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Popularity Is Just a Word

by mercyofthefallen


We have all seen it, the beloved neopopularity list. So many new neopets are created each day, but the list seems to always stay in generally the same spot; the ever-smiling Shoyru is in the lead, followed closely by the Kacheek and Kougra. Needless to say limited edition pets lie in the bottom as popularity is based on the number of each species that roam Neopia, but what about those pets at the bottom who can be created at any time and simply... aren't? What did they do wrong, why do people fewer people like them than the vain Uni? Why are they not classified as "popular"? These are questions I'm sure they are constantly pondering- so I took some time to examine the 6 bottom easy-to-create pets and look through their flaws and strengths to find why they reside so low on the list and explain why Neopians may want to give them a second glance.

#38. Tuskaninny- big eyes, big hearts, why are they on this lonely section of the list? Not everyone sees the intelligence and mystery behind that face, and so these poor pets are looked over, but they are loyal and will always love to be by their owner's side at the beach, where they will be thrilled to play games and discover new things along the beach and in the water. The Tuskaninny is one pet you know you can count on to cheer you up even if your day has been sadder than the grey faerie.

#39. Ruki- on the popularity list, you can spot a Ruki assuring a Bori that it will catch up to him in the rankings, but the poor Ruki never seems able to do so. When you read the description, the Ruki sounds like an ideal pet: it is described as a strong creature who can travel great distances and originates from the fascinating mystery that is the Lost Desert! Sounds pretty good, right? Oh, and did I mention they look great in camouflage? So why is the Ruki so low in the rankings? Well, no pet can appeal to everybody but the pets that reside in the top spots tend to be fuzzy and smiley, whereas the Ruki has a hard outer-shell and seems serious in comparison. But hey, you would be too if you had to live in the heat of the Lost Desert all the time! If people could look past their physical appearance, and towards their awesome skills I think the Ruki species would be widely accepted as great survivors and committed companions.

#40. Moehog- hard workers with a sense of fun, what could be wrong with a Moehog that it ended up so far down the list? They aren't the most flashy of pets and not everyone likes to deal with tusks. But with such a nice smile and such awesome hair? Who could deny them? Not to mention being one of the cutest baby pets in all of Neopia. Though young Moehogs have a reputation of being quite noisy with their snorting, I think too little is said about the world of Moehogs and few know much about them. I think they should raise their tusks high to get some attention!

#41. Lenny- these cute feathered guys are described as intelligent and witty, and they have such welcoming smiles; why on earth are their so few? A lot of people like to have flashy pets, and the Lenny is just a somewhat silly looking pet with wide eyes and a yearning for knowledge, not often described as the most glamorous of pets. But any pet can be glamorous with enough love and care, so why not give these friendly valedictorians a chance?

#42. Ogrin- I have always been a Peophin lover myself, but a few friends of mine own Ogrins and they are very happy with them, as they should be. Even in the "basic" colors Ogrins have fascinating features, from their wild mane to the intricate stripes. One must question why Ogrins aren't more popular. The fact of the matter is, Ogrins are just very shy. It seems they prefer spending time with nature rather than having to deal with social situations, and who could blame them? It is very hard to work with others when there are so many new things to learn! If a few more people could give one some company as it explores the world around it, I think Neopia would see just how great Ogrins can be!

#43. Gnorbu- they are the very last pets on the popularity list before the limited editions; how could they possibly be there? Gnorbus enjoy a good laugh and are very sweet and sincere, so what is the problem? Well, a lot of Neopians want to be able to say they have an athletic pet, and with Gnorbus being described as having a natural lack of agility, a lot of members just turn away from them and go for something that looks more agile. Other people may be turned off by the somewhat small variety of paintbrush options that come with this pet, though may I say they look mighty sharp in cloud! They do want to please, so don't push these sweeties off to the side too quickly; give them a chance to make up for their flaws through caring for you!

I don't mean to diminish the value of popular pets, because they are all popular for their own reasons, so power to them, but every pet is different and some just don't have an attraction to the spotlight, so why not shine their way? Though this was just written to get a better look at the often over-looked pets, I really hope some people who have the room will take in one of these understated creatures, or just acknowledge that though they may be low in numbers they are high on intelligence and they will always be proud of themselves for being the unique and interesting pets they are! No matter what pet you own, hold your head high because popularity is just a word, but you care really means something.

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