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My sister has access to the Lab Ray, but every day she seems frustrated that she spent all those hard earned Neopoints to get it. Is there some way that the Lab Ray could be fired at least 3 times a day? I understand that you guys want everything to be fair, but please reply back! *hands over a Weewoo on a cookie* ~dr_hooouse
We think once a day is reasonable, considering the amazing outcomes the Lab Ray can offer. Otherwise it'd just be too easy to get high stats and fancy Neopets. We don't want it to be extremely hard, but we do want it to be challenging and take some effort.

Dear TNT, I started a game of NeoQuest I some time ago because I wanted to get the "Wise and Powerful" avatar. However, now that I've got it, I thought that I might as well go for the trophy... and maybe the next one... and maybe, just maybe the last one, too. The thing is: I use my Lab Neopet as my active one, so it's his NQ game, too. Will I have to keep my lab rat all the time if I ever want the gold trophy, or would I have to start over completely if I transfer it or send my Neopet to The Pound? Also, what about lending? Will my Neopet still have the same saved game if I get it back? Thanks! ~raznac
NeoQuest games are saved to your Neopet, so yes, you will have to keep your lab Neopet around if you're planning on finishing the game. As far as we can tell, though, lending your Neopet won't interrupt your game unless the person who you lend the Neopet to decides to restart it.

Hello, TNT! I've seen that you like weird questions, so here's one that's been brought up to me several times. If buying Neopets is against the rules, then how come you can BUY a Draik? ~ce01
We're assuming you mean Draik eggs? It's much the same as buying a Krawk Petpet and changing it into a Krawk Neopet. When in the form of an egg or Petpet, these Neopets are considered items, which can be bought or sold (but NOT traded for Neopets). After they have been made into Neopets, the rules regarding Neopets come into effect.

This is completely out of curiosity: you know how the Neopoint ratios for games change every month? Do you have some kind of epic-cool automated system that changes them automatically, based on the last month's data about how many Neopoints flowed into the system, or does it have to be done by a human being going through and tweaking each game? I ask because, if that's the case, it sounds like a major pain! ~breakingchains
Epic-cool automated system. ;) We think we'd have people screaming and running out of the building if we had to do that by hand.

I was wondering: if you have a Neopet staying in the Neolodge and you want to transfer the Neopet to a side account, will the Neopet still be in the Neolodge when it arrives at the new account, or will the transfer end the Neopet's stay? Thanks! ~maxhalley
Transferring your Neopet will not interrupt your Neopet's stay at the Neolodge. They will be in for a big surprise when they come home, though! D:

Why aren't Neopets allowed to love, or even like each other? One of my (and several other Neopians') theories is that it's to protect younger users... but surely they could just go watch a movie / TV show with romance in it. D: If you won't allow it, can you at least explain why it's not allowed? (Also, please remove my username.) ~[username removed]
We know romance is all over the place, but we have to draw a line somewhere. We don't want breeding Neopets, we don't want NeoMarriages, and we don't want Neopets dating each other or players roleplaying stuff on the site, because we can't control where it will end up. Therefore, we decided to draw the line early on for the sake of everyone's sanity.

Sorry, guys.

Dear TNT, *gives mandatory plate of cookies* I was just wondering if you could do me a favor: could you please ask Droplet what her favorite Neopet species is? Please, please? Thank you! ~mpettengill
We asked her, and while at first she said she liked them all, she finally admitted the truth: "Floaty Kikos of Doom." Yeah, we're worried too.

Dear wonderful and glorious TNT, I know there is a rule that says something along the lines of: "Neopets is not a dating site for you or your Neopets." I was wondering if it's okay for two of YOUR Neopets to be "married" or "together" for the sake of your stories about them? I mean, without inappropriate things like kissing, etc. I would love it if that were the case, but I would hate to be frozen, so I thought I would ask. With lots and lots-o'-love! ~baby_kougra_mia
Alas, as we mentioned above, that's part of the line we drew. The rules are difficult enough to follow without making exceptions, so we'll just have to say no to this as well to keep things as clear as possible.

Hi, I recently went to a shop that was owned by [username removed] and they had a picture of an Angelpuss there with a heading that said "Special Sale!" When I clicked on the Angelpuss, a dinosaur and a message came up on the page (not a pop-up) and there was a picture of a dinosaur and under the dinosaur it said: "The Angelpuss that you came here to buy has changed price from 2,900 NP to 2,980 NP. If you still wish to buy it, that is fine. The owner of this shop may be raising prices on purpose, however, in order to catch you out!" Who put this message in? Is this a scam? ~spandhana
In this particular case, you probably just caught the person honestly changing their sale price slightly. This was put into place years ago to stop a scam whereby people would quickly (and drastically) change their prices up and down, in order to try and scam people. It's there to get your attention so you don't fall for a scam like that.

Hey TNT! I recently went to an "auction" shop. It sells items that are worthless for over 90,000 NP, claiming that if you buy from their shop, you will be able to participate in their auctions. I checked to find that there are really Neofriend-only items up for auction by that user. Therefore, is this reportable? ~duoriunctus
This is very much against the rules. Please report the player and anyone else you see doing this. While players are more than welcome to put up items just for their Neofriends, when they cross the line by asking for "a donation" to become someone's Neofriend, then they've officially become a scammer.

I remember there being a very cool-looking Petpet a while ago. It was called a Quilin, and it was kinda like a miniature lion with a blue mane and a horn coming out of its forehead. What happened to it? Do you still have this rare Petpet, or is it retired? I MUST know! ~mz_reese
Don't worry, it's not retired. It is rarity 99 though, so it's super rare. There's a few on the Trading Post right now, but be prepared to pay a bundle for such a rare Petpet.

Hey! I'm worth it, though.

Can we put a girlish item (i.e. tiaras, hair ties) on a boy Neopet, and vice versa? ~hplovescheese
There are no gender restrictions on Neopet clothing, so if that's how you want to dress up your Neopet, that's up to you.

Petpets are very expensive. Is there any way that you could lower the price on them for one day? My Neopet is very lonely, and would very much like to have a Petpet. I hope you can take this question and turn it into a reality. ~babyluv10
Tell you what: we'll cut the cost of all the items sold in Neopia's shops (Hidden Tower, General Store, and the Neohome Superstore excluded) by 50% one day a month for you! :D We'll call it "Half Price Day." It'll take place on the 3rd of every month. Sound good? Great! Good luck finding the perfect companion for your Neopet. :)

Hi TNT, I want some clarification here. On some boards they enforce their own set of "rules" in order to keep the board in order. For example, there's a board for posting the times that the Kadoaties may be hungry. Other than posting the times, their rules state that you're not allowed to post. Now most people agree that this makes sense, but some say that (since these are public boards) they are allowed to post whatever they want. Are the "rules" made up on these boards enforced? ~krystalkairi
Nope, these rules are not enforced by our site monitors. Any "board rules" are up to each player to decide whether they want to respect them or not. They are public boards and anyone may post on them if they like. Remember, though -- spamming isn't tolerated either, so if your only purpose when posting on a board is to harass the people who are trying to keep it clean and organised, then you might get a warning, too.

Dear TNT, for the sanity and clarification of everyone could you please let us know whether we are indeed allowed to collect the new goodie bags on our side accounts or not? I would think that we wouldn't be allowed, as they seem to contain Neopoint (rather than Neocash) items. Thanks so much for clearing this up; I know that you have before, but a refresher seems necessary. PS: Please remove my username. XD ~[username removed]
Yes, you are correct. Since NC Mall goodie bags may award Neopoint items, please only collect them on your main accounts.

How long after you published the previous Editorial did it take for somebody to nab the username sillyusername123_20? ~centeroftootsiepop
13 minutes and 6 seconds. Waaaay longer than what we guessed. Sheesh, stop slacking you guys! ;D

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