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I was looking over the Terms and Conditions and it says that you can suspend our accounts for up to 72 hours if we're found breaking the rules. Well, I just got suspended for 111+ hours, so that's obviously not true... do you not go by this anymore? ~dragonflygh
Every time an account is given a suspension, the length of the suspension is increased by 24 hours. When we first introduced the suspension system we figured that, by that point, most accounts would be frozen for the multiple infractions. In fact, generally, most accounts are frozen by then. However, since we do look at warnings / suspensions / freezings on a case-by-case basis, sometimes we let you guys slide due to just having a large number of minor warnings. Your account is certainly on thin ice with that many warnings, though. Please be sure to carefully consider what your past warnings have been about and take time to refresh yourself with the site rules to avoid possibly having your account frozen.

So I was on the boards yesterday and I saw someone who had just lost 285,000 Neopoints. The trader had a Snowbunny in their trades and their wishlist was 285k. They said someone bid 285 NP and she accepted without thinking, but then later realized what happened. The person said it was her (the trader's) own personal fault, but other people said that the trader was scammed because the buyer made it look like it was 285k; therefore, the trader should report the scammer. So, did she get scammed? ~kopakasheild5
Yes, she was scammed. Maliciously trying to trick people like that is scamming. Please remember to take your time when making transactions. Being aware is the first step in avoiding scams.

Hey TNT, I've got a question for you. Is it really necessary to give your Neopets drinks? I mean, when mine say that they're thirsty I like to get them a Neocola, but is this necessary? Oh yeah, one more question... are we allowed to post religious stuff on our User Lookups? Just need to know! ~commander1234
Neopets can survive on any food you give them, really. They're very hardy creatures, so there's no reason to give them specific foods, but we're sure that they'd appreciate it if you did indulge them from time to time. As far as religious stuff on User Lookups, it should be avoided. People come here to enjoy the world of Neopia, not have a constant reminder of the real world. Please avoid posting religious text or imagery that can only be interpreted as religious.

I sold two map pieces in my shop. They were both priced at 10,000 Neopoints, but when I went to collect all I had in my Shop Till was 7,000 NP (when I should've had 20,000 NP). Is Lawyerbot charging me for my shop or what? ~natemor
This was most likely caused by an accidental misprice. Lawyerbot has more devious ways of making his Neopoints. If you ever need to check what was sold in your shop and for how much, you can always check your sales page. It will list any item sold for over 1,000 NP.

Sounds like someone got a great deal on a map piece!

Hey, TNT! *gives you jelly muffins* Ever considered making a Jelly World team for the Altador Cup? ~medieval_mayhem
Have you guys been talking to Mr. Insane again? *sigh* Jelly World couldn't possibly have an Altador Cup team, because the non-existent world would also have a non-existent populace, and therefore couldn't possibly form an AC team.

I've heard that the Smuggler's Cove only releases 120 of each item. Is this true? ~alungalung
Actually, it releases 100 of each item. One news day long, long ago, though, we decided to release 20 more of each of the previous items that had been released in the cove before. So, of those older items, yes, 120 were released -- but 100 is still the standard amount.

I was wondering what the chances might be for the auctions to have a maximum bid option like a *cough* certain other online auction site *cough* where you can put in the maximum you're willing to pay and it will bid for you. Thanks! ~renee668
We thought about this, but there are several issues that greatly concern us. First of all, Neopets is a game and part of that is having to watch your items carefully and actively bid on them to make sure you win. Also, there are many people who use the Auction House as a place to make Neopoints by buying low and selling high. So, as pleasant as being able to make your bid and walk away may sound, we think the system is actually better off how it is. :)

Hey, TNT! Important question here. So, let's say that I lent my Super Attack Pea to another user so they could get the avatar. They don't give it back and I report them. You then freeze the scammer. At that point, what happens to my item? Is it just gone forever? Also, because of this, do you plan on releasing more of items like these (incredibly rare ones)? ~rpwehp12
We track down the scammer until the item they stole is found and freeze all their accounts, including the one containing the item. In most cases we will not return the item as it is strictly your responsibility to keep your items safe, and it will not be replaced in the economy. There's a rumour that, if a Smuggler's Cove item (like the Super Attack Pea) is frozen or destroyed in any way, another one restocks at the cove, but this is not true. If you have a rare item, please guard it carefully and be very careful with who you choose to lend your items to.


Ehemmm... hello. :D I recently viewed a board with an offsite link to a picture website where you upload images and then share them. It did not have Neopets anywhere in the link. I promptly reported this, stating that it was against the rules. I was soon bashed by many Neopets site members, who said it wasn't against the rules and that I was just reporting to report. Is it against the rules to post links to image websites? Thanks, team. ;) ~ilikenoodleart18
Offsite links (except for directly related sites like are not permitted to be posted on the boards. You were right to report the link. :) URLs posted on the boards could be harmless screenshots or fansites, but they could also be linking to malicious websites that might endanger your account, harm your computer, or link to very inappropriate imagery. Please don't ever post or visit offsite links on the site boards. Seriously, it's for your own safety guys, not because we like tossing out warnings -- because we don't. We want you guys to have fun, but we also need everyone to act responsibly to help make the site fun and safe for all players.

Hi, TNT! First of all, great job on Key Quest. It's such a great game -- I am addicted!!! Lately, though, there has been a lot of confusion on the KQ boards. A lot of people were under the impression that you could only win a paint brush from a gold key, but now people are claiming that they have won paint brushes from silver keys: is this true? Are the prizes completely random? If so, would you be able to win paint brushes from bronze and lead keys, too? If this is published please keep my username private. Thanks. =] ~[username removed]
We checked with our Key Quest experts and they have told us that paint brushes can only be won from gold keys. Sorry, guys!

Hello, TNT. I think I might have a serious problem. I'm not sure exactly how, but somehow I've memorized the spelling of the word "transmogrification." I don't have to copy and paste it, I don't have to look at the spelling, I just know it. Should I be at all concerned about this? Do I need to go and see a doctor? Help would be appreciated. Thank you! ~blade_67267
Wow, now that's impressive. Going to the doctor is one solution, but there's also another: what's your resume look like? ;)

Hey there, TNT! =D *hands obligatory cookie* I was wondering, would it be possible to have a sort of Altador Cup Jr. for the younger kids? I ask because certain teams (read as: Faerieland) have been getting dragged down by the sheer number of "freeloading six year olds," and this would help with that problem. Thanks for reading! ;D ~mithril_mithrandir
Sorry, but you can't blame Faerieland's losses to "freeloaders" because, as we've said before, people who sign up for a team but don't play have absolutely zero effect on your team's score. You'd be better off encouraging your active teammates to push harder, rather than blaming the losses on a mass of small children (this goes for all you teams out there that have been complaining about "freeloaders" of any age).

I came across a bottled faerie recently. It blessed my Neopet and said that he'd been granted a certain ability. Is that a Battledome ability? I ask because, every time I go, it never lists the said ability. ~chargedion
Yes, at certain various levels Neopets can learn Battledome abilities from bottled faeries that your Neopet releases. These abilities need to be activated before they can be used, though. You can do that by visiting your Neopets' Quick Reference page and clicking on the drop-down next to their smaller image. The list will include "View Abilities." Click there and you will be taken to a page where you can activate a total of four abilities out of all the abilities your Neopet has learned. They can be changed again at any time by re-visiting the page and activating different abilities.

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