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Dear Diary

by rocknrollpup95


Jhudora picked the small book up. It was dusty and had no title. She opened it and blew some dust off.

     Dear Diary... she read to herself. Jhudora went back to her cloud and sat down on her throne. She started reading it...


          4th Day of Awakening, Y1

     Dear Diary,

     Today is Jhudora’s special day. I shudder every time I hear that name. I shudder even writing it down on this paper. My mother says she should not be feared. I fear anyways. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Her cloud is like a dungeon. No—it is a dungeon. I’ve always wondered how many Neopets she has in her “prison”. My mother herself has asked the witch where all the disappearing Neopets are, but she denies it. How can she deny it? What else would you think when Neopets go onto her cloud and never come back out? Just the other day there was yet another Neopet who went to do a quest for her and disappeared. What is she planning? What is she hiding? Who is she working for? I would find out myself, but I have a fear, and it is her.


     14th day of Awakening, Y1

     Dear Diary,

     I’m not fond of Valentine’s Day. It’s a day when people get sent flowers and chocolates and mushy secret admirer cards. What’s the point? The flowers die within a week, the chocolates make you fat, and the mushy secret admirer cards get thrown in the garbage the night you get them. Mother says it’s because I’m only ten and that I don’t understand, but still...


     17th day of Running, Y1

     Dear Diary,

     I know it has been a month since I have written, but I’ve been busy. Today my friend invited me to lunch because it’s my birthday. Nice of her, right? Anyhoo, that was cut short ‘cause her mom was having a bigger lunch at the castle and she had to be there. Yeah, and Jhudora sent me a card. “I’M WATCHING YOU.” That’s what it said. She’s all freaked out ‘cause a week ago I saw her do something so despicable that even Sloth wouldn’t have thought of it.

     I was trying to stop a Neopet from doing one of her quests. That stubborn little Aisha just wouldn’t listen to me. I told her that Jhudora was dangerous and that doing a quest for her was the dumbest thing any Neopian could do. It’s like walking right into Death’s door.

     So I followed the Aisha to Jhudora’s cloud without letting the Neopet know. It’s one thing when a Neopet disappears near Jhudora, but it’s another thing when a Neopet is about to disappear near Jhudora and I can stop it. I had only been to Jhudora’s cloud once, and I had only made it to the door. Then I chickened out. But I built up my courage and followed the Aisha inside.

     It was dark and cold. A chill had gone down my spine. The Aisha had already gone into Jhudora’s “throne room”. I put my ear up to the door and listened. It was a bit muffled, but I had made out a few words.

     “... take over... overthrow... she won’t rule... but I need... get it for me.” It was Jhudora’s voice; I had no doubt.

     That hadn’t sounded too good. I had kept on listening, but part of me was trying to get me out of there.

     “How do I... don’t want to hurt... I—” the Aisha had said.

     But Jhudora cut her off. “SILENCE!” she had screeched. I’d heard her next words loud and clear: “Are you going to help me or not?”

     “...go home...” I’d heard the Aisha say.

     “YOU IGNORANT, STUPID, IDIOTIC—” Jhudora was yelling.

     That was when I knew I had to do something. So I barged through the door.

     And that’s when I saw Jhudora cast a spell.

     Faster than I could blink, the Aisha had turned into stone. Rock solid.

     The fiery glare in Jhudora’s eyes was scary enough to make Sloth start to cry.

     She must have panicked because the next thing she did was so... impossible. She picked up the stone Aisha and threw it into her cauldron. I gasped. So that’s what she did with all those Neopets who did her quests. She turned them into stone and threw them into her cauldron so no one would ever know.

     But I knew now.

     I remember Jhudora’s words exactly. “What are you staring at?”

     “Y-y-you...” I had stuttered. I was too astonished to say anything.

     She started chanting a spell.

     The same spell that she had cast on the Aisha.

     It was my turn to panic.

     So I ran.

     I sprinted out and ran. Ran and ran and ran and ran. As fast as I could. I jumped off the cloud of Faerieland and flew away.

     I was planning to go to Terror Mountain. That was a faraway place. But my wings got tired. So I took a stop in Meridell.

     Yes, that was my plan. To hide. Hide from Jhudora.

     And here I am now, writing in my journal about what happened last week. She hasn’t come after me yet. But I’m sure she will. As long as I’m here in Meridell, where Neopians can see me, I’ll be safe. This is my home. I’m sure that I’m safe here.

     My hand hurts. I’ll write soon.


     Jhudora couldn’t believe what she was reading. It was all proof of her “despicable deed”. Right here in her hands. And to think this had been around since Y1. She had to get rid of it. Burn it, rip it up, throw it in her cauldron. Anything to get rid of it! But she was curious also. What else had this person written about her?

     On Jhudora’s Cloud, it was usually just Jhudora, Jhudora, and... Jhudora. No one else but Jhudora. No one would bother her. She skimmed through a few entries and then skipped to the last entry.


       2nd Day of Relaxing, Y3

     Dear Diary,

     I found you again today. Sorry. I forgot I threw you under my bed. I just cleaned out everything underneath. So I’m going to write again. I just reread some of my old entries. I also forgot I wrote about Jhudora’s “deed”. Maybe it’s time I tell someone. I mean, I have the proof. But then again, they might think I made it up. How could I make that up though? Maybe I’ll tell Queen Fyora. Well, actually, it’s her day today. I don’t want to ruin it for her. But last night another Neopet disappeared. I have to tell her. I’m going to do it.


      Jhudora slammed the book shut. That was written in Y3. It was Y11 now. Did it ever make it to Fyora? And then she remembered that day. It was very clear in her mind.

     It was the day Jhudora looked out her window and saw a suspicious-looking earth faerie creeping through Faerieland. She was holding a book closely to herself, looking over her shoulder every so often. Jhudora didn’t like suspicious faeries. Especially suspicious earth faeries. Cautiously, Jhudora had left her cloud and followed the earth faerie. Changing her shape into an innocent looking Shoyru, she approached the earth faerie and said, “Excuse me, kind faerie? My wing has a scar on it. Can you heal it for me?” The faerie had replied with something like, “You could go to the Healing Faerie, but since you can’t fly, I’ll help you.” She put her book down and began healing the wing. And then she stopped. “Why is it gushing purple and green?” The earth faerie’s eyes widened and she shouted, “JHUDORA! HELP! SOMEBODY!” Since it was no use hiding her identity, Jhudora turned back into her normal form and tried grabbing the book, but other faeries were moving in on her. So she had just run back to her cloud. Then she sat back down on her throne and watched the earth faerie closely through the window. She flew away. And she wasn’t holding anything.

     Jhudora knew better than to go back out there because the other faeries would be on the lookout. Days passed and she eventually forgot about the book.

     ...Which brings us back to this morning when she was on her way to... somewhere unheard of... and stumbled upon a small book.

     Jhudora opened the book to the back cover. In small handwriting it said, “This book belongs to Illusen.”

     She threw the book into her cauldron and watched it disappear.

The End

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