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The Many Highlights of Year 6

by belldandy213


ALL OF NEOPIA - Well, we’ve finally made it! Year 6 is done for, and, frankly, Year 7 is on the way. So many things have happened to impact this very special year, and because of their impact so many things are yet to pass in Year 7. However, there are certain things that have really impacted Neopia this year, and will forever be held closely in our memories as unforgettable chapters in Neopian history. I hope you will join me now to bid a final farewell to this wonderful year, and welcome with me the New Year. And now… for the Highlights of Year 6…

Hannah and the Ice Caves plot – With one of the greatest plot endings of all time, the “Hannah and the Ice Caves” plot became a much discussed, much debated saga of heroism and suspense. Whether in the Neopian Times, the Neoboards, or elsewhere, you could always find discussion about this attention-grabbing plotline. Although it ended a week or so ago, even now we find numerous references to this plot come up over and over again. Definitely, this plot will go down in Neopian history as possibly the greatest of its time.

Neopia Goes Global – Neopia went global releasing many, many languages for its users to choose from on the 2nd of January, Y6. Surely, this was a huge step on the way to Neopets’ worldwide fame. Now with 10 languages to choose from, Neopia has attracted users of all kinds, from France to China. That meant more people to talk to, more ideas shared, and more fun on Neopets for all! Three cheers for that wonderful staff and their hard work to make Neopets go global! Hip, hip… hooray!

Introducing… the Ruki, Bori, and Yurble – This year introduced *three* new pets to Neopia: the Yurble, Ruki, and Bori. The Yurble, of which I do not have much fondness for, was released on the 28th of May. Two months later, the Ruki was released on the 29th of July. Bori was released months afterward on the 13th of October, after a long limited release thing with the “Neopets/Yahoo Toolbar”. The three pets have not become very popular just yet, but there are many people who adore Boris and Yurbles. Who knows? Maybe they might be the most popular pets on Neopets someday… someday…

Kreludor – On the 6th of May, a whole new world was released on Neopets. This exciting new place was a huge success merely because no worlds had been released other than that one for ages (unless you count Jelly World, which unfortunately was never really put on the map, but still half-exists). It was time for a change. I don’t see how this place was much different than Virtupets Space Station, but it’s there, and it is worth mentioning… I mean, you have to mention something as important as a “new world” on a New Years reflection article… Oh wait… I’m rambling… back to the point…

Layout changes – Well, Neopets finally got tired of their old layout (which they used for many, many years), and decided to make some changes to it for the better. Going through many, many different phases to achieve this design, the Staff has still yet to fully finish their layout. I, personally, have a strong distaste for the huge banner at the top of the page. However, it is only for the best, and there still are some advantages to this layout, like that nifty clock on the side of the page! Nifty, eh? Otherwise… I hope that this layout design is not the finished product. Although, I don’t really care if it is… I guess if it isn’t then, well, we’ll see what they do to improve it!

Guildmaster’s Dinner – This is a newly developed “Logic Puzzle” that the Staff has been working on for the last few weeks. While nothing much has happened yet in this puzzle, it seems to be a promising mystery for the Staff to improve upon. Look out for further clues, and you may be the one to crack the case behind the Guildmaster’s Dinner.

The Kadoatery – The Kadoatery was released on the 10th of September. When I first saw this, I was shocked. I mean some of these Kadoaties have extremely expensive taste! Blue Draik Eggs are not cheap at all… Of course, there was an avatar released in conjunction with the release of this. However, it’s much too expensive for the average Neopian to get. You must be a neomillionaire or more in order to gain enough Neopoints to get that avatar! If you have the time and Neopoints however, that avatar is very nice… and it’ll be a nice addition to any avatar collector’s collection.

Recoding Restocks – One Saturday morning on the 8th of May, Y6, the Staff decided to recode the Restocks. Now, this was fine and all for them, but it confused the heck out of all of the restockers of Neopia because they all were clearly used to the old method of restocking. The method was completely changed! So began the painstaking process of turning to the newer method of restocking. It was not easy, mind, but eventually everybody was able to get used to the new method of restocking.

Game Graveyard – On the 18th of May, we finally found out what happened to Neopets games when they are deleted… they are taken to the Game Graveyard! There, we can play all of the old games that once were, and rediscover Neopia’s past… Some very old games lie here just waiting to be played by user’s who want for themselves a good laugh at the very old games that were once the most popular of them all. Of course, if you want old favorites, you can always go to the Chance section in the Games area of the site. Many of those games are very, very old themselves!

However, those are only some of the many things to remember about in Year 6. Remember all the avatars that were made (like the Neopian Times Star Avatar that we all know and love ^_^), the games that were played, and even your own personal Neopets accomplishments! That's what made Year 6 a real blast for me, and what might make Year 7 feel loads better. So long to all, and remember to have a great time celebrating the New Year!

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