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Heavenly (And Not So Heavenly) Sleep!

by lurking_and_giving


One of the most integral parts of any Neohome is the bedroom. This is where the resident of the Neohome can sleep, hang out, and find comfort. Of course, comfort also comes in the form of beds. Beds are very important to any Neopian and their Neopet because sleeping is one of the most important things a Neopian does in their daily life. If you have a bad, uncomfortable bed, then you will have bad sleep, which will make you cranky in the morning. If you have a nice and comfortable bed, then you will most likely wake up cheerful and ready to go. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of beds that you should have in your Neohome and beds that you shouldn’t have in your Neohome. Heed these lists very carefully because it just might make your night a dream come true.

The Top 5 Beds That You Should Have For Your Comfort!

Beauty Bed:

I don’t know about you, but getting my beauty sleep is one of the most important things ever! Of course, this will never be accomplished without the Beauty Bed. Perfect silk bed sheets with a soft mattress that curves to any body type, this bed will give hard-working Neopians the beauty sleep that they deserve! Wake up after a couple of hours and you will be looking refreshed and beautiful! The Beauty Bed is the perfect bed to have in your Neohome because it not only looks stunning, but it also gives you a great night’s rest! The Beauty Bed is a must-have in any Neohome and if you don’t have one, I suggest going to the Furniture Shop right now and getting this bed for yourself!

Sunny Yellow Bed:

Ah, the Sunny Yellow Bed is a great bed to have if you have any Grey Neopets living in your Neohome. One night in the Sunny Yellow Bed and they will be feeling much, much, much, much, much, much... more cheerful than before! The Sunny Yellow Bed is nice and bright and one quick glance at it will make any Neopet’s frown upside-down. One night in this Sunny Yellow Bed will have you dreaming of warm beaches and yummy fruit smoothies. The Sunny Yellow Bed is a perfect alternative to the vacation that you’ve always been longing!

Rainbow Bed:

Have you ever thought of riding down the rainbow when you were young or finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Well, you still can’t do that and you never will. But, you can imagine doing all those things on the Rainbow Bed. The Rainbow Bed is a colorful, bright bed that illuminates any room with a burst of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and purple colors. Any Neopian who takes a nap in this bed will surely dream of sliding down all the colors of the rainbow and bathing in the pot of gold! It’s a dream come true!

Air Faerie Canopy Bed:

Aching back? Aching muscles? Insomnia? Tossing and turning in bed? If you have any of these problems when you go to sleep, then you must get the Air Faerie Canopy Bed! This bed is perfect for all those aching joints and muscles, lack of tiredness, and the annoying I-can’t-get-comfortable-in-my-bed blues. The Air Faerie Canopy Bed is like sleeping on soft, fluffy clouds that wrap you up in a heavenly sleep. Once your head hits the cloud pillow, you will be floating on air, sleeping like a baby. You’ll feel like you’re flying in the air, forever relaxed. This bed is a must have for any of those Neopians who just can’t seem to get any sleep and then wake up looking like Dr. Sloth himself. (No offense, Dr. Sloth!)

Tyrannian Fur Bed:

This is the ultimate comfort bed, no doubt about that! The Tyrannian Fur Bed is made with 100% fur straight from Tyrannia! This bed is so soft that you won’t want to wake up in the morning! Everything is fur! Fur pillows, fur blankets, and even a furry headboard! Fur all around! This bed is perfect for all the Neopians and their Neopets living in Terror Mountain, because with all the fur, you won’t get cold at night ever again!

Oh, yeah... I have a message for Taelia. Since you always complain how cold it is up in Terror Mountain, you should definitely get this bed... it's perfect! Maybe you’ll get warm enough that you can actually get the items for your spell yourself! ;)

The Bottom 5 Beds That Are Not Comforting At All!

Deserted Carnival Bed:

AH!! This bed is seriously freaky! You don’t want this bed anywhere NEAR your Neohome!

The Deserted Carnival Bed will result in dreams of crazed clowns that chase you around bearing lethal whipped-cream pies. You will have nightmare after nightmare sleeping in this bed! When you wake up, you’ll have a new fear of clowns, carnivals, pies, and the Haunted Woods. On the bright side, give this bed as a welcoming gift to that evil new neighbor you have and convince them that the Deserted Carnival in the Haunted Woods is the greatest attraction in Neopia and this bed is one of the precious relics that is based off of the clowns! Ah... sweet, sweet revenge in the form of a bed!

Hewn Stone Bed:

Wow. This bed is just... wow. Why would anyone ever in their entire life want to buy a bed that is entirely made of out rock? Why would anyone want to sleep on a slab of rock in the shape of a bed? This bed is the most non-comforting bed there is in Neopia! Your whole body will throb in pain after sleeping on this... erm... slab of rock. But, if you’re one of the crazed people who enjoy sleeping on rocks, this bed is for you.

Electric Bed:

Ooooh... shiny! All the bright pretty blues makes this bed beautiful. But, wait! Do not be fooled by the pretty colors! This bed is highly dangerous... and I mean it! Sleeping on this bed will have you shocked... literally. Bzzzzzzt... bzzzt... zap, zap! You will be zapped with electricity all night long if you take a nap in this bed, so watch out! This bed will certainly give you a very electrifying night. It goes well with those nasty thunderstorms outside!

Dung Bed:

Yeah, you DO NOT want this bed. It’s just disgusting! Why would anyone in Fyora’s name want to sleep in a bed made of dung?! First of all, it would stink up the whole room, not to mention stink up you when you wake up. No one would want to enter your room or be near you after you've gone to sleep in this bed. Even taking a long shower will not get rid of this smell! It sticks with you wherever you go! In your clothes, your hair, and under your skin. Yeah, just don’t even think of putting this bed in your Neohome... unless you like dung, of course. Which would be weird.

Esophagor Bed

Only the bravest and possibly stupidest Neopians should sleep on this bed. Who knows what happens when a Neopian takes a rest on this bed for the night. I surely don’t, and I don’t plan on seeing what happens. All I know is that is seems scary and I don’t want to risk my life. So, if you do know what happens when sleeping with Esophagor, please tell me. Warning: Esophagor is known to eat other things than spooky foods... namely... you.

And there you have it! The really good beds and the really bad beds. If I were you, I would do to the Furniture Shop and obtain these beds for yourself. Get a comfortable bed for yourself, and a not so comfortable bed for your evil neighbor as an act of revenge! Muhaha!

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