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...And All Thanks to the Healing Springs Faerie

by violinoutoftune


RECRUITMENT CENTER – Well, the war is over and the scores are in. Hannah’s 273,419 recruits managed to whack those beasts off Terror Mountain scoring an amazing 11,308,103 points! But the thieves put up a grand fight, too! Despite their number of only 102,913, they managed to score 8,974,518 points and should be giving themselves a big pat on the back right now as they really deserve it. Yes, thanks to everyone who fought on both sides, Terror Mountain is now just a little less terrifying.

But without one person, the success of this entire war would have been impossible. I’m talking about no other than the water faerie at the Healing Springs in Faerieland. During the war not only did she heal pet’s hit points on either side, but she also ridded them of the horrible Hoochie Coochies that the enemy so unkindly bestowed upon them. And did anyone ever thank her once? I doubt it. We Neopians were probably just too concerned about the war and healing our poor pets to even think of paying any gratitude to the one who deserved it the most. But now the war is over, the mountain is safe again, and the dreadful Hoochie Coochies outbreak has come to an end, so it’s the perfect time to do something nice in return to what the Healing Springs Faerie did for us and our precious pets.

Here are just a few ideas of what we can do for her:

Give the Healing Springs Faerie her own day – She truly deserves it. Illusen gets a day of her own. So does Jhudora and Fyora. But did they help in the war? I don’t think so. Illusen and Jhudora were still sending pets in all different directions for items that they were too lazy to get themselves and Fyora was just sitting up in her hidden tower all day making loads of money on her crazily expensive items. But the Healing Faerie was using all of her power to heal the thousands of pets that fought in the war; and they were very demanding too! Some coming every hour. And when she could only restore 3 hit points, Neopians would get mad and shout at her, roll their eyes, stomp their feet, or at least be frustrated. I know I was, and now I feel really guilty about it. The least we could do about our guiltiness is have an appreciation day for her.

Give the Healing Springs Faerie a vacation – She’s always there 24/7, everyday of the year. She doesn’t get off for holidays, or even just for lunch! Can’t we get another faerie to take her place for a couple hours so she can get a bite to eat?! Of course, because she is so wonderful and important, it might be hard to get a substitute. But hey, we can all use healing potions for a couple of hours, right?

Give the Healing Springs Faerie a present – Gifts are great ways to say: “I’m sorry for being so annoying and coming to get my pets healed every hour and then not even thanking you for trying when you can only heal them three hit points each” or something like that. Let’s remember that we never give her anything to heal our pets. So she’s really been giving free gifts to us all along. I think it’s about time somebody else starts doing the giving. But what could we give her that so splendid? Maybe something from Fyora’s tower of crazily expensive items. Then you’d be pleasing two faeries at once. Or if that doesn’t fit your budget, you can always get something for her at the Gift Shop in Neopia Central.

Just say thank you – Though gifts can be nice, just saying thanks to someone will usually suffice. Every time visit we the Healing Faerie, just say thanks. If single, simple thanks can go a long way, then think of what a thank-you from everyone in Neopia could do.

Start paying her for her healings – I’m sure this would be a popular choice among many Neopians… But seriously… the Healing Springs Faerie only makes a small amount of Neopoints from selling healing potions and any faerie could have some fun with some more spending money. I’m mean then she could afford a makeover or something. Speaking of which…

Give the Healing Springs Faerie a makeover! – She definitely needs it! It might just be me, but all the other faeries look much more… faerielike! That is, beautiful, magical, splashingly wonderful – everything that the lazy Illusen is. Not that the Healing Springs Faerie isn’t already pretty. And I don’t want to be saying that beauty makes you popular, but just look at Illusen and see how popular she is! It’s just the way things sometimes work, unfortunately. But just maybe Neopians will like and take more notice of the Healing Faerie if she looked a bit more like the other faeries in Neopia. Like if her ear wasn’t at the same level as her mouth.

Give the Healing Springs Faerie a name – As everyone should definitely know after reading all this, the Healing Springs Faerie is a very important faerie, so she should have a name already! Besides, I’m getting tired of referring to her as “The Healing Springs Faerie”.

Well, those are all of my ideas of how we can make the Healing Springs Faerie (ugh, that’s getting annoying) feel appreciated around here. She’s one of the hardest working faeries in Neopia that I know of. Another one is Taelia, but she was trapped in her own ice during the entire war, and that was really helpful of her. The Healing Springs Faerie uses her magical powers in a truly selfless and giving way everyday and she never gets a break. During the last war, she worked overtime healing our pets from the horrible Hoochie Coochies plagued upon us by the Snow Beasts and Ice Skeletons. And the great thing is we can still get our pets healed for free anytime our pets come down with the Coochies or any other disease, and it’s all thanks to the Healing Springs Faerie.

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