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Be Prepared! School Supplies for Real Success

by giggilogalmewmew


Ahem, ahem... *clears throat* Are we on the air? Start the cameras, Bob!

Welcome to Neo News Now, your triple-N network that updates you on all the latest fashions, fads, and important information that relates directly to your Neopian life! Today we're covering a -

Beeeep! Connection failure! Alert!

Heh, alright! I did it! Forget the triple-N network. I'm here to tell you what's really up and about! Who am I you ask? Well, I'm just an innocent Uni looking for a voice. Nameless, since I'm sure those kids at school would really give me raff just for talking about this!

Today I'm here to tell you about school supplies. Yes, school supplies! The summer is over, the air is crisp, and the month of Collecting is upon us! For many a Neopian (like me, in fact) it means that school is on the cusp of starting, and that means preparation, preparation, preparation! But what do these fashion magazines and books tell us about fall? Clothes, clothes, clothes! They tell us what new hairstyle to have, what new clothes to buy, and how we can paint our claws in special designs! Instead of guiding us in the right direction to new pens and paper, they are guiding us to the mall! So I'm taking a different route. I've hijacked the triple-N network to tell every Neopian just how to be productive and prepare for a new school year! So if you're looking for the latest and greatest neo-supplies list, look no further, because I've got the insider look on what you need to purchase to be super smart this school year!

Paper Please!

The very first thing you need to succeed in school is a notebook! Everyone needs paper, and notebooks provide convenient ways to carry around equations, quotes, and tidbits of information to help you with your assignments. The best notebook has a sturdy cover and back, with plenty of room to write, and a spot on the cover to tell you what class the notes are for. My personal favourite is the Blue Poogle Notebook! It's thick, lasts a long time, and isn't covered with too much decoration. The Blue Draik, Yellow Tonu, and Red Techo Notebooks are also quite useful, providing the same quality for a fraction of the price!

Written Word

"The pen is mightier than the sword!"

But what about the pencil?

In every scholar's life there will be one debate that will travel with them throughout their entire writing career - pen, or pencil? On the one hand, most pencils are erasable making changing mistakes hassle free. On the other hand, pens provide smooth writing and fun colours that tickle the eye! Everyone has their own preference, but I find that having both pens and pencils is a great idea for any learning arsenal! While the basics are just fine, I use a step-up and have a Mechanical Pencil and Multicoloured Pen sitting in my pencil box. I also like to carry a Camouflage Poogle Pen for underlining titles and important words, and I've found that if I'm looking to take notes, the Rainbow Chomby Highlighter can be quite useful!

If you're looking for a full set of pens and pencils, the faerie line is perfect! There's pens, pencils, erasers, and even notebooks and backpacks for all of the faeries. Perfect for any faerie fan, and practical for the school environment!

Erasers, Scissors, and Rulers Oh my!

Everyone knows that accessories make the outfit, and in school, you need plenty of accessories to help you on your learning journey. Here are some of my favourite essentials!


Berry Ink Eraser - If you're a pen user and you've made a mistake, have no fear! This cute berry fresh eraser is strong enough to wipe your page clean of ink marks, and it smells great too! Just don't mistake it with the Inky Eraser. They may look alike, but only one will leave your page ink free!

White Poogle Eraser - The best eraser is lightly coloured, so that it won't replace pencil marks with coloured smudges. While this eraser may be tough to grip, one swipe will leave your page cleaner than if you used soap and water!


Purple Kau Scissors - If you're looking for an easy to hold pair of scissors that are safe for both young and old, these scissors are right up your alley! The soft purple handles are easy to grip, and are comfortable for those extended art projects that need a lot of cutting. Plus, the tips of the scissors are rounded for safety, making sure that any unnecessary, err... pokes... don't happen.


Blue Draik Ruler: This ruler is my absolute favourite! It's neatly designed, has large numbers for easy reading, and like many rulers on the market it features a lovely slider to remember where you last measured.

Babaa Ruler: I always like to keep this ruler around just in case I might be measuring something extra long!

Pencil Sharpeners:

Chia Pencil Sharpener: This easy to use sharpener is perfect to keep your pencils and crayons in tip-top working order. Just stick the pencil in and turn the handle! Plus, the bottom is equipped with a clear plastic container where all the sharpening bits collect, allowing you to cut down on garbage visits!


Cloud Folder: The best way to stay organized is supplementing your notebooks with unique folders! Each folder comes with a pocket on each side so you can slip loose pages in for safe keeping. If you don't like Cloud, my second favourite is the Starry Folder! Both provide fun ways to keep your school assignments neat and orderly, while not covering them with sticky jelly, or weighing things down with heavy iron.

Backpacks and Pencil Savers

Now that we've gotten past some must-have essentials, we need to look at how to carry them! When it comes down to it, the backpack is the best choice for easy carrying of all your items. Backpacks come in various sizes, and shapes, with one out there for every personality!

But how do you choose your backpack?

Well, start off with size! If you're a Neopian of small stature, don't overload yourself with a hefty bag that's sure to weigh you down. A petite Mipsy Backpack would be just fine for you! And if you're a larger Neopian, don't get a tiny bag that will look silly as you carry it! A Commander Garoo Backpack is functional and will rest snugly on your shoulders.

Once you've got your sizing down, consider what you want to say with your backpack! If you're not much for fashion or flair, it could be that the simple yet functional Green Backpack will work just fine. If not, there are tons of backpacks on the market. They range in everything from your everyday peapod, to some of Neopia's greatest villains and heroes!

When you've narrowed down your backpack, the next thing to think about is a pencil case. Sure, you can avoid one completely and let your pencils and pens roll around at the bottom of your pack, but why go through all that trouble? A pencil case is an affordable way to keep all your essentials snug and safe, while avoiding those unsightly ink stains on your brand new MSPP bag!

The first thing you need to decide on when choosing a pencil case is whether you want a bag, or a tin! Pencil tins are hard, flat, shaped aluminium boxes that are normally only the length of a regular pencil. They often make a lot of noise when filled (they rattle), and I personally find them unpractical. Pencil cases on the other hand, are sewn bags of varied size and colour that can hold everything from pencils to scissors. From there, the choice is yours, and boy is it a tough one! For myself, I like to match my pencil cases with my backpack, and I always get the standard sewn.

Lunch Box Blues

Now that you have everything you need to be a success in school, it's time to look at how to be a success during break time! Lunchtime is the daily break every student deserves. It's the time during the day when you can relax, refuel, and even work on homework if necessary. Learning requires energy, so why not build some up in style?

If you're going to 'do lunch', the first thing you need is the perfect lunch box. A lunch box is a metal or plastic box in either rounded or squared shape that holds all your lunch paraphernalia. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, and every lunch box comes with an easy-to-use handle.

My own lunch box is none other than the Red Lupe Lunch Box! It's long, sturdy, and is perfect to place oddly shaped objects in like apples or cans of fruit. Plus, the Lupe ears are just too cute! (Err, let's keep that part a secret, okay?)

When you've finally picked out your own lunch box, it's a good idea to plan your lunches ahead of time! Pack them the night before, and make sure that whoever does the shopping knows exactly what you want to eat. Make sure you have variety too! There is nothing worse than a boring lunch.

If you're not quite sure of what to put in your lunch, or don't have time to make one, consider one of the Food Shop's pre-packed lunch boxes! There are three different kinds, each serving a healthful sandwich, fruit, and juice drink for you to enjoy. And if sandwiches aren't your thing, pick yourself up a Plushie Acara Thermos! Fill it with soup or stew and enjoy a hot delicious lunch on the go. (It's also great for hot chocolate!)

Beeep! "We've found the perpetrator!"

Uh oh! It seems my time is up, faithful viewers! That's okay. I've given you everything you need to know on the best items to make your school year the most productive it can! Happy shopping!

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