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Seven 'Great' Tactics To Get A Faerie Quest

by wascoolest123


Faerie Quests: Sometimes the cheapest way to get stat boosts, sometimes the most expensive. Some people might use them as a quick way to train high-level pets. In any case, they can be quite helpful. And quite difficult to get. Some Quest-Crazed people may spend hours wandering pointlessly around the site, accompanied by Neopets who are doubtless bored and contemplating mutiny. Would you like to be dragged back to your Neohome by a bunch of pets who got fed up of waiting for a faerie to run out of mascara? Well, I'm not that sure of how sane you are, but I'm assuming your answer is no. Thus, I wrote a list of seven (Yes, seven, a lucky number - And if you follow these, I think you may need the extra luck!) tactics for getting faerie quests. Their effectiveness may vary depending on what type of faerie you try*. So, here are some great** tactics for getting a quest, and what may come of them!

1. 'Borrow' something from a Faerie, and just happen to be nearby when they discover it's missing.

Good Possible Aftermath: The faerie comes out, sees you and asks for her item. Seeing as you just 'borrowed' it, you already have one! The faerie thanks you and gives you a stats boost.

Bad Possible Aftermath: The faerie comes out, sees you and asks for her item. Seeing as you just 'borrowed' it, you already have one! You give it to the faerie who looks at it, sees the spot where she wrote her name in pen, and works out that you stole her item. You are forced to flee Faerieland chased by a mob of angry faeries throwing lightning bolts at you.

Note: 'Borrowing' items from Dark Faeries is not recommended.

2. Follow a faerie around all day, and whenever she starts to give someone a quest, push them out of the way and look at her innocently.

Possible Good Aftermath: The faerie will give you a quest the first few times, though she may start to notice a similarity in the people she gives quests to and start ignoring you.

Possible Bad Aftermath: The faerie will give you a quest the first time and then when you try it a second time, she'll refuse. And if you don't give it up then you're very likely going to be chased by an angry faerie and several angry Neopets you cheated of quests.

Note: Again, Dark faeries may not be too happy with you following them around. I suggest you abandon this tactic if they start looking at you funny.

3. Sit in Faerieland with a sign that says, 'G1MM13 A QEST LYK N0W!'

Possible Good Aftermath: A faerie will give you a mock quest asking you to fetch her something nasty like dung, or something expensive, probably a paintbrush. When you complete it, she'll be so shocked she'll forget it was a mock quest and actually reward you.

Possible Bad Aftermath: Faeries will ignore and mock you, with the odd Dark faerie throwing something unpleasant at you.

Note: This strategy isn't suggested when the faerie gives you a mock quest asking for a paintbrush. You'd be better off training unless you're some kind of Quest-Fanatic.

4. Walk up to a faerie and offer them money if they give you a quest.

Possible Good Aftermath: The faerie will take pity on you as you're so obviously quest-deprived and give you a quest. You complete it and get your stat boost.

Possible Bad Aftermath: The faerie will take your money and give you a quest. The quest will be for an unbuyable item and you have to say you can't complete it.

Note: Unlike the last ones, it is not a danger to your health using this tactic with Dark faeries. In fact, they seem to like it a lot when people use this tactic on them.

5. Reverse Psychology! Walk up to a faerie and tell them, 'I hope you don't give me a quest. I hate quests!'

Possible Good Aftermath: The faerie will understand your brilliant psychology and give you a quest.

Possible Bad Aftermath: The faerie will take your words literally and not give you a quest.

Note: Most faeries are kind creatures, and would do their best to make you happy by not giving you a quest. HOWEVER, Dark Faeries will misinterpret your statement and 'make you miserable' by giving you a quest. They tend to cackle maniacally for a time, until they realise you were using reverse psychology on them, at which point they'll jump up and down, scream and try to smite you. I recommend that any quests you get through this tactic are completed quickly.

6. Ask the Pant Devil to steal something from a faerie so that she'll ask you for it.

Possible Good Outcome: The Pant Devil will listen to you, for some reason, and take an item from the poor faerie who then asks you, who are standing innocently nearby, for the item. If the Pant Devil's feeling nice, he might even give it to you!

Possible Bad Outcome: The Pant Devil decides that Paint Brush in your inventory is a nicer prize than some faerie's old mascara...

Notes: Yet again, don't try this with Dark Faeries. Most of them have some kind of association with the Pant Devil. Also, even if he does steal the faerie's item, he'll probably try to steal your item too, so make sure you aren't carrying anything valuable before trying this tactic.

7. Prod a faerie with a Sparkshooter until she gives you a quest.

Possible Good Outcome: The total scariness of your Sparkshooter will be so immense the faerie gives you a quest.

Possible Bad Outcome: The faerie smites you for prodding her with a Sparkshooter.

Notes: Sadly, the second outcome is a lot more likely than the first one. Also, Dark Faeries, like anyone else but more than some other faeries, do not like being prodded with a Sparkshooter. For that matter, neither does Fyora...

And there they are! The seven... Not /best/ ways to get a quest... Er... Seven ways to get a faerie quest! No longer shall you be dragged into your Neohome by mutinous pets! Much more likely you'll be chased by angry faeries! Good luck!

Note: The author takes no responsibility for any burns, cuts, bankruptcy or similar things that come as an outcome from following her advice.

*If you didn't pick it up in the article, Dark Faeries generally don't like people begging them for quests. And Fyora doesn't appreciate the genius of these tactics either.

**If you believed me when I said great, you have problems.

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