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A Guide to Help You Through the Haunted Shootery!

by facetiousmind


If you have ever played in the shooting galleries at a carnival and had lots of fun, then you will certainly enjoy this game! Even if you haven’t, this game could give you some practice before your next carnival trip! Take a walk on the wild side and join me as I try to help you with the new game, the Haunted Shootery.

The Basics

In this game, you play yourself, an anxious individual trying to get through the Haunted Woods shooting gallery alive! Ok, so that might be a bit exaggerated, but you do play yourself and the aim of the game is to shoot down the Haunted Woods targets while avoiding the friendly passers-by. All you’ll need in this game is your mouse. You move your mouse around to aim and press left click to shoot!

The Levels

You have three levels to get through in this game and each goes progressively faster and gets a bit harder. You can tell which level you are on by the number in the upper middle portion of your screen. In each level you will come across various Haunted Woods targets that will fly across your screen from either right to left or left to right. Some of these targets take more hits than others to be eliminated, but more on that later. Each level also tends to bring more targets than the previous one, so you will need to be faster in shooting them down before they exit your screen.

Once you get to the end of the third level, you will need to face the Blathering Beech. I think this guy is the evil brother to the Brain Tree (as if the Brain Tree isn’t frightening enough on its own)! Its flailing limbs and evil stare will motivate you enough to try your best to shoot it down as quickly as possible. The Blathering Beech will come toward you and if it hits you, then your screen will turn red, signifying damage to you. If you get hit three times by the Beech, then it's game over for you! If you manage to beat the Beech, you will earn extra points not only for the hits he takes, but for beating him as well.

The Targets and Gaining Points

There are four different targets that you will be looking out for and want to be sure to hit to get as many points as possible!

RIP Tombstones: These generally slide across on the screen in the very front on the bottom. They take two direct hits to eliminate them. I say direct because if you hit them a bit off center at first, they may not go down with two hits and you’ll have to aim again before they disappear. In level one, the first shot for these enemies is worth 2 points and the second hit to eliminate them is worth 5 points. So each of these in total can be worth 7 points. Again, I say “can be” worth 7 points because it is possible that you don’t get 7 points if you aren’t quick enough or you don’t shoot them directly. These tombstones do take two hits, but if you aren’t quick enough to give them a second hit, they could fall backwards, eliminating your chance to get that extra 5 points.

However, things are a bit different for scoring per tombstone in level two and three. Since things are moving much faster, you will most likely get more than one tombstone sliding across your screen at once- sometimes they could come in bunches of ten or more even, one right after the other. If you hit these tombstones, oftentimes you eliminate two or three of them at the same time, which will actually increase each tombstone’s point value. I have noticed that knocking over one quickly in the later levels can give you 10 points, but if you manage to hit a pack of them, you could rack up 20 to even 50 points! The point is that it is best to hit these in packs and eliminate more than one at a time if you can.

Haunted Trees: These large targets are actually worth more than the Tombstones, so you want to be sure to hit these and hit them directly as well (just like the tombstones). They generally slide across the screen on the bottom but behind the tombstones. These also take two hits to eliminate; the first hit being worth 2 points but the second hit is worth 7 points for these, totaling 9 points per haunted tree. Similarly to the tombstones, you want to be sure to hit these as quickly as possible so you don’t lose your opportunity in gaining the most points you can. I have found that these stay at 9 points each throughout the levels, since they only ever pop-up one at a time, so there is no bonus available for hitting more than one at a time.

Haunted Tombstones: These slide right along where the haunted trees are, but they are much smaller, so they can be a bit more difficult to aim for. These are worth the same amount of points as the trees and take the same amount of hits as well: 2 points for their first hit and 7 points for their second hit, 9 points total. In the later levels, these don’t bunch up as much as the RIP tombstones do, but I have seen a few pop-up at once one behind another so you can hit two at a time. Whenever I hit more than one of these, I see scores from 15 to 20 points, which means you can gain some extra points from these as well from hitting more than one at a time.

Crokabeks: These fly overhead and take the most hits to eliminate. In the three hits you need to kill these, each time the Crokabek will rotate a little counterclockwise until your third hit which will make it disappear. The first hit for these is worth 2 points, the second hit is also worth 2 points and the third hit is worth 4 points, totaling 8 points for each Crokabek in the first level. Crokabeks are a great way to rack up some major points once they start coming out in bunches (and oh do they ever come out in bunches in levels 2 and 3!) Just by hitting two Crokabeks exactly at the same time, you can earn 52 points! That’s 44 more points than just hitting a single one. The more you hit at the same time, the higher score you will get. It is entirely possible to rack up a few hundred points in each level just by hitting these petpets alone, but be sure to try and get all the other targets if possible!

The Blathering Beech: This is the “master” that you must beat at the end of the game which shows up at the end of level 3. You want to shoot him as fast and (yes, once again) directly as possible! As I mentioned before, he will start coming toward you and if he hits you three times before you kill him, it’ll be game over. Each hit on him is worth about 2 points but it is hard to tell exactly since if you are hitting him as fast as you should be, your score will increase at a rapid pace. If you successfully kill him, he falls down and disappears off the screen.

What to Avoid:

There is one target that you don’t want to hit and this is the Lupe. If you hit him, you will actually lose 5 points and a message will come up that says, “Don’t Shoot!” Do your best to avoid hitting him, so you don’t lose your hard earned points!


-In this game, it is best to try and go as quickly as possible. However, you don’t want to be shooting all over the place without aiming correctly, so you’ll need to practice being precise and quick. Preciseness will help increase your score while quickness will help you kill more enemies, also increasing your score.

-For the Blathering Beech, it is best to try and hit his limbs first (arms and legs) so that it is harder for him to come and attack you. Also, by eliminating his arms and legs first, you’ll gain more points and have more time to kill him by hitting his body afterward.

-If the Lupe is behind an enemy, be very careful in hitting the enemy. If you are clicking very quickly and not paying attention, you will most likely eliminate the enemy first and then hit the Lupe behind it without noticing. This will cost you points, so it’s important to be careful in this situation.

Lastly, have fun and happy gallery shooting!

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