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Berry Bash - The Complete Guide

by mistress_sama


Berry Bash is a nice strategy game with a little action in it to keep your interest. You play Rufus - a yellow Kougra and the Grand Bogen. His job is to keep all the customers happy, because as they say “a happy customer is a happy plant”.

The Screen

On the top of the screen you have a table for six. There you will put the customers. Down on the left is the waiting line. Next to it are the bushes where the plants will grow. You have five different fruits; you will unlock one every level. Down on the left, under the waiting line, you will find your score table. Every time you seat, serve, take an order, etc, you get points.

The fruit next to your score is the fruit meter. It shows how close you are to unlocking a new fruit and proceeding to the next level.

The Game Play

You play the game only with your mouse.

First you have to pick the customer and put him on one of the six places on the table. Then you take his order, by clicking on him, pick the fruit and serve it. After he is done, you just have to clean after him. When a customer leaves happy, the fruit next to the score table will fill by some level. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet, it’s not. You can see over the heads of the clients four hearts. The more they wait for seating, taking orders, serving, etc., the lower the red hearts get. That measures their patience. When they run out of patience, they will leave and your fruit meter will lower.

You lose if the fruit meter gets to the bottom or if the waiting line gets filled with customers and new one cannot come.

Once you get all the fruits and fill the fruit meter, you win the game.

The Clients

There are three different types of customers. They all give different scoring, fill the fruit meter differently and have different patience.

Tourists: The little cute red Aishas are really patient. They don’t mind waiting, because they are busy with looking around and enjoying their time. They give nice tips when served but don’t fill the fruit meter much. They eat slowly. After all, it is their vacation and they can enjoy their meal.

Mystery Island natives: They look just like the Tiki Tack Man. They can be called patient, but don’t let them wait too long because they get restless. The natives are not very good at tipping, but since they know their island very well, they help a lot for the new fruits to be born. They eat very fast because they have other things to do.

The Elders: There are two outlooks for elders: Kyrii and Kougras. They are really impatient because they have a lot of work to do. They are the VIP of the island, and as such, they give very good tips. Also, they know a lot of fruit secrets and help you grow your new fruits very fast. Try to put them one next to another. They like discussing some important elder things we don’t understand. That will make them a little bit more patient.

But all of these good features are a double edged blade. Don’t worry, if you lose a customer, he won’t take the points he gave you, but as much as he raises the fruit meter, he will decrease it that much if he leaves.


Different fruits mean different customers, though the fruits don’t have a very important part in the scoring except that you get a new one every level. I will give you some extra information outside the game to have a brief outlook.

Lemwart grows from the first bush. Tourists love it! It’s a bizarre hybrid that is almost like a citrus apple. It’s used in pies and in a really refreshing cocktail, served in the Maraqua restaurant, Kelp.

Gruish Melon grows from the second bush: blue and orange hairy fruit, which is said to be very delicious. This item can also be seen in the game Gadgadsgame.

Honeyplume is the next one. Not much is known about this fruit, except that it’s used for the sweet honeyplume pie, and it’s thought to have a taste similar to honey.

Banan grows on the fourth bush. Elders seem to like it, mostly the Kyrii elders. Nobody knows much about the Banan but the main explanation is that Bananas grew so close together that they merged to become one big Banan. It’s used in several sweets and cocktails.

Pluburb is the last one. Elder Kougras love it the most. Unfortunately, this is one of the fruits that almost nothing is known about.


Back to the game. The scoring is one of the most important parts. It decides if you get a trophy or not and how many neopoints you will be rewarded after the end.

Tourists give 4 points for seating, 8 for taking their order, 12 for serving them (told you they tip good) and 20 for cleaning. That is a total of 44 points for every tourist that lives happy.

Natives give only 2 points for seating them, 4 for the order, 6 for the serving and 20 for cleaning. That is a total of 32 for every native. Stingy people, but they help a lot with the fruit growing.

Elder Kyrii give 6 for seating them, 12 for taking their order, 18 for serving the food and 40 for cleaning after them. That is a total of 76 points.

Elder Kougras give the most points in the game. They give 16 for seating and taking their order, 24 for the food and 40 for cleaning. This makes a total of 96 points per Elder Kougra!

For every 100 points, you get 45 neopoints so you need over 2220 points to get the maximum neopoints per a game. If you win the game, you will get over 4000 points, so don’t worry.


The trophy is a Honeyplume on three leaves. It’s very pretty and actually not that hard to get. You may wonder how people get ten times more points than you, even if you win the game.

First, the more you play the game and win, you will notice you always score a little bit more points than the last time. Unfortunately, that is not the way you get the trophy.

Here is the trick. Your main idea is to not finish the game. Once you reach the last level keep a close look at your fruit meter. Once it’s almost full, let a few Elder Kyrii leave after they eat their food - you will just not clean up after them. They will get mad really fast and leave, which will decrease your meter. Once your meter falls around the middle or under, start pleasing everyone. Always have place on the waiting line. If the line fills, you lose the game.

Don’t wait for the tourists to leave! They have too much patience, score little and only take place on both the waiting line and the table. The natives are a nice way to get your bar up: they eat fast, leave fast and give a big boost to the fruit meter.

Extra tips that just don’t fit anywhere

* Play the game with a mouse. A touchpad or tablet is no good.

* If your computer cannot cover the high quality for the game, just put it on the lowest. Lag is not what you want during this game.

* If you are looking for cheats, there aren’t any... for now.

* If you go for the trophy, play on low graphics, have patience and a lot of free time.

* If you go for the trophy always full-serve the Elder Kougras.

Have fun and enjoy the fruits!

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