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The Pet Behind the Neopet

by 76monkeysflying


We often forget a very important creature of Neopets. That’s right; I’m talking about petpets, our pets’ best friend. They may be small and tiny, but petpets have feelings too! For instance when you go to read the Neopian Times, what is the first thing you see? That’s right, you see a slorg! Look at that petpet carrying that heavy red crayon, working hard to help create the newspaper. He has been very loyal to the newspaper and the Neopian Times wouldn’t be anything without him. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a thank you or maybe some extra treats. Now you might be wondering, how do you and your pets show some appreciation to these little guys. Well, there are numerous ways to show these little petpets that you and your pets care about them.

1. The very first thing any neopet should do when they receive their petpet is pick out a name! Sometimes we can forget to do something very simple such as pick a name. I’m sure your little petpet will appreciate having a name to be called by!

2. Another way to show some appreciation is by having your pet talk to their petpet. Go to your Quick Reference page and click on the image of your petpet. Once there, your neopet can play and say loving things to their little pal such as “how are you?” or “you’re the greatest friend ever!” Those little petpets will surely appreciate the attention and will love you and your neopet even more.

3. Now who doesn’t love artwork? Did you know there is a section on Neopets that shows you how to draw petpets? I’m sure your petpets will appreciate having a portrait done of them. You can even draw an image of them with their best friend! This is a great way for your pet and their petpet to bond. All you have to do is click on Pet Central and then click on the How to Draw link. There are numerous guides to show you how to draw different kinds of petpets!

4. A third way to show how much you and your pet care about their little buddy is by entering the Petpet Spotlight. This is an excellent way to show some appreciation! All you and your pet have to do is brainstorm some ideas and explain why your little petpet deserves the spotlight. Make sure you and your pet put your brains together and some up with something creative! And if your petpet wins the Petpet Spotlight, your pet and petpet will share an awesome shiny trophy. This will surely bring your pet and petpet closer together!

5. Make sure you or your pet doesn’t forget to buy supplies for the little petpet. We all need supplies to keep us happy, so if you visit the the Neopian Bazaar, there is a wonderful shop called Petpet Supplies. There you can buy everything your petpet needs: White Petpet Bath Tub, Deluxe Red Treehouse, Electric Petpet Condo, Snuffly Blanket, Cyodrake Scratching Post, and other items such as toys! This will surely put a smile on your petpets’ faces.

6. Another way to show some appreciation to our little petpets is by giving them their very own petpetpet! These petpetpets can be brought from other users by using the trading post, auctions, and so forth. Or you might be lucky and get a petpetpet from a random event. These very tiny creatures look like little bugs, but they will keep your petpet company when your pets are busy with neoschool. (However, the only way to attach a petpetpet to your petpet is by having the neopet with the petpet as your active pet. Then place your petpetpet into your inventory and refresh until the petpetpet disappears.) Not only will your petpet be excited to have their own petpetpet, but they will also learn how to be responsible.

7. Now this method to show appreciation may or may not be wanted. Some petpets enjoy being zapped by the Petpet Laboratory while other petpets dislike being zapped. So before you try this method of appreciation, you and your pet should sit down with the petpets and discuss this method. Make sure the petpet understands the consequences and the results of being zapped. A few petpets are willing to take the chance in hopes of a unique color change or an increase in levels while others fear being zapped into thin air. In the end, this method to show appreciation will only work for a few petpets.

8. Last but not least, all petpets enjoy being painted just as much as neopets do. There are so many colors you can paint your petpet. If you don’t have an idea you can visit the Rainbow Pool and look at all the colors your petpet can be painted. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something your little petpet likes. Once you all agree on a color, you can buy a petpet paint brush by using the trading post, auctions, and so forth. When you finally get the petpet paint brush, head over to the Petpet Puddle and paint your pet’s petpet. I’m sure these little guys will be grateful for being painted. Being painted will help them feel unique and beautiful!

Now there you have it! Eight different things you and your pets can do to show some love and appreciation to these adorable petpets. After all, these little guys do some much for us! Just take a minute to think about it....

  • Once in a while we try to get them eaten by Turmaculus and sometimes even by a Jetsam!
  • Sometimes they are willing to go into the unknown such as the Mysterious Symol Hole.

The list could go on and on, but in the end petpets are very loyal and will do whatever it takes to make our neopets happy. We often forget to show how much we care about them. So I ask everyone to take a few minutes to show some appreciation to these little creatures because Neopets wouldn’t be the same without them.

I like to thank all my neofriends, pets, and petpets for their support and encouragement! You guys rock!

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