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In the news on April 15th you stated that Unconverted Neopets are now immune from colour-changing Random Events. I can safely say that everyone is completely ecstatic about this! We really can't thank you enough! However, just to ease our minds, I want to clarify a few things. When you say "some loyal users," do you mean the account with the Unconverted Neopet has to be a certain age? Does this also mean that Unconverted Neopets are now immune to the Red, Blue and Invisible Random Events, as well as Boochi, the multi-coloured water Random Event, and any other possible future colour-changing Random Events? Please ease our troubled minds. (: Thank you again for such an absolutely wonderful perk! ~0o0slytherinpride0o0
You're quite welcome! :D To answer your questions, yes, they are protected from all colour-changing Random Events. As far as which ones are elligible for protection, well, we originally meant it to be just a loyal user perk for accounts X years old, but we decided to err on the side of programming caution and just make all Unconverted Neopets immune. We're sorry we extended your perk to them all, but we hope all you wonderful longtime players can forgive us. We're sure all those beautiful Unconverted Neopets out there appreciate you sharing your perk as well; it's thanks to your loyal years here that this happened. :)

Does a gallery with a pre-made layout have the same chance of becoming a Gallery Spotlight winner as one with a custom layout? It has been a great debate on the GSC whether a gallery with a completely pre-made layout should win out over a gallery with a custom layout and how layout factors into your decision when choosing a winner. Thanks for addressing this issue for us and satisfying our curiosity! ~tepoen321
No, galleries with pre-made layouts are at an extremely severe disadvantage. We very much appreciate a custom layout made by the gallery owner. Layouts do count for a lot, as we look at the completeness of the gallery and overall aesthetics. Once in a while we might select a pre-made layout because it fits a theme day, but only if there are no others to choose from or they are very incomplete / not Gallery Spotlight material. Please remember that, first and foremost, we judge the gallery on the idea (how creative and fun it is) and how complete it is (what items are in it).

Wow, TNT! I recently saw that there were 1,000,000 Cardboard Box Backgrounds in Mystical Surroundings!!! What in the world?!? xD ~chinchy_rox72
Hahaha, that must have been an odd sight for anyone not participating in Kari's quest from the Festival of Neggs site event. :)

We really need to open up an Neopian recycling plant!

Hi, TNT! If you answer me you can have all the cookies in the world for free! I recently painted my Neopet with a Mystery Island Paint Brush because summer is coming and I want to prepare him for the beach. On the other hand, I cherish his original blue colour and I think blue makes more sense during winter time. You know how, when you paint a Neopet, you keep all the props connected to the old colour but lose the skin colour? Well, my question is this: could you PLEASE let us keep the skin colour too? You know how much paint brushes cost -- with this solution customising our Neopets would be more fun because we could change them depending on the season. Thank you! Please remove my username. ~username removed
Hmm... while that's a fun idea in theory, Neopet colours work vastly differently than the other areas of customisation. Even if we were willing to do this, we're not sure how it would work. We won't say it won't ever happen, but consider it very doubtful. :-/

On April 12th, the Kraft Mac and Cheese ad event started. Soon everyone started to realize that this was only for those in the United States of America. I would like some info on how the sponsorship works, and how it can only work in one country but not the others. I think this was explained before, years ago, in the Editorial. I think I know a little about how it works, but would like a refresher on it. ~missnestle
It has to do with the sponsor's companies and a bunch of international company laws and stuff that we doubt anyone but Lawyerbot could explain. It's not our decision which countries the ad can be displayed for. :-/

I recently sent in a poem for Grey Day about a Snoogy's "grey" looks. A Neomail I received told me that my poem would be held over. It is now Grey Day and the poem hasn't been posted. I know you can't show EVERYONE at once, but last October during the "real world" ("Real World? Like Jelly World?") Lunar Festival, I sent a poem about Shenkuu Petpets that was held over yet still hasn't been approved, even after Shenkuu's Lunar Festival. So MY POINT is: could you please program these Neomails so that an approximate date is given for when the poem will be posted? Thanks. :) ~piratepaintrox5
If you read the "held over" email closely, it really best explains it. The email states, "Your entry for _____ Contest has been held over by the judges. While this does not mean that you have won, it does mean that you have made a good first impression and they have saved your entry for closer consideration." So, while we very much appreciate the good quality of your work, being held over does not guarantee that your poem will be spotlighted, only flagged by us as something to consider.

Hello, TNT! Lately I have been looking into completing the set of Shenkuu stamps for my stamp album and am curious about the very last stamp, which was announced in the news on March 4th, 2008. It's very pretty, but I don't know its name! Can you please enlighten me and tell me whether or not this stamp has been officially released? ~indreams
Ahh, that lovely stamp is called the "Shenkuu Stamp." (Creative, huh?) While it did get caught up in the item backlog, that's all gone now and this stamp is very much officially released. At Rarity 99, though, it's going to be horribly expensive! D: You'd best start saving up now.

Another stamp image in the Ed! Represent! /highfive

Are people allowed to enter the Art Gallery from side accounts? If so, is it considered cheating to enter from both a side and a main during the same week? ~colourscape
You are only allowed to enter the Art Gallery from your main account. We can't tell you how many terrific pieces of art we've had to pass on due to them being submitted from side accounts. :( So please, only enter with your main.

Dear TNT, can you please make an avatar for having a certain intellect number? My Blumaroo's intelligence is very high and I thought it would be cool if there could be some avatar for it! ~boscoemax
Hmm... that would be a clever idea! :D *kneeslap*

We all know that it's against the rules to have pictures of ourselves on the site in any way, but is posting drawings of ourselves allowed on the site? I have to ask: what if someone draws a fantastically realistic portrait of themselves and puts it on their User Lookup or Petpage? Is it still breaking the rules? It isn't a picture, but it's as good as one. ~ werewolf_of_london
Drawings of yourself are fine as long as they are not detailed enough for someone to be able to recognise you. If you're talented enough to draw a portrait of yourself that is near photo realistic, then please do not post it.

Is there a reason why the Chomby Fruit Tart is inedible? :( ~mr_kitty345
Hmm... maybe that batch was stale? In any case, it looks like there's a fresh batch out and they are very much edible now!

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