, they are so adorable they can get anything they want and get away with anything too. Grey pets may have tired red eyes and drooping faces, but this can be leverage too. A little sigh here, a heart wrenching sob there, and they have their owners at their beck and call. Simply put, by acting sad, they can gain pity and sympathy from others. Of course, this doesn’t work with everyone. But that doesn’t mean that some grey pets won’t try this tactic with every Neopian that they meet.

6. Grey pets are blue because it always rains

Have you ever looked at a grey pet and wondered why they’re stuck in the rain when it’s a bright sunny day? Despite it being labelled cliché, many grey pets are customised with dark rainy backgrounds, often without an umbrella or raincoat. Personally, I’d be pretty depressed too if I was constantly getting soaked.

7. Grey pets are blue because they are sick

It doesn’t matter what colour or species your Neopet is, if they get sick, their mood will decrease. Since grey pets are always sad, perhaps this indicates that being painted grey causes a pet to catch a currently unidentified illness. Maybe Hubrid Nox lurks behind the Rainbow Pool, and causes any pet painted grey to become sick. Perchance the lab ray malfunctions when it zaps a pet grey and causes an infection. Maybe the meepits-


-uh, moving on.

8. Grey pets are blue because they are role-playing

As you may have noticed, the characters given to grey pets are generally depressed. Another cliché, but you must admit that they’re good at these roles. Given how much they mope about, they must practice their acting at every waking moment, possibly in their sleep too. Such is the life of an artist *dramatic sigh*

9. Grey pets are blue because of their love of music

I’m talking about certain kinds of music, of course. Perhaps your grey pet listens to the smooth mournful tones of Jazzmosis or the angst ridden lyrics of Twisted Roses. They may be sad because their favourite band isn’t playing at the Tyrannian Concert Hall, or worst still, they may not have been able to get a ticket! This tends to happen a lot with Jazzmosis, since it’s one of a few bands that give out avatars to their fans.

10. Grey pets are blue because they are sad

All pets are sad once in a while. No one can be happy all the time, except of course the pretty little happiness faerie. And I’m sure even he gets depressed when his plots are continuously overthrown - I mean, when other Neopians aren’t happy. So why can’t grey pets be sad sometimes? Of course, being sad on your day of celebration worries other Neopians. It can cause all sorts of random theories to be concocted. Some might even end up being published in the Neopian Times... oops.

So there you have it. Ten reasons as to why your grey pet is a wet blanket instead of a little ray of sunshine. Or at least looks that way. Anyway, that’s all from this reporter, so thank you for reading and have a happy (or dismal, your choice) Grey Day!

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