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Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Guide

by o0seagaru0o


Welcome to my guide! With TNT just having released a new avatar for this game I have created a guide to help you get it. This may sound impossible to some of you, but I'm here to tell you it's not; it is quite simple to do, actually. I'm not going to tell you exactly what score the avatar requires, but I will tell you how to improve your score so that it will be high enough.

Keep in mind, though, this is a game of patience. You need to go slow and steady in order to make a good score. So if you have no patience, you can practice by watching your cat sleep. Hahahaha. No, seriously, this is a great game to practice your patience skills.

Now before I begin explaining the "advanced" things in the game, let me tell you what the game is about and how to control your character. You are Albert, a mutant Kacheek transformed by the Esophagor. If Albert wants to be switched back to normal, he has to fetch some items for the Esophagor first. Albert needs your help looking for the items. You move Albert with the arrow keys. But not everything is easy. You will face many enemies on your way who can only be defeated by whacking a gravestone on their heads. The problem is, not every grave can be used to hit the ghosts. Only certain gravestones can be used to kill enemies. I call them "the useful gravestones" and they are plain, completely plain. When you spot one, you should be able to throw it over by pressing spacebar when standing next to it.

Let me explain the different factors of the game:

Quest Items (Normal Items):

As the name suggests, these are normal items you need to get in order to advance to the next level of the game. Each level has a certain list of items you have to find displayed on top of the screen. The trick here is to play the game a few times so you can memorize the locations of quest items in starter levels, as the locations never change. The Quest Items you have to look for are:

Bloody Ghost Toast

Deviled Steak

Eye Candy

Ghost Marshmallows

Vanilla Ghost Cake

Power Ups:

These special items can give you good or bad results depending on which one you pick. There are good ones and bad ones. They give 10 points each, just like the normal items. Now read this very carefully. Before attempting to finish a level, be sure you have collected all the power up items you can. When you grab your last quest item, you will go directly to the next level, and if you failed to get some, these will be lost points for the game.

Good Power Ups:

Always, and I mean always get those. They are the best items around. You have no chance of getting a life back so these power ups are like lifesavers when you are about to lose a life.

These are the good guys:

Pink Spooky Popcorn- These practical popcorns give Albert a Speed Boost. They are pretty helpful as the levels get harder and the enemies are everywhere.

Pink Apple Lantern- These lifesaver lanterns are the items you should look for when Albert's light is about to die, as they lighten it up a bit.

Bad Power Ups:

This may be a little confusing. But listen. It does not really matter whether you collect them or not. If you want a perfect score, you should. If you are just trying for the avy, you should grab them in special cases. For example, if you see a Mummified Negg, I wouldn't normally suggest to get it, because they lower your light intensity, making you more vulnerable to enemy attacks. However, if you spot a Pink Apple Lantern next to it, you could get the negg and then the lantern and you won't lose or gain any brightness.

And these are the bad, evil guys:

Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry)- Very delicious gummies that give Albert a slooow speed. That's right; you go slowly through the level and it´s harder for you to avoid enemies. Grab these at your own risk.

Mummified Negg- The worst power up of all. These nasty neggs draw you closer to losing the game by fading Albert's light a little. Get these only when there is an Apple Lantern near you.


You might have noticed you don't get lots of points just by collecting items. And you are right. Most of the points you'll make come from defeating enemies as each enemy defeated gives you 50 shiny points! So the trick here is to try to kill as many enemies as possible in each level in order to get the maximum points possible. And if you kill enough enemies in the first levels you won't have to worry about killing enemies in later levels where there are fewer useful graves.

Now, there are only 4 types of baddies:

Chumablah (The Purple Enemy)- The most commonly seen enemy around. They walk in a simple repeated pattern so it's easy to avoid or finish them.

Jowlard (The Green Enemy)- similar to the Chumablah, this enemy just walks around in a pattern so you should be able to easily whack it with a gravestone or avoid it. Be aware tough as I have noticed they seem a bit smarter than the Chumablah.

Ghostkerchief (The ghost Enemy)- The most annoying guys around. Not only are they smarter, but they are also able to float through gravestones and obstacles. These little ghosts are hard to kill as they can go up, down, right or left. Your best chance against them is to wait behind a useful gravestone. When the ghostkerchief comes close enough, just press the spacebar and hope it works.

Walking Gravestones- These exclusive enemies have a unique ability. They transform into inanimate gravestones for certain periods of time. Be aware, though, because if they spot you they will re-transform and walk around. These walking gravestones can be hard to see sometimes as you confuse them with normal gravestones and just pass by, and they can hurt you even if you touch them in their inanimate form. So just remember: wait until they have just turned lifeless and walk by fast. You should have no problem at all.

Now, with all of that cleared, I would like to remind you of three basic rules:

1- Take your time; be patient. There is no time bonus in the game, so just wait behind a grave and try to get enemies close to that grave.

2- Practice! I know all guides say this but, well, it really works! Hahaha! Every great gamer started with practice.

3- Please, please, please just have fun playing the game! If you get frustrated and tired after a few tries just try again later when you have calmed down! Don't force yourself to anything! Remember, Neopets is for you to have fun!

Thank you

PS: If you have any suggestions or questions please send me a neomail to o0seagaru0o.

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