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Cheap, Easy Neohome Decorating

by jessorama


Okay, so you want to decorate your neohome. The problem is, you took one look at the furniture in the stores and realized your wallet is going to the hospital. Soon. Well, I’m going to show you ten quick, clever, and most of all, cheap ways to decorate your neohome and neogardens. I also have creative ideas for rooms for those people who have a little extra to spend. Get reading!

The Tyrannian Room

A clever use of furniture that we’ve all seen. Use stone and dung furniture to create a wonderful room, maybe adding a few touches here and there, like a furry wardrobe or furry table. What’s Tyrannia without fur? You might even discover a few pieces you really like! To enhance the look big time, get your room made out of stone! Ta-Da!

The Maraquan Garden

This is a garden that is really going to keep your wallet satisfied! Instead of all those super-expensive plants, fill your garden with different kinds of kelp! There are the ones we all know of, like the giant red kelp, that you can add. Or you can skip the more common ones and decorate with things like the starry sea fern or the prismatic sea fern, which are actually very stylish. To top it off you can put in a little fishing garden gnome, with you can buy in stores. If you think you have enough NP to buy a little extra, get a little pond to put in or a “wiggling seaweed plant”, available in neogarden stores. All your friends will be soooooooo jealous!

The Mix-and-Match Room

We all have those little bits of furniture just floating around our inventory and deposit box- sand sculptures, lamps, little accessories. Don’t those just get on your nerves? Why don’t you take all those pieces and just jam them into one of those empty, lonely rooms in your neohome and title it your amazingly wonderful “mix-and-match” room? It could actually turn out very stylish, you know- you’d be the talk of the town!

The Invisible Room

Everybody knows invisible stuff is expensive, so create a “invisible” room! Make a room- your choice of walling- and leave it empty. Tell all your friends that it’s filled with invisible stuff. Everyone will think you’re super rich! To make it REALLY invisible, don’t create a room at all! Just... leave it there. Presto! You are now super rich! This is also this is a great April fools trick to play on your friends- Oh, that expression on their faces you’ll never see again! Priceless!

The Sand Room

We all have sand sculptures. Usually we donate them without giving them any thought. But why not make a sand room? If you organize all your sand sculptures in the room neatly it will add up to create a quite elegant look. If you want to, you can even make the room out of sand. This is worth a hefty 65,000 NP, so I only recommend you do this when you have recently struck it rich somehow. ( Just hope, hope, hope it doesn’t fall apart.)

The Huge Flower Garden

This one is slightly expensive. Go out and buy some flowers, the kind that are usually cheap, and put them in your garden. When you arrange them, put most of them in the foreground so they look positively huge. This tactic will fill up your garden and make it look less empty and lonely and much more welcoming. If you leave a little pathway in the middle and put a patio table and a few patio chairs in the background, it will look absolutely fabulous!


The Window Room

This is a very interesting addition to your neohome. Collect windows from different places, like Brightvale Glaziers and fill a room with them. There are many different windows, and you might be surprised at some of the interesting patterns there are. You can completely cover the walls with them, or leave space in between them. For a stylish touch, make your room out of transparishield, ice, or silver. For a cheaper alternative, use white chocolate, even though it does not look very much like glass. The result will be simply eye- popping!

The “World” Neohome

This is an idea for your whole neohome. Make a room themed for every world in Neopia: Stone furniture for Tyrannia, Jelly furniture for Jelly world (the haunting question: does it exist?), Cloud furniture for Faerieland, and on and on and on. Of course, furnish the walls to match the theme, and add in a couple little accessories. If you want a fun game to test your friends, put one thing in every room that does not match the theme. (Example: a rock bin in the Maraqua room.) You could have your friends drooling with jealousy!

The Toy Room

Do you have one of those pets that would rather have a toy instead of a million zillion NP? Tons of Neopians do, and you probably do too! Find all of the toys that can be put in a neohome. Be careful when you select them: many toys cannot be put in your neohome. Absolutely fill the room with toys, toys, and toys everywhere. Your neopet will be in there for hours! It’s a lot of work, but the product will satisfy both you and your neopet.

The Petpet Room

Are you one of those people that have way, way too many petpets? Then this room is for you. Go on a little shopping spree and get as many petpet supplies as you want, things like food and water bowls, petpet beds, scratching posts, tunnels, etc. Stuff ’em all into an empty room in your neohome. You can get all matching furniture, or you can just buy different ones and mix ’n’ match. You will have a petpet emporium!

I hope you liked my ideas for your neohome, and that your neohome turns out to be a very special place!

Yes, I know this is the thing you hear from everybody else, but I'M IN, I'M IN! you do not know how awesome it feels to have your article published! ROCK ON NEOPIAN TIMES! *does a little jig*

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